Personal Health and Wellness for Mind and Body

by Athene Raefiel, 2005

Taking control of your time and energy

Everyone feels that they can’t make or take the time they need to feel better and accomplish what they see as important to stay well and happy. This is an unfortunate side effect of the hectic living styles produced by the technological age. An important step in feeling in control of your life is to re-structure your time and energy to work efficiently for the things you see as most important. Health, happiness and well being should be at the top of this list.

Learn to communicate with your body

The physical body is an interesting organism that has been a mystery to the medical society for years. Your body is what houses all you feel, think and are. When you are able to understand how the body speaks with you, you can begin to work with it. Ignoring the body and going ahead anyway simply causes problems on down the road. Often the problems can become serious physical ailments or mental breakdowns. Bodies are a complex set of nerves, glands, muscles and organs, all of which work together to keep you walking around. Knowing what your body needs and wants, listening, and helping it, are sure to bring good habits and health.

The importance of exercise and stretching

Many people find it difficult to understand how important exercise and stretching are to the well being of the body. When a person is aging or handicapped they think they do not have enough energy to use these techniques. On the contrary, exercise and stretching can even be done in bed. Exercise pumps blood through the veins and helps keep the heart strong as well as keeping the muscles happy. Stretching helps remove lactic acid buildup in the muscles that can cause aches and pains. In today’s world of so many different types of exercise one can try, each person can find what works exactly right for them.

What helps the body regenerate itself?

Everyone knows that what we stick in our mouth has a lot to do with our bodies reaction to vitamins and minerals. Choosing healthy foods does not have to be hard. Often we can choose healthy foods by choosing colors of foods rather than calories and fats. People need to be aware of what fats and proteins are good for them as well as try to eat fewer carbohydrates with their proteins. Once again some simple changes can bring about desired results without deprivation.

How does positive thinking work and help?

We all talk to ourselves all of the time. I often ask people who the two people talking are? Often they say it is the little angel on one shoulder and the little devil on the other. If while growing up we have learned to berate ourselves for every little thing, then we use a great deal of precious energy doing so. Instead of fighting with ourselves, what if we could come to agreements and make things in life go the way we choose? Positive thinking is not just thinking positive thoughts but teaching ourselves how to believe them.

When you and you begin to agree that you are a good and worthwhile person, something inside of you changes and you feel better. Positive self-talk can work miracles in life.

Loving to change

Someone, somewhere in life, led us to believe that change meant bad things were happening. Why can’t changes be good? Of course they can. If I am the one making the change then of course it is going to be good. Why? Well because I am a good person who trusts that change is the medium I use to go forward in life. Without change I will be stuck in my old ways and habits that I want to break. Change is a wonderful tool for forward momentum.

Opening to grow

We should always understand that we never stop growing. Though we are a certain, height and weight, so many years old and our hair color is changing, we are still able to grow and understand life in many new ways. Learning and growing are the same thing. When we get past our younger of years we discover that learning what we want in life can be fun. We feed ourselves by exploring what interest us and learning about it. We are always growing and ever changing and we should learn to enjoy and look forward to it.

How challenge = opportunity

Too often we fail to see how our life challenges also are some of our greatest opportunities. They help us to grow beyond some concept or belief we are ready to move past. Each time we feel challenged it aids us to make change and develop our own insight. We have to work with ourselves and on ourselves to find the opportunities presented.