Today I focus on solitude and its many attributes.

If you don’t work on you who will do it for you?

Being alone and being with oneself is the perfect way to get to know you. If you don’t like the way you are thinking about things and self then it is time to work to re-program your thinking mind. I find the best way to begin doing this is with affirmations. For instance you are always beating yourself up in your own mind. Stop yourself and reflect on where and when you began doing this. Forgive yourself for allowing the entrenchment of such thoughts in your mind. Recognize at what age and stage you began doing this and forgive any others involved for letting them influence your thinking and realize that you have the power to re-program your thoughts and feelings around this thing. Now say:

I take back my power in my life to think and feel how I choose.

I am worthy to be free of negative thoughts.

I am successful and happy in life.

Using these three sentences over and over again, feel yourself replacing the old thinking with the new.

Realize you deserve to feel free and happy; do something immediately that makes you feel good about yourself.

This is simply one of the many affirmations you can use. I have many more in my book “Getting to the Heart” A journey of soul transformation and Spiritual Enlightenment. Available at all book stores for merely $10 dollars. I have an array of Guided Meditational CD’s at CD to download and use as well; all good and powerful stuff.

Blessings, Athene Raefiel

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