Time to bring in more Love

I wish to tell all of you that when we have intention in the same matter with our prayer great things can and do happen.

No matter whom we pray to the intention and number and intensity matter.

So many of us put out that we do not want another war yesterday and so the powers suddenly felt it better to hold off.

I will soon be placing prayers and meditations for everyone to focus on the earth and The Divine Mother- Father- God, all that IS, to adjust the Elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water to discover balance to save the Earth and all of her inhabitants.

This is an intense time and the Divine Mother and her legions of Light are here to save Gaia, mother Earth so we all can still have a place to exist and live. This 2020 cycle is all about truth, faith, belief and prayer to help with this adjustment.

Each of you has power within the Light and Love of God-Goddess all that is to help to a greater extent than you give yourself credit for.

It is the loss of True love that allows this devastation to continue. Though we cannot turn back time but we can assist in the new and pure Love of spirit to assist and save this beautiful planet.

You can set aside at least 5 to 10 minutes daily to focus your intent on Mother Earth and pray for her safety and new balance. The Divine Realms are here now; please utilize them in your own way.

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