Lord Sananda


Channeling by Athene Raefiel

Master Teacher  Lord Sananda

I know many of you have waiting to hear from me and my friends and we appreciate that.

Seems that it has been a long summer in the Age of Aquarius now upon you. The Divine Mother is in the 3rd and 4th Dimension assisting Gaia, Mother Earth as so much had transpired bringing about such a dissension in the Natural order upon the Earth and her inhabitants that Creation Mother decided to help complete the old balance by bringing about a new balance. This process will be taking place over the next century and the next 20 years in humans lives will be about their assistance.

The many souls currently awakening will take the helm of what many of you know to be the front lines as you having been there before move to an underlying force to keep the work already done as a springboard. The exciting work of bringing more and more into their spirit awareness still reigns true.

For many of you who have held the forces of light steady over the past hundred years this is a time of rest and renewal. You spiritual Warriors have created the foundational pathways that will help others discover their own Light work.

The forces of Darkness are on their last leg as far as controlling the minds of men is concerned to remove such a spell has been arduous and tortuous work for the past hundred years or more. Until humans learn to contemplate and adjust their thinking to understanding what  compassion is, they will continue to dwindle.

The soul of life giving force is currently in transition and bringing about a more balanced perception of what life is; reality. Understanding life to be eternal changes the realities of what life is and demands true compassion for all.

Those of you wishing to reach the next level in your soul evolution will find the doors opening much more easily than previously. Invoking and calling forth your soul and higher self-daily as well as your spirit teachers and guides, can currently move mountains. Study the vastness of the Universes as well as heaven itself and you will find the expansion you desire.

Where Demons and Devils reside is also one of God’s heavens, as all of creation is part of God. Humans have the opportunity to release and transmute their own inner demons by being born human. As you all seek to raise your vibrations these lower frequencies hold you back. To think that you are not subject to such energies is simply denial of what is. Earthlings did not come to Earth without baggage stored within soul consciousness. To be born “Free of Sin” or without such baggage, indeed would make you a God incarnate.

There are currently many beings leaving Earth, while leaving behind great sadness for others. Yet prayers abound for the safe journeys of loved ones. This has brought many back to realizing the eternal does exist and must be honored.

Another major thing happening is a massive number of walk-in experiences. The walking in experience is when one part of the soul being walks out while another part walks-in. This not only produces a change in consciousness but also big personality changes. Many walk-ins believe themselves to be a complete soul exchange but this is very rare.

Brothers and sisters from many galaxies are now awakening to their new reality and tests of human life. These star seeds are being planted as a renewal of life begins bringing Earth to new heights.

Earth and her Brother, Sister Planets are recalling an ancient History as old as time itself. When created these particular planets they worked in harmony with one another. Now to restore that harmony a new set of harmonics is being displayed. These energies will speak to the Aquatic life and plants and animals.

The devastation by humans must come to an end and we know many of you wish the destruction to end in your lifetime. We cannot promise this to be so but we are grateful to see you once again, no matter when the end comes for you. Though with all that is going on we applaud the work and trust you have put in the Heavenly Hosts to assist you.

Just as Ancient Aliens for centuries perhaps even Eons of time have assisted in the learning for human kind now even more Star Sisters and Brothers are making themselves known. As it is above so it is below; remember what energies are good and appropriate to use and understand that resonation is key to connecting, as all is energy. Where no energy exists is where the soulless live and also walk among you.  Just as a thread of truth runs through all religious and mystical teachings, do not be deceived by those around you espousing garbage. See beyond the Ego of self and others.





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