Manifesting your reality.

5th Chakra- Casual Body.

In order to manifest what you wish and then draw it to yourself, you must be energetically advanced.

I am always amazed when there is an event like the Market Crashing or other hard events pertaining to money that so many teachers come out of the woodwork teaching that anyone can manifest what they need and want. I have discovered that you must reach a certain vibration to be able to do such things.

Energy creates therefore vibration creates allowing us to manifest and bring into form, create if you will.

Manifestation has to do with intention, being able to hold an intention until it is fully formed and then releasing this energy into all energy is how we manifest. This energy put forth as an intent must be fully surrendered and find freedom to take on form. We do this daily with our thought process whether we are aware of it or not.

Let’s all set the intention for peace on Earth good will towards other Earth and all species upon her to work in harmony. Now set the intention of how that would appear. Now you can see what intentions have created the current chaos surrounding daily life.

Now manifest your personal reality so we can live in that framework.

Causal body is body of cause and effect; this is the universal law of creation. To manifest is to create, bring into form.

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