To Mother Earth

We are all trees, branching out to reach our desires and goals. We must never forget where our sustenance comes from and continue to honor Mother Earth daily.
To Mother Earth.
You are what gives light to all of nature and it’s siblings. We honor you presence everyday as we remember to always look us and see the skies great emanations. We honor all life upon the  Earth and continue to send love and light.
Beloved I am, Beloved I am, Beloved I am, amen.

4 Responses to “To Mother Earth”

  1. Ava Harrington

    Hello,I worked in the Canadian Forests for years as a camp cook.
    Through going within meditation I have had some beautiful experiences.
    I shall share this one.
    As I was walking in the bush,I was guided to put my hands on this big tree and send her love.
    All of a sudden the tree and myself had no physical body,we became one big ball of golden light. I received a message in my heart and wrote it down on paper right after this experience, The people,animals,trees,sky,earth air,and sun. We are merged ,We are one.
    We are all the same,we have just been given a name.When we realize this.On earth and heaven shall be total bliss! I experience source through going within and being in nature.
    Blessings to All and I am so thankful I found ur video interview Kevin Moore !
    I resonate with what U speak of Athene and that is TRUTH. Blessings

  2. Deborah Palmarini

    The stewardship of each other and Earth means everything for all….hoping, praying for loving care for all creation….thank you for your ❤️ 🌈🦋


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