Athene and Spirit

And I heard it be said ; do not ignore this warning, for though you are creators look upon your own creations and see how desperation and fear has created that which you see around you now!
It was 1986 when I saw an angel with a vial pouring out plagues upon the Earth. Soon after the awareness of Aids, Cancer and Diabetes and others, became known as incurable diseases.
I feel that what has become incurable is the awareness of how to save the earth from mankind.
We have already been told about the Bee’s and other insects needed for us to live are disappearing by the millions as well as birds having to find more directions to feed and live; So many species of animals disappearing, as our oceans are being turned into dumping grounds for trash, assisting in the death of many birds and sea life. The Coral Reefs are dying as the great balance of nature no longer exists.
Humans are guilty of this mass destruction and can no longer ignore this, as new diseases reach a new height and the demand for more money arises.
Why do the Governments continue to develop more and more weapons to kill each other? What sense does this make? Shall we eat one another?
I spoke with a friend yesterday who got mad at me for saying this Coronavirus did not put me in fear. My husband and I are safe for the moment. I told her we did not yet need to be in fear that does not mean I do not feel the massive danger of what is to come.
I actually have lived in fear much of my life as I have seen many visions of the future.
Meditating yesterday I saw the many ongoing wars as well as the refugees and migrants with little hope or help at all. When spirit said to me I was to learn to see the “Bigger Picture”, I too thought it would be beautiful instead of all this destruction.
Is this virus what it takes for the governments to help the homeless with a promise of $1000 dollars to those whose jobs and lives are at stake? For all of us will $1000 dollars help to offset our mortgages and food supply? I think Andrew Yang was ahead of his time by offering this money to the homeless to help offset the deficit and help people become established again?
Perhaps we could offer the fish in the sea $1000 apiece to shore up one of our food industries.
Some people will call me as being negative for writing and sharing this, I do not care; the truth is all I have to give right now.

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