By Kiara Windrider
April 2, 2005
I remember when I was a young student trying to study for my exams or writing a major term paper. I would usually wait until the last possible moment and then stay up all night to get it done.
I just couldn’t do it any other way.
It is the same with evolution and change. History is not always linear. Evolution is not always gradual. Nature does not always work in smooth curves. We wait until we almost destroy ourselves and then suddenly an evolutionary leap happens.

Nobody, except for a few sleepwalkers in the White House, can deny that we are close to an environmental catastrophe. The signs are all around us. Can humanity survive its own cancer?
Can Earth survive its final creation?

I believe that we are getting ready for a major rite of passage. Some time ago, back in 1999, while on a vision quest in Mt. Shasta, I encountered a being from another dimension who presented me with some information about changes that were coming on Earth (please see my website, for more details). Humanity was going to shift into a higher consciousness, I was told, but we had a choice. We could do it gracefully as a collective, or we could go through a dimensional fracture, splitting into several parallel realities, each one experiencing the imminent shift in a completely different way.

Many people at the time were talking about the inevitability of such a shift, but they all felt that this would be accompanied by some kind of a planetary catastrophe. It was the first time I had heard from anybody that all of humanity could make this shift together, and in a graceful rather than catastrophic way.

The time for a planetary shift is nearing. The Mayans built their entire concept of history in preparation for this. Thousands of years ago, they pointed to the year 2012 AD as a time when our experience of time itself would change. They pointed to a window in human history where we would move into a new galactic frequency as we shifted from linear time to what we might call spherical time, or holographic time.

There is an avatar in south India, known as Sri Bhagavan, who has also been speaking about this galactic window. He too sees a major passage into the Golden Age by 2012 AD. He arrived at this independently from his own visions and the visions of those he has worked with, and describes being amazed when informed that the Mayan calendar points to an identical time of change.

His own mission, he says, is to get 64,000 people enlightened and god-realized. This must happen by 2012, he says, in order to catch the galactic window that will be opened up during that time. This will happen through a release of grace, and not necessarily just through spiritual practice. Once this happens, a critical mass will be achieved and the rest of humanity will make it in one mighty tsunami of awakening. Similar to what has become known as the “hundredth monkey theory”, he sees that once a critical mass of 64,000 humans is reached, it will only take about 10 hours for all humanity to become enlightened. We will then effortlessly step through a dimensional doorway into the Golden Age!

What makes this claim so different from prophecies that have come before? For one thing, Sri Bhagavan, unlike anyone else I know, has the power to actually transmit the enlightened state through a process called the “deeksha”, and several thousands from around the world have received this state already. As more people continue to become enlightened, it becomes easier for everybody else, he maintains, and soon all humanity will be ready for the quantum shift.

The other difference is that Sri Bhagavan claims that this shift will happen very gracefully and joyfully. There will not be major cataclysms or earth changes involved, although a certain amount of this might precede the shift. He says that our journey into the Golden Age is assured. During a recent visit to his ashram, I asked him whether he saw mass enlightenment as a certainty in the midst of all the environmental, political and social chaos of these times. He spoke about certain visions that he and his disciples have had for many years now, and that everything is unfolding exactly as seen. In light of these visions he says that, yes, mass enlightenment is certain. Following this, we will step through the galactic window of 2011-12 into the Golden Age. As if awakening from a bad dream, we will then enter a world governed by the laws of oneness rather than separation, harmony rather than division, and peace rather than perpetual conflict.

This will be so regardless of the threat of global catastrophes, political upheavals and so on, as long as the critical mass of 64,000 people become enlightened and God-realized on schedule. Earth and humanity will make it, he maintains, despite all the threats of imminent catastrophe posed by very rapidly changing climatic and electromagnetic changes on Earth, and despite the politics of global control that is being unleashed . If it were not for these enlightened people, our planet would go through a very difficult time, as many scientists and mystics are now predicting. Yet, nature is directly responsive to human consciousness, and as mass enlightenment takes place we will begin to experience an earthly paradise as well.

It is a very hopeful vision during a time when hope often seems to run thin. The Mayan prophetic calendar states that the year 2008 will be ruled by what they refer to as the ‘Lord of Darkness’ (see ). However, this will be followed immediately by 2009, which is ruled by the ‘Lord of Light’, Quetzalcoatl. I believe we will be seeing a massive cleansing of political and social systems on Earth during this time, a last battle of opposing worldviews and paradigms, in preparation for the emergent Golden Age. This will also be a time when those who have been preparing for it will experience an overwhelming flood of divine energies, which will shortly afterwards lead to the complete awakening of the 64,000 in preparation for collective enlightenment!

When I was first given my vision of global shift in 1999, I could not see how a collective enlightenment would happen. This was before Sri Bhagavan initiated his program for mass enlightenment, and before I met him. Having met him and seen what is happening at his ashram in India, including my own experience of enlightenment, I feel a deep sense of gratitude in recognizing the magnitude of the changes before us, and the divine grace that is guiding us through!

If you are one of these 64,000, your soul already recognizes this. You have been divinely programmed to awaken fully and assist humanity in her journey through this galactic window. If you feel called to explore this possibility further, please check out;;, or my own website,

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