Re-creating Ourselves

by Athene Raefiel
published in Planet Lightworker

It is a time for re-creation. Understanding that we are always in a process of re-creating ourselves we now take the reins and guide ourselves to new heights and realities.
The re-creation of self is no small feat, and although we have always let outside life be a great determining factor in who we are, and have been, we now have the opportunity to be aware and create differently. To re-create and create for oneself is the true magic of life. Knowing that the whole is no greater than the sum of its parts, is where we begin.

Who do you see yourself as being, and what it is that stops you, is where you begin. In order to reach your genuine being and integrate all of the you’s, you must reflect. When understanding, that each emotion inside of yourself is like a personality unto itself, you begin carefully exploring how you feel about you. Too often we forget how many you’s there are and assume that there is only the one. Yet when we talk with ourself we discover that there must be at least two thoughts communicating with one another. When we “think” we know who we are, inevitably something comes along in our life and we discover another part of how we feel.

Sometimes we feel put upon by life, we feel sad, or overrun. Sometimes we feel happy and joyous. Sometimes we are racing inside, as is there is some race to win, and other times we feel tired and ancient. We get frustrated and angry, we feel depressed and out of sync, or euphoric and on top of the world. All of these things make up who we are and how we feel about ourselves. Without understanding, integration and balance of the emotional selves that live inside of us, we cannot achieve wholeness.

There is an inner journey I do to help myself with these things. I share this journey with you now:

Close your eyes and see yourself at the entrance of a cave. There is a lantern on the ground next to the cave entrance and you light it to take in with you. A very loving kind being appears to go with you, so you do not feel afraid to enter. This being is a very old friend who waits to assist and help you when you are afraid. Sometimes an angel will appear.

You enter the cave together and find that there are steps leading down. As you descend you find that there are people, parts of yourself sitting upon the steps. Each part you found here has a different emotion that you believe hinders your spiritual progression. Sometimes these parts are children; sometimes they are old and haggard. You stop at each step to find someone and console the being. You communicate with this feeling part of self and help it to understand that it is lovable and that you love it. Together you continue down the steps helping the other parts of self understand that they too are lovable and deserve to feel safe. At the bottom of the stairs a door opens that is filled with light and radiance. Together you all enter into this beautiful temple of light and merge. You can feel the shifts happening inside of yourself as you do this exercise. You may need to do some forgiveness of self as you go. It is all okay. You now find, that once all things are brought into the light, (the spiritual you) they no longer feel so heavy and burdensome.

This process is integration. It is the only way to truly get the emotions to integrate within the spirit self.

Our soul then begins to change its patterning as well to help us with our re-creation of self. Our soul is our record keeper. All of our experiences are recorded and played back to us through our soul memory. Once we use the light to heal and merge ourselves within, our soul begins to serve us differently in our journey of self-awareness and discovery.

Our soul is the magical tool through which we reach ascension. It is the intermediary between our physical self and our spirit self. It is the gateway or channel to true integration. Using the soul consciousness as a tool for integration is mandatory. It is the patterning within soul that must be changed in order to re-create the new you.

An exercise for communicating with soul:

While lying in bed at night, before falling asleep, give your soul direction. You can do this by using subliminal messages to self. Messages such as: I know that I am soul and spirit, I know my soul and I always work together, I know my soul holds all the information and keys to my true self that I currently need. I honor my soul memories and ask my soul to open itself to me for my exploration, integration and spiritual advancement.

It is okay to demand that the soul make itself known to you. It was assigned to you for you to have the records needed to achieve ascension. Your entire book of life is stored within your soul memory and you are the access code. The only thing that holds us back in life is uncertainty. For some unknown reason we believe that there can be certainty in our outside life, that will create inner stability. Most believe it is money. Money is a big part of the capitalist system in the U.S. and other countries. Without money we stress and starve and die of disease. This is the program we live within and believe to be life. I call it survival. When trapped in the rat race of survival we must find the time to balance the inner parts to cope with the outer realities of survival. This is not an easy task either.

Where it is required of us to work so many days and hours a week just to put a roof overhead and food on the table, plus care for our families and self, we often feel that the inner us is being selfish taking and making the time to heal. Time and money are the greatest illusions we have to overcome when it comes to re-creating self. Making time to heal internal emotional patterns from this lifetime, as well as other incarnations, is the key element to ascension in this life.

When one chooses to make this a priority in their life, they will find that all kinds of spiritual assistance avails itself. We can transcend the human parts of self only by understanding how and why we created our lives to be the way they are to begin with. We cannot truly move forward in life until we can be present. We cannot be present until we understand and heal the past. It is just that simple. And we definitely cannot change the patterns that the outside world is, and has created, without first re-creating self.

Knowing that we are mind, body, soul and spirit, does not in and of itself help us find balance. Experiencing how we are mind, body, soul and spirit is the key to finding and creating balance and harmony.

Our mind is like a tape recorder that simply plays back the experiences and thoughts we have perceived in this lifetime. It is a tool that can be re-programmed along with the emotional selves. In order to re-program the mind you must feed it the much-needed information as to whom you are now. Such as regular affirmations:

I am free, I am happy; I am abundant in mind body and spirit,
I am loved, I am love, Life is beautiful
I am filled with the beauty of life
I am one with Spirit, Spirit and I are one, I am fully present
I am guilt free, I am shame free, I accept all my emotions as good
I trust in my soul and spirit self, I trust in the light of the Divine

Another good tool to use is choosing:
I now choose to change myself and my life
I now choose to be successful and happy
I now choose to be unafraid, I choose to move forward in light
I now choose to know myself fully and be enlightened
I now choose wholeness and acceptance
I now choose to understand unconditional love

Feeding this new form of information into your mind on a regular basis, you will find that it will begin to be the new tape that plays back to you instead of the old ones.

For the more evolved souls among you. Sometimes we use tools in different ways as we progress along our path. Sometimes we feel as if the old tools no longer are needed and that we are beyond them. To you I will say this. We must always come back to square one to create anew. The same tools you used to begin your journey of light are same tools that helped you get there. Why would we not still use them, by simply bringing them to the new level of consciousness that we have reached?

Re-creation is all there is to do in this incarnation. We are re-creating ourselves daily. The process required to do so takes stamina and determination. In this way we discover ourselves to be genuine and naturally who we are in mind, body, soul and spirit.

Forgiveness and love are still the most powerful tools I know of for true self-discovery and spiritual evolution.

Bio: Athene Raefiel is a teacher of mysticism and enlightenment. She has helped hundreds of thousands to find growth and development along their spiritual path. She has dedicated her life to sharing the messages of the Spirit Hierarchy with others.