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Athene’s plans for the New Year are to go back to work and teach as many people as possible about the Universe and its operation. Finding and working with your spirit guides is my primary goal for all of you ready and willing to experience such passage.

She will be offering these new classes through a meeting program called Zoom on computer. You will pay her and then she will send you a link to join the class and all can see one another in attendance. She will also be able to record classes so you may go back over them or pick one up if you miss any.

These classes will be held Sundays from 1pm to 3pm Mountain time. There will be 4 classes and the cost will $100 for the four or $30 weekly. The four weeks must be your commitment; you cannot simply take one class. This cost is also in your dollar currency if you are in another country.

Please play with this program in advance to make sure your sound and camera work for you.

Classes will be February 3, 10, 17, and 24, 2019. Once again if you must miss a class it will be recorded for you and Athene will also be available to answer any questions you may have.

Classes must be paid for and confirmed by January 25, 2019; should Athene not be able to attend for any reason all monies will be refunded and she asks you make payments through pay pal, sent to atheneraefiel@yahoo.com. Also contact Athene through her e-mail for any other questions you may have.


To sign up e-mail her at  atheneraefiel@yahoo.com or call 719-598-8158. For more information about Athene go to her website: www.atheneraefiel.com

Athene has been helping people meet and work with their teachers of light for over 30 years. Finding and Working with your Spirit Guides, taught by Athene Raefiel

These classes will teach you how to Anchor Light, Meditate, Visualize and do Inner Journey work.

You will have the opportunity to meet Your Higher Self, Your light being Teachers and a variety of Angels and Power Animals.

Some people see, hear, feel things intuitively and everyone is different. You must attend with an Open Heart, Mind and Patience. Please leave your expectations at home.


Find Athene on face book at:  https://www.facebook.com/AtheneEnterprises/

 Athene is also offering a 15% discount on all private sessions through January 2019.



A private session at my home can be scheduled by email; atheneraefiel22@gmail.com or calling Athene at (719) 598-8158

I am here to help you find clarity and answers to your life questions. I have the ability at home to also run and read your Natal Chart.

I can vision Past Lives as well as communicate with Spirit and those who have crossed over.






I love to teach and have an abundance of learning to share.

*Meeting your Higher Self and Spirit Guides

* Psychic Development

*Dream Interpretation

* Channeling

* Emotional Release

* The Astral Plane

Contact me for private classes.



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