When attempting to change your perception, beliefs, and mind sets, you are challenging yourself on all levels of self. Realize that we all feel drained sometimes. Take the time needed to look after yourself, honor your body. Your body is always the last part of you to receive the healing energies needed for the complete transformation into the physical. When you were born your DNA recorded all of your past karma and experiences into itself. As you transmute, your DNA changes its recording.

Is it time, to reprogram the old outdated personas you have chosen to lead you before? Is it time to dig deeper into the heart of your own self and see what mysteries lie hidden? Is it time to find yourself and rekindle the joy of life that you know you are? Each and every one of these is a worthwhile venture and can help make you  see many individuals making very positive changes in their lives and themselves. It is not an easy time for any of them. The pain of addressing the old conditioning one carries is often heart wrenching as well as tedious.

Dreams come true. It may even help you to create new and better dreams than before.

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