Inner work and Reflection

Inner work and reflection

Today I want to speak to the importance and power of inner work and reflection. We often feel as if we can’t find the answers to certain problems that can be old and deep rooted. No matter how we try to deny how much those problems bother us they are just waiting for an incident that triggers them and up they come once again.

By learning to go within and actually speaking to the parts of self-holding onto them we can change the conditions and triggers that haunt us. We can use visualization as a tool to help and go deep within our emotional, physical and mental selves to change old patterns from the past.

By using reflection we can identify such conditions within ourselves. Being present can only take place when we have healed the past. Positive thinking can help us change our mindset but not directly help and transmute the essence behind things.

We are multi-faceted individuals with many aspects to self that have been developed over lifetimes. By digging deeper into who we are we can and do discover the many parts that lie within. You are the most interesting journey in your own life.

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