By Athene Raefiel April 24, 2004

Be strong in your faith and your center at this time. Know that the chaos around you is not yours. Open your hearts and your minds only to the stargate opening and the enlightenment it will bring.

As lightworkers the Universe asks only that we anchor light on a daily basis. This we do with our prayers, mantras, affirmations, meditations and sacred ceremonies. So many claim to be lightworkers and so few anchor light daily.

When one understands that the soul and spirit rewards come only through this anchoring of light, this assistance with the divine hierarchy and the world, then one sets the course and manifests heaven on earth.

Each of us is a catalyst for change, each has the opportunity to make a difference in life. When we change our focus and include the bigger picture we realize how vast our energy is. To realize that you are part of the whole and that the whole is vast so therefore are you, you discover another element of self.

Allow yourself to move outside of the gilded cage you live within and reach for the stars. Be the star that you are and emanate your beautiful light to connect with all the other stars around you.

Light is love and love is light. Not the conditional love alone of the need to be needed but the unconditional love of understanding, allowing and acceptance.

There is naught we can change until we change our perceptions and ourselves. When we see a problem we must view it as a challenge that we shall overcome. Our perception of how we handle the challenges in life makes all the difference.

Allow yourself to be the best human being you can be. Allow yourself to be the best spiritual being that you can be. Give yourself permission to change and grow and discover. Give the world permission to do the same.

Forgive whatever you are angry and dissatisfied about and let it not weigh you down. Choose to assist yourself in your path of enlightenment and love for the all. Empower yourself daily through your affirmations and mantras; release your judgments of self and others. Try to understand why you and others are the way you are without condemnation. Realize that the all is a continual source of light and love that never judges, only loves and supports.

Support yourself and others into the needed changes, quit berating. Right and wrong belong only to the minds of men; they are tools with which we measure our success and failure. By understanding that you can never really fail, that you are always learning and moving ahead in life shifts your perception to the positive pole in life that ultimately holds and guides you.

Remember you first were spirit, then soul and then human. The spirit essence is contained within the unconditional love you have for self. The human must learn to allow the spirit to guide through its wisdom and unconditional love. The human must remember to be the child of god within.

Surrender to this truth and make it your reality.  All will then be well and in order.

New Mantra:

Everything in my life is blessed as I am blessed.

Everything always works out for my highest and best good.

I trust in my spirit and soul destiny.

I am a child of the light.

Beloved I am

Beloved I am

Beloved I am