Shifting Energies

Energies will be shifting all over the place. Sometimes you will feel up and then down and then up. Topsy- turvy kind of action. On an emotional level you will be dealing with massive energies of sadness, fear, love, compassion and often a sense of hopelessness to change things. Sometimes we just have to let things be what they are for a while.

Children will be challenging as they too will be affected, be aware of those mood swings and try to stay calm. Children want answers, so do your best to explain that the cosmos exist and are at work. Show them a planetary map.

Your physical body energies will be tested causing you to be testy; tired and out of sync much more than usual. Take your vitamins and herbs religiously you need the energy they produce. Stretch your body and find ways of relaxing it. Watch what and when you eat.

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