2020 coming soon

Wow it’s already December 23rd 2019 and we will be blessed with a Solar Eclipse on the 25th. That will be the charming portal bringing forth the new energies to help change the Earth and all her species. It currently feels like the calm before the storm today and I as look forward to next two Eclipses. The lunar will be January 10th2020.

2020 ads up to a four year where foundation is key; every time we have such foundational shifts it promises to shift cosmic energies lifting us up out of the sludge and helping us plant a new Earth.

Wow the challenges we face shall surly be attainable and uplifting as well as positive bringing back a polarity needed to sustain the Earth and her inhabitants. 2020 is also a year of judgement in many ways Helping the poor and displaced find ways to not only survive but pull themselves up out of the muck and allowed to finally find some solid ground to stand upon.

Some call me an eternal optimist but in reality I am just another human being born with what is called “The Sight”. So very much enlightenment ahead for those truly seeking truth while attending a great awakening similar to the 1985, 86 Harmonic Convergence.

I see many new Ascended Teachers taking on the sheath of a human body to attend the true seekers of life to find the true path of enlightenment and go forward in safety and love.

Many Blessings my friends and god, goddess speed.

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