Fear the Great Motivater

Fear the great motivator.
Everything in our physical life seems to be driven by fear. Time is always of the essence. Little or no time is dedicated to the quiet and thoughtful inner dialog. Most people can’t even stand to talk with themselves.

I on the other hand have discovered how to be my own best friend. There is almost no one else I would rather spend time with. Of course I have many voices that live within me; just as does everyone else, but I have learned to identify each of them and brought them to a new evolution in time and space. We, the “I Am the I Am, is now integrated with all of me. Therefore the “one” of me is also the many. This makes life not only tolerable but blessed and worth living.

To confront ones fears is to actually come to terms with it. Understanding that fear only holds the power you and others give it makes it easier to put in its place. Fear is a natural component of the physical and emotional self. We need to know how and when to value it.

We need learn fears uses such as not standing in front of moving vehicles or when to hide if being per sued. Yet to fear not having, is much ado about nothing. When we need we tend to fear the lack thereof. This seems natural to us as we have been programmed to fear what we do not know or have.

Being present for a few moments each day can put fear into perspective.
“What am I afraid of? Why am I afraid?

At least in asking myself these two things I can come up with answers that I may not have originally considered.
Fear is an interesting task master. It often brings many to their knees as they fail to believe in themselves. Feeling unworthy or inadequate keeps us from attaining the very things we desire. Our fear of being wrong stops us from doing and trying. Rejection is often proof that we are wrong and aids us in deciding we have failed.

Trial and error are the way of life through which we learn. When we stagnate out of fear we become morose and judgmental. Not doing can become the greatest danger in your life.
To face fear in life is the greatest challenge we can present for ourselves and it is also the greatest gift we give to ourselves.

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