Spiritual understanding can only happen when inner divine truth is realized. At times, opening to our inner truth may seem painful, but it does free us to become fulfilled. With the understanding of spiritual truth in our life, our perceptions expand allowing us to see ourselves as the universe that we are.

In order to achieve spiritual understanding we must examine ourselves thoroughly to discover how we are the reflection of life. With this accomplished, we no longer allow the outer world to determine our fate and our destiny. It is in this way of inner truth, that we discover and understand our divine nature.

Self-realization in essence is divine in nature. True understanding of ones divinity can only be understood through self-awareness. One can achieve inner self-realization by experiencing the truth and light that dwell within.

Once in the perception of spiritual understanding, we are free to conceptualize rather than rationalize.  Conceptualization allows us to realize that what we believed reality to be, is merely one aspect of truth. Spiritual understanding is our key to awareness and truth. Like the strands of a tapestry, beautifully woven together, spiritual understanding, awareness, and truth are synonymous. Their weave, color, and beauty bring us a much greater perspective of life.  A picture, if you will, filled with beauty, movement, resonance and love of life.

We can only understand how reality is multidimensional through the experience of being multidimensional. This we do through our process of realization. If we choose to live in a limited awareness that is constricted and shallow, we experience realizations about ourselves that are limiting. When our multidimensional growth is stifled, little if any true love or joy can be experienced. When we dwell in such a restrictive state, as hard as we try to discover the means for true happiness, we fall short. With human nature being insatiable, all joyous events become short lived.

When dwelling within spiritual wisdom we attain long-standing satisfaction with our self and life that is sustained eternally. Here within the spiritual self, we discover how to manifest our desires in a sustainable way.

It is through the realization of our three lower chakras that we have learned to survive.

Feeding ourselves, learning to walk and realizing we could read or write are all lower chakra accomplishments needed for physical survival.  Through survival, we have developed the ability to think for ourselves, to overcome crises, and tackle new challenges. These things we accomplished by realizing how to do them.  Without the acceptance that we can accomplish a specific task, we will never realize our ability to do so.

Now that we have realized we can survive physically, it is time to realize how to survive spiritually. Just as the body and mind require nourishment, so does the soul and spirit. If any aspect of our self is deprived nourishment, the other aspects also suffer malnutrition. If we do not feed the body, it will die.  If we do not feed the mind, it will be ignorant.  If we do not feed the soul, it stagnates.

The soul requires acknowledgment and care, just as the mind and body does. By opening to the realization of this fact we connect with our soul’s energy and begin to acknowledge its purpose in our life. This is how we begin to feed the soul.

Recognizing your soul as the energy that transports you from incarnation to incarnation is primary. This recognition ignites the interaction between you and your soul-self. Acknowledging the soul, re-opens us to the inner awareness that soul contains all of the memory of who we are, have been, and will be. Soul was designed to be this vehicle. This acknowledgment allows direct communion with the soul self.  This is the beginning of self-realization.

We cannot accomplish self-realization if we deny the true essence of ourselves as eternal beings. It is only through communion with the eternal Self that we can become self-realized.

In seeing ourselves as eternal rather than temporal, we begin to understand the true scope of what life is. It is within this spiritual understanding that we experience the sacredness of life and realize the flow of energy to which all life belongs.

Denial of the eternal Self has been accepted as a norm for many centuries. When humans lose their connection to their eternal awareness and understanding, they suffer continuously lifetime after lifetime, wondering why life is filled with desperation and destitution.  They feel void of any true feelings of love and compassion and become severely depressed.

People who are aware of their souls, are calling to the energies of these lost souls and constantly asking them to return and help humans remember their eternal selves.  Helping people acknowledge their eternal essence by becoming self-realized will help restore harmony to earth.

Self-realization is the process necessary for the continuation of true spiritual evolution. Without it, the species of humankind will not be fulfilled; our spiritual destiny will wither into destruction and devastation. Being the gods that we essentially are, every individual has choice, and each of us makes a difference as to the checks and balances of the whole. Through just one awareness, the balance can be swayed for the many.  It is your turn now to choose the path of enlightenment.

Only through choice, commitment, and spiritual discipline can we attain true spiritual understanding and love. Self-realization is the key to successful, happy living. We must all learn to be free to create in harmony with the life that surrounds us. We must learn to restore balance where there is chaos and give love where this is none. Loving self is what we discover through realization. When we understand how we are love then we understand how all things are love. It is in this way that the balance shall be restored.



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