An Eclipse Triad

We will be having a triad of Eclipses beginning with a Penumbral Eclipse of the moon on, August 18, 2016 25 degrees Aquarius 52 minutes.

During a partial lunar eclipse, a portion of the Moon’s umbra disk remains within the penumbra of Earth’s shadow while the rest is darkened by the Umbra.

We will have an annular eclipse of the sun, September 1, 2016 9 degrees Virgo 21 minutes.

Annular Eclipses have a “ring of fire”; this occurs when the moon moves in front of the Sun but does not cover the Sun’s disks completely.

September 16, 2016 Another Penumbral Eclipse of the moon, 24 Degrees Pisces 20 minutes.

Eclipses bring about great changes in many ways. It is like putting all the bingo balls in a strainer and turning them around, over and over again. Things begin to get topsy- turvy and there is little control.

They bring massive weather changes around the globe including flooding, fires, winds, hurricanes and so forth. These changes begin weeks before the Eclipses and weeks after, causing a multitude of chaos and disasters. Because we are a product of the Earth, ruled by the Sun and Moon, we too will experience chaos and illness, pain and suffering, as we bounce all over the place.

Emotions will run high and be unstable as well as our mental states may be confusing and OCD.

I will begin with the Eclipse in Aquarius. Aquarius is fixed Air Sign of positive polarity. Ruling planets being Saturn and Uranus; two planets represent Order and Higher or Divine Order.

Our organizational skills will be at the forefront of our changes as well as our spirituality. What do I know and what do I believe? Do they coincide with one another and if not why? And how do I adjust this? This will also be happening on a world scale as well as political scale. Questions will arise concerning security in a big way. Old patterns will crop up once again, even though you may have already dealt with them.

Remember in the physical body we must raise our vibrations often due to the acceleration of the planetary movements and cosmic reactions.

Mars and Saturn play a conjunction dace during the entire period of the three eclipses. Mars has to do with physical health and war, Saturn with Military and structure. This conjunction can be draining on many of us, depending on where it is hitting us in our Natal Charts. Tempers can run high and lots of snapping will occur. Think before speaking, acting and pause before re-acting.

September first we will experience the Solar Eclipse in Virgo. Virgo likes things ordered and resists change, especially unexpected change. Solar Eclipses have to do with the mind and reason; we all know how hard it is to change our minds once we believe something to be right and true.

Eclipses will have the greatest effect on the upcoming elections in all countries. Voters will be tested on their knowledge and understanding of the political arena. Reading up on areas of concern here is advised. The more learned you are in what you are participating in is the best defense against unwarranted actions that bring resentment and regret.

Venus in Libra will help bring heart balance and justice to the forefront.  Be careful and stay grounded as paying attention to detail is imperative. One slight slip while driving or on your phone can be dangerous; pay attention to what is in front of you and try not to wander off.

The first two weeks of September will be challenging as we more directly in the Next Lunar Eclipse September 16, 2016 in Pisces. The sign of Pisces has been hit pretty hard by planetary changes throughout this year. I tend to see Pisces and wishy washy, continual vacillation with little resolve. By the time we hit this point we will already have been through trials of Water, fire, Air and Earth; we will be rung out, tired and weary, just wanting any kind of normalcy to return.

Remember everything you have just learned and decided and be aware of what you change or throw away now, simply because you feel drained.

Much change has occurred and you need to rest and re-group. Telling yourself there is no time for this is just rude. You are a multidimensional being who has just been through a major soul, body and Spirit cleansing; restoration is imperative.

Because the energies are so volatile and ungrounded during the Eclipses many feel that they are not hearing or communing with their guidance. In reality it is simply the static noise that has temporarily distorted the frequencies. This will all be re-adjusted in short order. You are not in charge of everything so try not to overload too much. You are in charge of how you feel about everything, but that is all.

Blessings and Goodness always,


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