Discovering Soul

Discovering Soul , Part one

By Athene Raefiel

I think so little is actually written about the soul because it is such a vast and expansive organism that has so many parts that to put it into perspective for someone is a huge undertaking.

Soul is a collective whole as well as a unique and individual vehicle for formless worlds and physical worlds to interact with one another. It is also the vehicle through which we travel between incarnations. So for the sake of this series we will define the soul as this vehicle and focus now on how we operate within it.

There has, and probably will always be, questions as to what is the difference between soul and spirit. Are they one in the same thing or are there actually distinctions we should be aware of?

I speak and teach about the soul as a matter of personal experience and learning from within soul. I do the same when I am teaching about spirit. Soul and Spirit are not the same, yet in a sense relatives, as one cannot function without the other in the worlds of form. When we learn to travel within the depths and heights of soul awareness we discover that soul contains many different arenas of information and learning as well as being a vehicle through which we gain access to our Higher self and many different realms of awareness and consciousness.

In a sense we could say that the soul is the Akashic record of life in its highest form available to us humans. Soul contains within it individual information as well as collective information. When we tap the energy of what we see as our own soul awareness or Akashic Record of life we begin to unravel the mysteries of who we are, who we’ve been and why we are. An undertaking such as this may well be the greatest gift of understanding a person ever finds in incarnation.

It is always good to have a starting point and some tools to use when we embark upon any journey of enlightenment, so finding and reading books with content and information about soul can be paramount to the “Aha’s” that you will need to eventually trust your preparedness to enter the unknown fields of energy and experience yourself within them.

Your soul is a part of you as well as the life force that allows you to operate as a living being. Your Chakra system of energetic frequencies and colors are operating within the soul at all times. To work with the learning and operation of your Chakra Centers and energetic levels of consciousness is paramount when beginning to consciously enter soul awareness. We must first learn how we are energy, in order to participate within energy. This leads us into experimentation of the many worlds and planes of consciousness.

This, for many, is the most fearful example of why they never get there. When we believe that we must control everything about how we think, feel and experience, we often will not let ourselves go and begin to float without stopping the experience. A great exercise to begin learning about how to interact with energy is by using your imagination. Some of you may be pretty rusty here as we are so bombarded by the seriousness of life and our daily problems we have forgotten how powerful our imagination can be.

To begin floating all you need to do is simply lie down and imagine yourself floating on a cloud in the sky. While you are floating you need to allow yourself to feel the sense of safety and freedom of finally being above it all. Letting yourself float this way on this cloud as often as you possibly can helps you to overcome your fear of moving into consciousness instead of thinking. You can also let yourself sink into the softness of the cloud allowing yourself to float above and around the earth. Here you can see and experience everything from this perspective of being above it, rather than caught in it.

This is a simple exercise that should be easy to master. Do not be fooled by the simplicity of doing it, as there is a next step you can take to begin gaining access to more beautiful realms of soul memory.

Once you feel safe floating through the sky on this cloud it is time to begin to travel in earnest. Before beginning to do this it is best if you have done some sort of prayers or invocations to ask the aid and assistance of your own soul and spirit self. Here I will offer a simple exercise to memorize to ask for such assistance. You can also use whatever form of prayer and invocations you feel comfortable with as well.

“I call forth the energies of Love and Light Within that I am, I call forth my Soul and Spirit self, I call forth the energies of Purity and Unconditional Love within the Universe and Heavenly Realms, and ask that they align themselves within me and surround me now and always.”

Since you have decided to start this journey and travel to other realms of consciousness, you want you best friends to be wishing you well along your journey and even guiding and helping you as you go. Remember we entering into the unknown and though we will find great beauty abounding we must also be aware that we may find unexpected detours. Calling forth such energies of Love and light help us navigate if we start to get off course or encounter any darkness along the way.

Now that we have mastered the art of floating on a cloud it also helps to study and align our Chakra centers on a regular basis. Our chakra Centers are our various bodies of consciousness and they also create our Aura. With these tools at hand it is time to delve into other arenas of what the soul can show us. This ability to use your imagination and let it take you a variety of places is great and brings you joy and satisfaction while you are learning to travel within consciousness.

Here is an exercise that can help you meet with angels or other companions of light and love.

Begin by using your prayers and invocations then simply surround yourself with golden sunlight. Now let yourself float on your cloud through the sky, floating to the highest plateau you can find. Once you are standing upon it you will find it is breathtaking with a beautiful panoramic view from all sides. It is awesome and you know that you are standing in the very presence of awe and beauty.

As you feel the earth beneath your feet you close your eyes and ask that the Loving Angel of Earth come and be with you upon this mountaintop today. You open your arms and feel energy of beauty and light coming forward. You sense the love as it encompasses you and also brings you a gift to enhance your awareness of how you and Earth are one. You allow yourself to receive this loving energy into your being and feel it strongly. You embrace this energy and sit with it for a moment.

Next you will notice a breeze lightly blowing upon your face; here you will close your eyes and invite the Angel of air to come and be with you here today while you allow yourself to receive the gift, from this being, of how you are air. You will take a deep breath and embrace this wonderful energy and sensation of being the breath of life. Sit with this for a moment.

By now you will be feeling as if you are no longer in a dimension of gravity, instead you feel free of the heaviness of the physical body and life.

Now you will feel the intensity and heat of the Sun beating down from above.

This energy warms you with its intense fiery light and you will close your eyes and invite the beautiful Angel of Fire to come here and be with you today. As this being appears, you feel the energy of a flame placed around you and in your heart. You will actually experience and touch the energy of light that the flame possesses and realize that it is not hot but intensely rich with purity and love. With this flame enveloping you there will be a realization of how you and the Flame are one. This will bring you calmness and joy. Sit it with it a moment.

Now as you feel one with the energies of Earth, Air and Fire you begin to feel the movement within yourself of flow.

Flow brings its own energy and reminders of the waters of the Earth and their movements. As you seem to rock a bit, to and fro, you can hear the waters of Earth flowing, a Stream, a River, a current and waves. You will invite the Spirit keeper of Water to come here and be with you. This Energy being will bring you the gift of flow from the water and the lunar influence. This Angel will help you heal and feel the emotional body and how it is the steeping stones to the inner truth of feeling.

This is the final energy you will receive today and now you will understand how you are one with Earth, Air, Fire and Water. You will begin to become aware of how you are energy as are all of these four elements and you will set yourself free to embark ever so much more purposefully on your journey into the soul.

Before you return to the physical consciousness take the time to thank the Angels and Keepers of the Mysteries of the Four Elements as well as yourself for this great gift of inner journeywork you have given yourself today. Congratulations, you are now beginning to use your soul to transport you as consciousness.