New timing has arrived

The New Timing has Arrived

Through: Athene Raefiel


We have finally reached the timing to move through the portals upcoming in 2020. It is necessary for each and every one of us to heighten our energies to be able to download and assimilate what has come in on the new frequencies as well as what will be coming in the next few months and years.


There have been so many blessed souls leaving the planet as well as massive illnesses and depression hitting all at their deepest levels.


For the sensitivities it has been anything but pleasant. It is hitting the young Indigos the hardest. Many have still not found their footing in the 3D world around them and are turning to drugs to try and supersede the powerful energies that have been affecting the planetary system and others around them.


The feeling of giving up is ever pervading as even those who are truly linked to and of Love feel they have been abandoned, especially if they are not yet anchored in the New Energies of Divine Light and their own Higher Selves at this time.


A great call on our part must go out to assist the younger ones who shall need to replace those of us that will be leaving this round. Since two worlds will be the resulting conclusion to what has been achieved through all the change and transformation it is imperative that we prepare not just ourselves but also those to follow to be ready to share the great task they agreed to continue long ago.


Many of the Young Indigos have had many lifetimes upon the Earth Plane but have never lived past young ages. As they find themselves now needing to become adults they do not have the memories of life experience to do so.


We cannot do for them and probably not even with them. Theirs is an individual soul journey they must discover through trials that they never imagined could truly exist for them. It is the synapses in their brains that need to be connected to a higher frequency of Light and a desire to grow beyond their youth.


I offer to all a new set of Invocations, attunements to help you accomplish and hold your space of light upcoming. I also offer a special prayer for the young Indigos.




I call to the power of light that I am. I call to all the Divine beings and heaven of Light to assist me to assimilate and understand the frequencies of the Divine light I now stand within. I open myself to the Spirit Essence of light that I am and I hold the Essence of the Three fold Flame in My Heart and Being.


Mighty keepers of the Beautiful Holy Flames of Light and charges of Love hear me now.


To you I immerse myself in all of my glory and beingness. To the Holy flames of Light I release all of my patterns within my human forcefield that keep me from attaining my most Sacred and Glorious Self-Awareness.


To the I Am that I Am, I call and ask for the immediate Blessing of Peace and Enlightenment possible to me at this time. I ask that you take me into your many fields and flames of energy that I too may remember the Essence of truth and Energy that I come from and connect once again with the purity of truth within.


To my human parts I say; I love each and every part of you. I know that we have held each other in love as well as bondage over these many lifetimes and for that I thank you. I also realize that it is time for us to unite in the loving Flames of Purification and Love and transmute all that is no longer of use to us in the upcoming Future.


To my personal Spiritual Teachers and Guides: I ask that we become more closely related and aware of one another. I wish to understand how to fully accept the learning within my soul and spirit self and I promise to try my best to follow my path of spiritual evolution and Divine Light.


To my Guardian Angels and the Mighty Archangels who have so blessed the Earth and planetary system with their love and direct knowledge of the Holy of Holies, I call to you now knowing that you have provided so much Divine intervention to me and all others who seek you out and I thank you each, Archangels, Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel, as well as Samael and others who have aided us in this massive transition of light chosen in this era to finally being the Age of Enlightenment.


To all of those referred to as the Oversoul, and also the Ascended Masters, Lord Ashtar, Lord Sananda, St. Germaine, El Morya dear and world teachers Sanat Kumara, The Bodisattvas, Rama Kini and Rama Krishna as well as the Radiant Mother of us all; referred to as The divine Mother whom the Angels adhere to also known as Mother Mary and Qwan Yin Goddess of compassion along with Lady Athena, Goddess of Wisdom and Knowledge. We call to you now to assist us to place ourselves in the 11 levels of light now available to us within the Earth Plane and to accelerate all of our abilities to heal ourselves, one another and the Planet as a whole.


And to the Seven Rays of Light and the Seven Layers of Learning, known as my Aura and Chakra Centers; I do now acknowledge and insist that all be elevated to attain the highest and purest energies they are capable of assimilating to accomplish the transference from one plane of awareness to all planes and levels possible.


I ask these things from the heart of God within that I am and I ask them in and through the Councils of Light that determine my capabilities to do so. I ask only to accelerate and take my place in the Divine scheme of Light within which I have been a part since time began and I prepare myself now for the upcoming shifts of energies of light, that of Human consciousness, Emotional consciousness, Mental Consciousness, Astral Consciousness, Causal Consciousness, Celestial Consciousness, and The Divine, “I Am” Consciousness.





Prayer for the Indigos:


Holy Father Mother God Consciousness hear my plea come forth and surround me with your blessed love and Light. Hold me in your arms and h3elp me to focus on the advancement of the young ones coming behind me.


Father Mother God, Holy of Holies, Sacred Source of all Light, Alpha and Omega. Here we stand, all of together, asking as one voice that you intervene into the lives of the Indigo children and help them to see and understand their abilities to heal, teach and advance your loving energies to the whole of mankind. Though they are warriors of the light, they are also the leaders of the New World and must find purpose, direction and the discipline necessary to carry out their soul commitments. It is a time upon the earth Plane where they need assistance more than ever to find their way. Please send all Angels and Spirit Teachers who have the ability to reach them at their most basic levels and free them from the illusions that frequent as reality about themselves.


Archangel Michael great Angel of The Azure Blue Flame please bring your legions as well as those of all other Archangels that are here to assist and find each one of these children and assist them into their new understanding of soul and spirit light. Let the darkness no longer pervade their world as the lower Astral has been stealing their energy and feeding off of the negativity for too long now. Break the bonds that hold them to the lower astral, break the bonds that hold them to the negativity, break the bonds that hold them hostage to false truths and free each and everyone of them to see for themselves the beautiful Light they hold Within.


These children are the future of the earth we leave behind, please open their eyes and hearts to remember their true calling.


Beloved I Am, Beloved I Am, Beloved I Am.

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