Message From Athene

Message from Athene:


Want to know what your guides are saying? Then listen! Because most of what they will tell you already knew, just didn’t know you knew.

We all have spirit guides some are just at a higher or more spiritual height of awareness than others; just like people. We need to raise our vibrations and frequencies to relate to Angels and Ascended Masters.

This may not be the lifetime for you to do it; don’t beat yourself up. Spending a lot of time in the higher frequencies where they communicate can be quite draining. In many ways it is unnatural for us. Those of us that do it feel called to do so. It is a mission and part of our healing karma.

You are in tune with your own spirit first and always. If this is not so you are not hearing your guides but perhaps a dead Uncle or Aunt wanting to be of help.

Be Aware; you must always be in a state of truth and light to reach those of truth and loving light. Be unafraid but aware of the difference between what is of love and what is not.

Discernment is a must. Continually develop your intuition!



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