Third Eye

There are many beings spiritually awakening on the planet at this time. As one awakens and chooses to follow their spiritual path and open to the Universe, they can find themselves besieged with obstacles and hardship. This occurs because of unresolved issues in present and past incarnations. Spiritual development—the soul’s journey —can only be attained and understood by developing ones spirit consciousness.

Spirit consciousness is not the ability to speak with spirits but to understand how we ourselves are spirits. Opening the third eye is a major step in our spiritual development.

The third eye is the chakra center of clairvoyance and clairaudience in the auric field. When the third eye center becomes activated, we experience what is called inner dimensional seeing and hearing. With the activation of this chakra comes visions and new body sensations. Using the third eye can greatly enhance your intuitive nature but cannot, by itself, heal your life. The other six major energy centers in your auric field must be activated and developed as well.

The most important of these major centers is the heart chakra. A chakra center is a spiraling vortex, or wheel of light, located in every auric field of energy. All living things are surrounded with an auric field. This field is the life-giving force for all evolutionary processes.

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