I have discovered that there are way too many unhappy people in the world. We must remedy this situation. This can be done in many ways, first by becoming happy ourselves and then sharing that happiness. Even though you may want to feel tired and depressed, you must instead force yourself to realize all the good things about your life and self. You can make a list of all the special things about yourself and realize what a good person you are. You can realize how blessed you have been at other times in your life when you thought everything was horrible, only to find you made it through. You are the power in your life. You are the god/goddess all that is.


You are a divine light that sparks all other life to shine its light as well. You are a child of Universe and a guiding star to others. You are a wonderful and blessed divine being who deserves love and kindness every day you awaken. You are the light of life.

We were created to create a loving energy of joy, kindness, and abundance in our life. It is time to fulfill that destiny. Go within your heart and find the treasures of light and wealth you have stored for yourself. Journey to the dimensions of truth within and herald your birthright to lead a happy and fulfilled life. Release the pain and suffering you have carried within and restore the energy of innocence and goodness. Conquer the fear called living and take your power back. May the Universe stand with you always.


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