New channeling of Sananda


Dear Universe, It’s as if our world has been turned upside down in 2020, with the covid-19 and climate change. Could you please give us some insight to help keep us balanced and afloat in these trying times?


You are seeking to stay afloat? Well it is acknowledged that humans can’t yet find common ground to assist in the change of love and kindness, these things you speak of will continually deteriorate the state of life for many if not all of you.

As you well know the placement of the planets are currently affecting these chaotic Earth changes, and they are producing new energies that must be absorbed and understood. Your magnetic poles are shifting and the current direction of Earth Mother is finding an elimination of so many species of plant, animal and insect life, that she has cried out for the Divine to assist her. In so doing The Divine Mother has come to help.

The Divine Mother, the mother of us all, has captured the minds and hearts of the many that must now elect to understand their own placement in this covid-19 plague of elimination.

Still it is true that pain has been used to advance oneself to spiritually evolve. The feeling of displacement so many are experiencing is but a drop in the bucket compared to how nature has been being displaced for many years now.

It is true that the creators of earthlings have agreed to take steps for a complete renewal of the planets resources to be somewhat restored in order to maintain food and clothing resources. This indeed is a time of great reflection for many who have not yet addressed the Divine Light which burns within.

Some believe this to be a time of evil taking precedence over the good. Yet they fail to understand that it is the ignorant and power grabbers who have brought about a mind control that teaches all humans are just human. There are many upon your planet that comes from various star systems and some who seem like soulless beings as the fragmentation of mankind has left many parts of the self that do not belong. I believe your people call them zombies.

Many think that fear and awareness are synonyms; nothing could be farther from the truth. Fear is created by those things that are often simply misunderstood. Awareness is the understanding of such things.

It is the quest for understanding oneself and environment that brings about the loving changes so many of you seek. Many humans fail to search for a higher truth and awareness as it scares them to do so. There are many planes of existence one will discover upon the death of the body, but many simply return to Earth to try again to learn about true ascension.

It is also possible to learn ascension while still in body and reach into the levels of divinity when becoming self-disciplined in life. It is through the inner senses that one learns of true acceleration within their own divinity.


I have discovered many more that have come to their spirituality since 1986; could you speak more about this?


We are pleased to announce that so many more have discovered their own light and spiritual path and now working to bring the messages of truth to all; and we applaud that. It is due to this fact that Mother Earth will survive her mistreatment by the many choosing to stay ignorant. She has already made and will continue to make the adjustments necessary for her very survival.

Mankind must begin to understand their individual roles in making this happen, but as you can see it will require the weeding out of humankind. Change being the only constant in the Universe so must it be on all planets. On Earth for better or for worse was not created by Earth mother but by the inhabitants there upon. Humans have disrupted the natural order and most therefor take the steps necessary to help her. So long as they fail to do so, there will be many disruptions in their life.

Many have now chosen to live in the Light of the Divine and they are helping to maintain a calmness and peace that assists The Divine Mother in her work of healing. We know it is your nature to be impatient and we ask you to change that, patience is needed more now than ever, it is as if an asteroid had hit the Earth and many of you are picking up the pieces of what is left.

Human soul beings are gifted with the ability to make choices; those choices also determine what kind of survival happiness you will find. Happiness is a state of being and also definitely has to do with inner peace. Of course you are not currently jumping for joy as the state of affairs the world is in currently has little to jump about; yet so long as there is hope and love within so it can be spread to others.


So many who receive my newsletter are scatted all over the Earth; they ask what their purpose is and tell me they cannot seem to find others of like mind.


Just as you did Sacred Ceremony and asked to meet your soul family they can do the same. We your teachers are asking you to hold events over you web and work to bring them together and teach them. In this manner they can begin to help one another.

We bid you depart for this time and know that you are always available to us, should you need.


Lord Sananda



Message from Athene,

I met Lord Sananda in 1987 he became one of my ascended Master Teachers.

He St Germaine, Lord Ashtar and Lord Raphael and Michael as well as others were working with me to overcome my awful depression.

During this period in time I was taken out of my body and received hour long dissertations on The Mysteries and Laws of the Universe. I was unsure of how I was to remember all those teachings and was told the information was stored within my unconscious self and would be remembered as it was needed.

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