Archangel Raphael

Channeling of Lord Raphael and Friends

Through Athene Raefiel



Children of the Light,

We are pleased to be here today to share information that assists in healing the life within; that inner light that extends to all reaches of the Universe and Life itself.

Have you heard of the Mysteries and the journey embarked upon to discover them? There are what is called The Greater Mysteries and The Lesser Mysteries. Named such, as the Greater refer to the unseen worlds and the lesser are contained within the worlds of form.

There are 22 steps of initiation that must be mastered in order to attain enlightenment. These twenty two steps correspond with the Esoteric and Exoteric understanding of numbers, symbols, sacred geometries, mastery of thought, the mind the body and the soul.

Initiation into the mysteries is taken on by the student with the utmost of care and thought when deciding to walk the path of Light. Following one’s soul and spirit path and re-awakening the memories held within the individual Akashi record and well as opening to the collective Akashi is the true process that each will embark upon.

Learning and understanding on levels of self will be required while great awareness and sacrifice will also be required. Why sacrifice you ask? Well when one turns there back on the worlds of form to understand the worlds of formlessness they risk alienating an entire culture and lifetime of learning. What you see with your eyes, taste with your mouth, hear with your ears or have memorized as the truth, will surely be useless to you on inner journey.

All that you have believed must be tested and a new freedom of self and life must be experienced.

How to begin:

All of life is movement and sound, to hear this in the silence is a great part of the mastery you are looking to attain; this is called Meditation. When you can move to a place within yourself where you are actually observing your own mind you have attained a degree of meditation that allows you to move forward.

Invocation and prayer are also required by you to announce yourself to the spiritual structure that assists you proclaiming your commitment to commune. These sounds of your own voice allow for a new resonance to be acquired by the user. In order to be in harmony with the Divine Element of self, vibration and sound are needed.

Life is a ritual and so is the journey of light. Since you are creating a new awareness and awakening for yourself take the Ceremonies of old and use them. There are many ceremonies that honor the Earth, the Planets, and the rotation’s and the planting as well as harvest times. These ceremonies were practiced because they had practical value as well as connecting to the true elements of life; Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

Self- awareness and inner discovery will show itself when you are in harmony with all other life; that is to connect with the spirit within all life as well as your own spirit. Since spirit dwells in the worlds of formlessness you must learn to understand and experience yourself as energy. Once all things become energetic to you, a new language will emerge in your memory and you will understand the language of vibration and sound on the inner planes.

It is this powerful energy of vibration that will begin to speak to you. It will at first take some time to interpret this new language and yet more time to put into words that others will understand, but indeed it will bring great knowingness.

Dedication to finding the deepest most pure truth there is, will guide you even in your darkest hours. Commitment is the most powerful element of truth and change that you have. Choosing is a beginning but commitment and dedication to your path of knowledge is what will get you there.

Learning to trust your intuition is key in the interpretation of what you hear. When you discover how to hear with, and through your intuitive self, you will find that sound and vibration are subtle energies that can easily be drowned out by even your own thought process. This brings us to learning how to get out of your own way and mind.

Your rational mind may be your greatest tool in your practical everyday outside life but can be your greatest hindrance in your spiritual life. What you have learned in order to survive physically has little, if anything, to do with your spirit essence.

Spirit must be felt and experienced it cannot be known with the rational mind. If it could be there would not be so many beings excluding it from their daily life and pooh, phoohing its living reality.

To engage your spirit you must create an energy space of as pure a light possible, providing the energy within which to experience it. When spirit dwells in the energy of pure light and Essence it needs that same energy to show itself. Pure light and love is the same thing, pure energy. Your spirit is this loving essence that you originated from. Your spirit is innocence and beauty. This leads us to remind you that you were born as this innocence and beauty.  The outside world of conditioning and daily life helped you to completely forget how you are a child of loving light. Now it time to re-remember.

When using Sacred Ceremony to connect with the Earth, The Sky and the Inner planes, do not forget the use of the word love. Bring this word and energy strongly into your daily life and also into your thoughts, prayers and rituals.


I am a being of Love

I am love

All things in my life bring Love

Love and I are One


Love Invocation:

I call the power and essence of Love. I call to my own spirit essence.

I call to the great beings and powers of Love that unite to assist us all.

I anchor love in every way and honor the energy and light it holds.

I share the energy and essence of my love and connect it with all other love.

Mighty beings of love and light hear me now. Align my energies with yours and allow your child to assist in the journey and recognition of the highest love available.

Beloved I am, Beloved I am, Beloved I am.


A Sacred Ceremony of Light:


Face the North and state:

I call to the magic and mystery of earth herself, I align myself with her. I honor all that she gives to life and assist her daily with my love.

Now face the East and state:

I call to strength and power of Air, the blessed gifts that it shares. I honor that within me that is Air and I connect with this Divine energy.

Now face the South and State:

I call to the fire within all life. I call to the great fire that burns within me. I open myself to the awareness and understanding of this most awesome light. And I show my honor with love.

Now face the West and State:

I call to the Energy of Water. The wisdom and understanding of its flow. I honor the influence and power it bestows. I acknowledge the water of life within me and connect my essence and love.


Now stand for a moment quietly with your eyes closed. You are the Fifth Element and are the central point of the four energies you have just called forward.

Allow yourself to feel and integrate these beautiful energies of Love.

Meditate for a few moments.


The mysteries of life are many. They go on and on ad infinitum. Just as you are eternal so is the cycle of all life. This continuum allows there to be an ever expanding renewal and awareness that keeps the spectrum in motion.

Overcome and face your fears. Know that there is only truth and untruth and that you are not the decider of all things.

Reach for the stars, for you are a star and belong with them.

Your light is the only light that can make a difference right now; all light is needed and appreciated.

Blessings of Love to you all,


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