Dear Friends and Fellow Light Workers,

I know you have not heard from me in a while as I have been happily resting and working in the yard on flowers and such. Moving into our new home has been awesome, we love it.

Moving on I wanted to let everyone know that we are moving into a Lunar Eclipse May 26, 2021, 5 degrees 26 Minutes Sagittarius, Right in the middle of Saturn Square Uranus while Mercury and Venus both Square Neptune. These types of energies bring great fluctuation in mind and body so it is good to stay as centered and healthy as possible. Though it seems most of consciousness surrounding you is currently insane, remember you don’t need to follow suit.

These planetary energies also bring awareness to many hidden things within the deep reservoirs of self and life, demanding that we purge and heal. Much self-forgiveness and forgiveness of others and circumstances in life can assist us in moving closer to the next level in our development.

Oh wow, later on June 10th 2021, we will be experiencing an Annular Solar Eclipse at 19 degrees of Gemini, Saturn square Uranus, Mars in Cancer in opposition to Pluto, once again wow.

Sagittarius the sign of the Archer leading to new horizons and Gemini sign of the twins, finding balance and perspective through seeing things from both angles of mind and emotion. This particular set of eclipses will carry a wallop of transformation on so many levels that it may be best to just lie low if at all possible and watch the fireworks.


Be Aware, tempers easily flare during energies such as these.

Understand you are not alone, spirit is always with you.

Let go of your need to control as you are not in charge of everything.

Meditate and pray even though it feels odd.

We only judge others because we judge ourselves.

Look before you leap, tomorrow things may look much different.

Be patient with your children, they are people to.

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