Dear friends,

I have wanted to post but am choosing my words carefully as to not confuse or frighten anyone.

I know this virus has taken us all down to our skivvies and for many we have seen helping hands around the world; so many have ascertained that the thinking of what makes the world turn has been totally obliterated.

Truly I wish it could have been easier but this change and initiation was the only way everyone would get the point. The point being that we as physical beings are being moved into the Aquarian age.

I remember being in San Francisco years ago when songs of the Aquarian age were being sung helping people to listen and pay attention to the future. It is easy to see these things in hind sight.

Aquarius is one of the Air Signs, and the water bearer seems to depict the waters of life being poured out to the world. It is also a sign of balance, thereby streaming enlightenment to the world while holding the bar higher to create an imminence of purity and innocence.

I wish that mankind would not have to learn through pain and sadness but somehow mankind themselves manifested this reality since working to understand the polarities and their function to do so in human life.

I am quite sure they have already found a vaccine but say it will take time because of testing. Those in places of power will indeed receive it before the masses do.

This breakdown of the monetary systems of this world needs to change; unfortunately everyone suffers till the changes needed are in full force.

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