Getting to The Heart

There are many beings spiritually awakening on the planet at this time.  As one awakens and chooses to follow their spiritual path and open to the Universe, they can find themselves besieged with obstacles and hardship.  This occurs because of unresolved issues in present and past incarnations.

Spiritual development¾the soul’s journey¾ can only be attained and understood by developing ones spirit consciousness.  Spirit consciousness is not the ability to speak with spirits but to understand how we ourselves are spirits.

Opening the third eye is a major step in our spiritual development.  The third eye is the chakra center of clairvoyance and clairaudience in the auric field.  When the third eye center becomes activated, we experience what is called inner dimensional seeing and hearing.  With the activation of this chakra comes visions and new body sensations.

Using the third eye can greatly enhance your intuitive nature but cannot, by itself, heal your life.  The other six major energy centers in your auric field must be activated and developed as well.  The most important of these major centers is the heart chakra.

A chakra center is a spiraling vortex, or wheel of light, located in every auric field of energy.  All living things are surrounded with an auric field.  This field is the life-giving force for all evolutionary processes.

Each human being has an auric field that contains seven major chakra centers and twenty-one minor chakra centers.  The chakra centers within every human auric field are interconnected but only become activated and utilized through our need and freewill choice.

The chakra system, when seen in the auric field is aligned with the physical body along the spinal column.

These energy “wheels of light” appear at the base of the spine, the sacral area, the navel, the heart, the throat, in the center of the brow just above the eyes, and atop the head at the crown, where the soft spot was when we were born. (See diagram on page 123.)

The chakra centers that are activated and used daily are the root chakra, the sacral chakra, and the solar plexus.  These three are referred to as the lower chakra centers. They are connected to our instinct to survive.  For us to be able to think, feel, or eat on our own, their use is mandatory in our day to day living. We develop our conditioned responses to others and to life through these chakras.

The fourth chakra, the heart center, is activated and utilized through the experience of unconditional love. Unconditional love is when we love without expectation or need. Often as babies and young children, we felt this unconditional love from our parents and others. By receiving love in this manner, we naturally responded unconditionally.

When we are born, we are born into a life where conditioned responses and feelings are developed and learned. Yet, we are born with our DNA already encoded with the life lessons we need to learn. This encoding happens when the soul enters the body. The conditions we experience in any given lifetime are already preprogrammed through our previous incarnation’s karma.

The upper three chakras¾the throat, brow, and crown¾are known as our spiritual chakra centers, when these energy centers are activated and employed, we are in touch with our eternal or soul essence.

The heart chakra is the center in your energetic body that balances the upper and lower chakras.  This chakra is the bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds of understanding and awareness.  Both the spirit and physical worlds being consciousness, the heart center balances the animal and humane nature or our conditional and unconditional love.

The workings of the heart chakra can be equated to the workings of the physical heart.  The physical heart has many chambers and each chamber must work properly for the heart to be fully healthy.  The heart pumps blood through every vital organ in the body; it is our lifeline.  If any vessel leading to or from the heart is constricted or blocked, the body no longer works as a whole organism.  So it is with the heart chakra.

In order for the heart chakra to operate properly, it must be maintained to remain clear and flowing. If within this energy center we store distorted beliefs that we have acquired through our many learning experiences, we in essence block the flow of unconditional love and deny ourselves the experience of true spirituality.  It is only by examining and healing our beliefs from past experiences that we begin to open ourselves to our inner divine awareness.

Too often, our past memories of pain, betrayal, disappointment, and loss stop us from truly exploring our heart and its many mysteries.  It is often easier to believe that spiritual salvation comes in the form of a savior or a psychic connection than to accept responsibility for our own salvation.  In truth, it is at the very core of the heart that each person’s true nature lies. The nature of how they are the spirit within.

When we allow our self to make the connection to our spirit essence, positive life changes can begin manifesting.  Spiritual enlightenment now becomes the primary destination and the quest for integration of mind, body and spirit ensues. Ones key life experiences can now be realized, allowing happiness to replace complacency; love to replace need and acceptance to replace control.

When we truly live our life from the heart, realizations take place within the whole being and we simply begin to understand inner truth.  Experiencing ourselves in this manner opens us to a means of resolution to problems that have daunted us throughout our lives.

When we have realizations in this manner, answers become apparent within the different dimensions of self, thus creating a powerful sense of knowing.  At first these realizations may seem to have no rational explanation, yet they continually bring an understanding that assists us in feeling differently about our environment and ourselves.

To truly see something multidimensionally, one must become multidimensional.  This can only be accomplished by discovering who one is on the inside. What is on the inside cannot be seen but must be experienced to be realized. This can only occur by using and developing our sense perception.

Although we have developed our outer senses of touch, sight, hearing, smell, and taste, we still must develop the inner senses of sensitivity. The inner senses are imperative to our spiritual survival just as the outer are to our physical survival.

A true spiritual teacher, healer, or psychic needs to become spiritually integrated in order to serve the greater good of all. When one can finally walk in truth and light of their inner being, they no longer feel a need to put on airs or seek the approval of others.

Our creators designed us to be multidimensional beings. We are designed in “their own image”, and they are multidimensional. We need only to remember and become aware of ourselves dimensionally while in the human experience to understand this concept. If you believe in life after death, then you must understand that life on the other side is simply an extension of this one. In death we simply de-robe the physical body and step into a different dimension of self. There truly is no end in death, only new and different experiences for our soul progression and evolution.

What we need to learn and understand is that we do not need to die to be saved. Our physical body need not die for us to experience spiritual growth and transformation. We can transition and open to the innermost chambers of our heart and become aware of the energy beings we are right here and now.


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