Energy Activations

It is time for action and movement as there has been a melancholic energy that has affected many who are currently ready to move forward. Ask of the Higher Realms that they assist you in this movement. Recognize where you have been, where you are at and where you believe yourself ready to move into. This has to do with many levels of self. Is your physical body prepared to handle the massive energy changes that your Soul, Spirit and Guides bring through?

As you expand your awareness and consciousness you receive more and more intense energetic waves. These waves of energy are very powerful and must be assimilated over time through every one of your energetic bodies. To assist you with this assimilation it is good to use visualization.

Simply close your eyes and count down from 10 to 1, focusing on your breath. Let go of the tension you are holding in your mind and body. Relax. Allow yourself to see a Stairway leading upward that will appear much like a piano keyboard. Go ahead and begin the journey of climbing up. Each step you take resonates a vibratory tone within you and an aspect of yourself will appear. When you reach the top there will be a Beautiful Golden Chalice with Ruby Gems surrounding the stem. Take the Chalice and drink from it. Know that this is an elixir of life and light that will assist you in your healing of various bodies. Take the time to feel the Elixir moving throughout every atom of your being. To complete this exercise notice the aspects of self also drinking from this Elixir. Now open yourself and allow all aspects of self to enter the chamber of your heart and merge into the new and majestic energy you have just opened to.

All things in the Universe are Energy. You are energy and you must use your energy wisely to attain the greatest heights and truths available to you. Time began to accelerate some years ago and now the momentum is trying to keep pace with the new vibrations that are bombarding you planet and its system daily.

Vortexes upon vortexes of energy have been filling the Earth Plane as each of you tries to understand how to assimilate this knowledge. You must understand that you too are a vortex of energy and that through this you are also susceptible to all other energies surrounding you. It is time to take a stand and use your energetic body to connect with the Twelve Power Points of Earth that create the Crystal Grid.

A good visualization to use for this:

Close your eyes and relax. Focus on your breath; count down from 10 to 1 as you feel yourself walking down a stairway into Inner Earth. At the bottom of the Stairway a door will open and you will find sunshine and greenery everywhere. As you explore you will find a hole in the ground. You jump in and spiral slide down. When you reach the bottom you will be in a magical Cave filled with beautiful large Crystals. There will be a place for you to sit in the center.

Allowing the Energy of the Crystals surrounding you to emanate they’re rays and colors through you. You will become charged and energized as you connect with the Light of the Crystal Grid. Spend some time here and when you are ready feel your re-charged self, filling your physical body with this new energy.

Another part of the journey to help yourself is to go on a Vision Quest. For this to come to fruition you should focus your attention on what you are seeking to do or learn about. Once you have a focus or intent write it down and see if what you write is the same as what you thought. Often it will change before you actually get started.

A good vision quest will involve the outdoors. It is through Nature and the Earth that we connect with the Energies of Soul, Spirit and The All. Try a journey where you must completely allow your intuitive body to guide you. Also Anchor the Light within and around you each and every day.

Anchoring Light:

Heavenly Father Divine Mother, I call you forth and ask that you anchor your light in and around me, so what is needed for my highest and best good take place.
I call to the power of light that I am.

I call to the Angels and Spirit teachers of Light.

I call to my Spirit Essence.

I call to the, I am that I am.

I call to all those of Light that assist, guide, guard and protect me in my journey of life and ask that they align their energies within me.

I ask that the Light surround me with its love, strength and empowerment and assist me daily.

We all want to feel that we are in sync with the Energies of the Masters and Teachers of Light. Understanding our role in the present scheme of things will aid so many. Being disciplined and working to change old mind sets will have a powerful impact, not just on you but also those around you.

It is time to take back the power of Goodness and Love in Life. It is time to shine our own light to assist the Light being poured into our planet and our peoples daily.

The more we learn and expand the more we change the tides from fear and avarice to Joy and Beauty. Remember one being changing is equal to 100 that are not. Your impact is not only needed but also highly recognized and accepted by and through Higher Self. You are each a powerful Creator capable of amazing feats.

Do not let your thinking delay your actions. Do not let your rational mind tell you who you are. Stand only for the expansion and truth of the Spiritual Resonance that you were designed to be.