Discovering Soul, Part 3

by Athene Raefiel

The thrill and the joy of letting go and flying as a bird, the self discipline of calling forth and anchoring the energies of love and light on a daily basis, the power to visualize; these are what make our soul awareness and journeys so vast, immense and joyous.

Listening to the small voice within when we are bombarded with everything else in our 3D life takes skill and practice. We are so given to listening to the rational mind as it obsesses and begs to control even the smallest of situations in our life. We find ourselves asking “is this my rational mind or my inner voice”? Yet it is only when we can still the person inside of us that we clearly hear what the inner voice of intuition and true essence is telling us.

For centuries pupils of the Occult and Metaphysics have understood that defining and clearly perceiving the small voice within will somehow magically transform their lives in the 3D. They of course are correct, the majestic subtle changes that gradually take place as we discover more and more soul awareness is beyond explanation in words.

We as human beings, having a spiritual experience, must realize early on in the play of life, that spirit simply enhances our journey. Spirit and spirituality helps us to find the strength and wisdom to navigate through even the most troubling of times.

Though we believe we can move above the mass consciousness and its creations we still find ourselves languishing in the same swimming hole as all others. That in and of itself is a Universal Paradox that I am quite sure, even the greatest of metaphysical minds have argued within themselves.

The soul, the physical, the astral, the spirit, they are all intertwined and we are the residents of the dimensional frequencies that we participate within daily. We are the ones who must learn to discern what differences there about such dimensions and how to use and develop them wisely for our own individual evolution as well as the collective whole.

Humans are such a lonely species that they hold strongly to all and any beliefs that give them comfort, friendship and a sense of belonging. We as humans find it hard to be alone and even harder accept that it may remain so for rest of our life. It seems unnatural for us to alone, as indeed it is. It is unnatural in the physical sense as well as the spiritual sense.

It sometimes takes great individual determination and perseverance to take the soul path and also a great dedication to learn. Truly though, if we look at life as an eternal journey of soul and spirit before, as well as after, death we decide that there is no other path nearly as compelling nor fulfilling in the long run.

Archangel Raphael once told me that the only thing that would ever let me down in this lifetime was my expectations. He was accurate. But how does one survive in a world filled with the rhetoric of expectation as a way of life and yet overcome this, within themselves? This is one of those great Universal Paradoxes that we will continually contemplate as we travel our journey through lifetime after lifetime.

You see within soul there is a collective consciousness and collective unconscious. Ones ability to tap these arenas of self, is an asset so great and so vast that are no words to truly express it. Many have tried giving these energy dimensions names such as the Akashic Records or various planes of existence, but in reality collective consciousness and unconsciousness covers it all. When a being is capable of tapping into these major areas within the soul they are capable of learning just about anything they choose while experiencing different dimensional frequencies and learning how to assimilate and become them. Spending more and more time here, they also discover how to interpret what they acquire into various forms of geometry’s, colors, sounds and even vocabulary that can be shared and utilized by others. This is often referred to as the channeling of information. These channels of information are much like the World Wide Web and they have discovered the access codes within soul memory and can download and receive all kinds of information from it. This technique is very much individual and universal all at once and is sometimes explained through Quantum Physics and Metaphysics. Both of which deal extensively with the spirit and soul experience of evolution.

Discovering soul is a process that we basically just wake up to at some point in incarnation due to the fact that we are not finding explanations, purpose nor joy in our life. It is as if we have been sleeping for a very long time and somehow we just forgot we were eternal beings. I think we are born as infants each re-incarnation so that we have the opportunity not only to re-learn the basics but also to re-learn how to feel and become.

Memory is an interesting thing, it can hold so much within it that truly determines who we are and how we experience life here in the third dimension that we often need to change how we feel about our memories in order to open the doors to the true inner world of our eternal memory and life. Our memories mold us into a certain structure and set of beliefs, not just about us but also the world around us. The more a person opens ones mind, be it the rational, subconscious or unconscious, the more one understands the only thing we are here to achieve in this life, is the joy of learning and becoming. Love is a key component of which I seem to have spoken little about in my commentaries, yet truly understand it is the foundation and basis upon which all of life should be structured. Love is one of those vast components that is always and ever expanding. Within love reside truth, justice, balance, harmony, peace and joy. So few human beings actually relate to things in their lives on a regular basis yet Love is the Kingpin that can save the world and all of its inhabitants.

When we open up our soul doorway to discover the many dimensions that lie within, we also discover our likes and dislikes about ourselves. We see clearly what we have believed to be love and why we do not love others or ourselves. We see the jealously and hurt that has been inflicted in the name of love and we often recoil because of the painful wounds and scars that reside within us. We have an opportunity to heal the wounds and tend to the scars if we will simply let our own spirit help us through its love and understanding. We can also begin to raise ourselves up out of the pits of darkness within which, we have held our past and our pains.

Imagine the beauty that you are while within soul. Re-create yourself as a blueprint and continually add all the new and beautiful things you know you are, on the inside, and then simply merge with the blueprint. Do this on a regular basis as well as journey in your mind to A Peaceful Valley filled with flowers, trees, a waterfall and stream. Here you can sit in the quiet and contemplate what your life really is. Here you will also find Fairies and animals, perhaps Angels or Temples, but most certainly as you hear the children playing in the distance you will find the parts of yourself that have been waiting to re-unite with you and heal.

Try making ‘I am Goodness and Light” your daily mantra and continue to find the inner peace and love you so deserve.