We all need tools for growth spiritually as well as emotionally and mentally.

Here is an exercise that can be helpful for getting in touch with your feelings and integrating them as well as healing them.

Get a pad of blank paper like a drawing pad. You can also just use computer blank paper.

Buy a box of crayons.

Dump all the crayons out into a dish and then begin to draw and simply color on the paper.  This is not an art class so simply scribbling colors onto a page is fine.

Notice how you feel as you do this and allow the feelings inside you to simply surface. When you feel you must study your feelings more deeply, stop and take a moment to remember when you have had these feelings before. What was going on in your life at that time? What were the different ages you remember and what circumstances and people were involved?

Write down what you remember and forgive and let go of holding onto these memories if they no longer serve you. Allow yourself to visualize putting some salve on an old wound and feel the healing taking place throughout your being.

Look at the colors you chose to use and see what meaning they hold for you as well.

Now take a new piece of paper and use colors to heal and love yourself into good health and well-being

It is not a picture that matters but the flow of the colors and how fluid they become for you. Enjoy!

Joy is what you need and seek for you well-being. Allow yourself to simply be in the silence, and moment and alone. Then you can create a new beginning and adventure for yourself. Write down what this is and acknowledge the creator that you are.

Beauty and color can be simple tools to heal with.




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