Message from the Universal Brotherhood

Through Athene Raefiel                                                    


Beloveds, we come to you today understanding that there have been many trials in life, as of late, that have brought great concern and contemplation for many of you. We are here to assist you with our Divine Guidance and spiritual awareness.

Too many souls from your planet are crying out for our help and we are assisting those in grief and despair to the best of our ability. Where no hope exists it is difficult to get through to the masses that we are here and listening. We have only the power to help that each individual allows us to do, we cannot save people from their own selves and old conditioning; this they must do themselves.

It is disheartening for us to see so many in pain and sadness as we understand how difficult human life can presently be, yet we ask only that you each remember that you are eternal and as such have a greater responsibility to grow spiritually in order to ascend the chaos and hatred surrounding you currently. It is difficult to have faith when you are surrounded by darkness and ignorance, you must remember you are the power that enlightens and helps the balance restore itself within the earth plane.

You are each Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit and due to the fact that souls are returning too quickly to the earth plane due to their personal attachments, many of the new beings being born are participating with multiple souls within them. You can easily see this where a young person is belting out songs like the old souls they are carrying within themselves.

Some very young people are playing instruments or dancing as if they were experts with many years of training, while still others are able to speak a variety of languages or know maps and politics as if they  were born to know such things with no training or background at all. These young people possess a variety of soul memories within themselves without knowing why. They are channeling the collective soul within themselves without understanding why.

Soul was created as a vehicle to return self to spirit, the eternal essence of life they came from. When soul chooses to stay incarnate in any plane of existence too long it will eventually find itself as part of the collective rather than the individual. This is not necessarily wrong but when the many facets choose to abide within one being they will have a hard time individuating therefore ascending to the higher realms, and experience more turns in the physical plane than wanted.

This can also be explained differently as well. Since the whole process of ascending various planes of existence is by integrating the facets of self, when one dies the unintegrated facets must enter a realm of their own awaiting re-incarnation to complete this process. There are not always enough bodies to go around so one body may take on facets of others as well to learn from and integrate as a whole.

The whole is no greater than the sum of its parts. Indeed those parts must find a way of resonating with one another to become integrated. Confused yet? Yes these are concepts that could easily be perplexing to the small rational mind, as they do not hold conventional rational at all. Ultimately it is the rational mind that holds souls back from conceptual advancement.

In order to conceptualize one must be willing to understand through its feeling and inner knowing self, rather than its environment and other people. To conceptualize you must choose to learn new and adventurous methods that perhaps neither have nor make any rational thought. This we call moving beyond the rational self. If you seriously look at the state of affairs your world is currently in and tell yourself there is a rational to all of it, you are simply lying to yourself. This is where souls become disconnected from their owners to begin with.

The nature of all creation is to evolve. When this state no longer exists properly within life things begin to de-evolve, creating an unnatural backward motion causing chaos and destruction. This is what has and is happening to your world. People choosing to have power over one another and nature have created this debacle called reality and love to feed off the pain and negativity it produces. This is fear based existence and destroys goodness and love.

Balanced polarity is what is needed to restore some semblance of sanity and common sense to the earth plane and its inhabitants. Good and evil must respect one another and learn to work together; not through fear but through awakening and understanding the bigger picture of life and the hereafter along with its continuous stages of evolution.

We are here to share knowledge and awareness to any who choose to listen; we are not your conscience but part of your consciousness. When you quit battling the facets of self and begin to realize you need to integrate them you will find peace and love. What you do with that understanding will have to do with your conscience and conscious awareness of your choices from then on.

Many blessings and Much Love,

The Brotherhood


Message from Athene:

When channeling this piece I was surprised to be told that they were the now the Universal Brotherhood.

Previously they always identified themselves as the Brotherhood of Light and before that The Great White Brotherhood. I find it interesting that they wish to be known by this new name but for all intents and purposes it is more politically correct to the human mind.

Much has been spoken of in this channeling and the only thing I would add is there are many tools available to walk your path of enlightenment. I have found the learning of the chakras to be invaluable when discovering the various bodies of consciousness we hold within ourselves. I recently discovered teachings on You Tube called “Spirit Science,’ which is very helpful to all wishing to learn about the chakras. I highly recommend it to everyone.

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