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I believe that through soft tissue manipulation the holistic potential in each client can be achieved. As a massage therapist I understand the aches and pains everyday life causes, the driving factors impeding the fullness life can offer our bodies.

To relieve and release those areas of entraped stress
so that the client may return to everyday life unimpaired,
with a feeling of increased energy,
mobility and freedom from pain is what I do.

General Benefits of Theraputic Massage

Decreased Body Toxicity Increased Energy
Improved Posture Increased Circulation
Greater Flexibility Increased Sense of
Greater Mobility Well Being
Problems that Respond Sucessfully
to Theraputic Massage Techniques

Arm & Hand Muscular Weakness
Athletic Injuries Neck & Shoulder Pain
Back Pain Nervous Tension
Body Stiffness Neuritis
Bursitis Poor Circulation
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Postural Distortion
Constipation Sciatica
Equilibrium Disorders Shin Splints
Extremity Numbness Sinus Disorders
Extremity Numbness Sinus Disorders
Headaches Sprains & Strains
Hip Pain Stiff Neck
Jaw Pain TMJ
Joint Immobility Tendonitis
Knee Pain Tennis Elbow
Leg & Foot Pain Throat Problems
Lowered Vitality Thorasic Outlet
Muscular Cramping Weak Wrists
Muscular Tension Whiplash
All massages include aspects of these described modalities.

Swedish Relaxation

A circulatory massage that achieves total relaxation through long body strokes with gradual pressures that will relieve stress and enhance overall mobility and flexibility.
Neuromuscular Therapy

Deep tissue massage for the hard to get at problem areas. Basic Swedish massage blended with specific attention to stubborn and recurring problematic muscles.
Trigger Point Therapy

Specific deep tissue neuromuscular techniques to release knotted muscles and their resultant pain referral patterns. Clears the source of mystery pain.

A neurological re-activation technique used on portions of the nervous system for those suffering the varieties of nerve ailments such as those caused by stroke.
Energy Rehabilitation

Unique enery balancing through spiritual touch integration and metaphysical waste removal.

Temporal Mandibular Joint dysfunction affects many people and has many contributing causal factors. Gentle specialized techniques are used for this disorder and are very effective.
Injury Rehabilitation

Specialized specific body restoration, re-educating injured muscle to correct function and range of motion through muscle energy techniques.
General Theraputic

Blending Swedish massage with a variety of theraputic techniques with the purpose of releasing the tight areas that continue to bother. Great for the tight shoulder, aching back crowd and prefered by the weekend overachievers.
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3 massages $150
Package may be shared with family and friends
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