Sananda Kumara channeling

Ask The Universe, 2017-II

A Conversation between Athene Raefiel and Sananda Kumara


Athene: If we are a reflection of the Divine, is the Divine currently in turmoil as well?

Sananda: Oh child why do ask us such questions? You know that turmoil and chaos are simply fodder for the seeds planted on all levels within all worlds and dimensions existing now. But what you are really asking us is, is there war everywhere as well as on earth?

Athene: Yes that is what I am asking.

Sananda: Indeed, warring is a method of communication between beings and planets. It is crude and often cruel yet in order to know and understand the Light, first one must conquer the darkness. Light is love and darkness ignorance.

Athene: Is hatred and violence then ignorance?

Sananda: Of course it is, life was meant to be peaceful and harmonious in form and physicality, yet the need for survival has created greed and avarice; love is sharing, fear is destroying. So long as the needs of the few shall super cede the needs of the many there will be war, famine, plague etc. When form and physicality came into being the nature of the beast was to compete for what it desired. You see this need in animals when mating, but rarely do you see them duel to the death.

Humans in their need to conquer have chosen death as a tool to overcoming their adversaries. Yet the need to conquer defies the Universal laws of balance and love. It seems that the Laws of Karma have truly either been forgotten, or useless to those who desire control.

Athene: But how can this be, are not the laws of Karma part of our creation and environment?

Sananda: Indeed this is true, yet when mankind and other species were given the ability to create through free will, they inherited a right to create density as well as illumination. What has come to life must understand its soul aspect before entering the evolved phases of reality, whether they are inner or outer phases. Being a reflection of the Divine presupposes that automatically individuals will follow this premise; when in reality, once again human conception confuses what can and will be created from mind. Humans have more than one mind within themselves, the mind of man and the mind of god. Few choose to explore beyond that which is human, also often called the reasoning mind.

Athene: Please tell me why it is thus?

Sananda: Again we reiterate. Due to the need for survival in the physical reality world, saving ones soul for the afterlife becomes simply a footnote in the individual path. Even when the desire comes about the struggles and hard work to attain such memory seem to daunting and often are put on the back burner, right after school, work, relationship, children, family and money. Indeed humans have chosen a very difficult path in life as they must operate as a duel entity if the wish to move beyond very long held conceptions of what life is about.

Athene: This year on February10, 2017, there was a Lunar eclipse in the sign of Leo, on February 26, 2017 there was a Solar Eclipse in Pisces.

I was told at that time that the Eclipses August 7, 2017, ; lunar in Pisces and Solar in Virgo August 21, 2017, would have a great impact on our political as well as economic system the world over. Can you please expand on this for me?

Sananda: Indeed we would be pleased to do so.

When the Parallel Universe merged with your Universe in 1999, it was a long awaited happening and one which many thought was the bringing in of the fifth Dimensional Consciousness, indeed there was a powerful shift in consciousness in many levels and dimensional frequencies. Often the human reasoning mind sees these things as some kind of immediate release; yet in your time they also take time to fully manifest.

Now in your Year of 2017, nine years later you are seeing a fruition of what actually was perpetuated through evolving consciousness then to now. So many of our followers of truth and light easily did move into their fifth dimensional conscious awareness and so many others leaped to fourth dimension, also known as the heart and love level. This awakening was brought about through the understanding evolved and practiced through all dimensions. But particularly those who attained and new degree of awareness through lots of hard work and trusting in the Higher Self and Spirit Essence of all life.

This year of 2017 is an expression of all that followed. And even though it looks to be disastrous in many ways the incomprehensible is becoming comprehensible

Look at what your Scientists, Astronomers and Geologists are discovering. And even though they may equate their discoveries to Extraterrestrial life they are still reaching beyond the accepted norm of what they thought reality is. Indeed this is tremendous expansion and growth for all your species of life.

Politically what you are seeing is extreme growth and development as those who have the acquired power seek to hold hostage that which was never theirs to begin with. Revolution in your world is the only perceived way to change this power balance. And so many standing strong on the front lines have chosen that even martyrdom is better than the tyranny under which they have tried to exist and live.

Yes it is a period that is hard to watch and experience, but remember many of the beings upon your planet chose this very war and the battles that ensue. Yes in the wake of such destruction there will be a great loss of innocence as well; yet innocence can and will be renewed for those who choose the soul path of understanding and enlightenment.

Athene: This seems so cruel and punishing, is there not an easier way to achieve Divine Enlightenment and Peace upon this planet?

Sananda: Karmically speaking to the souls currently inhabiting you planet as well as many others, this is simply a round or cycle of growth and change, to believe otherwise is a misnomer. As humans you want and expect instant results to your thought processes. What you see as instant we see as cycles. Time being the greatest Illusion of your species yet what to you seems forever could actually be manifested in the blink of an eye. Yet you must first awaken the Eye within you that sees and comprehends this truth.

To find hope you must become hope and share this enlightened gift with the world surrounding you. You must quit asking when and start asking yourself who you are. When you understand how you are the Universe and the Divine then indeed will understand how simple the complication really is.


Athene Raefiel; I met Sanada Kumara in 1987 when he became the Ascended Master I would be working with on my spiritual development. The original Master I knew was Amun Ra, who I am sure led me to Sananda.

Sanada was a no nonsense teacher who believed strongly in self-discipline, if you could not discipline oneself you had no business wanting to learn about the mysteries of the Universe. He helped me understand the differences between accepted and learned realities as well the Universal Understanding of Awareness. He works constantly with Humans seeking to develop their Higher Consciousness.

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