St. Germaine, Channeling

The Violet Flame

By: Athene Raefiel

The violet flame energy of St. Germaine is one of the most powerful energies and tools that can be used to clear and transmute negative energy. The holy flames of light come from a higher more mystical heaven than that of the Astral Plane and were discovered and used centuries ago by the mystic teachers, priests and priestesses of the Holy Order of the Eternal Flame. In most of the ancient temples and even today the symbol of the holy Flame is used to keep the light burning eternally within the soul as it burns eternally within the heavens of light.

During the dark times of Atlantis and Egypt, the Holy flames and their energies were used and desecrated by black magicians. At that time it was determined by the oversoul, known also as the karmic board and Ascended Masters, that humans should no longer have access to the use the flames in this dimension. St Germaine, an ascended master himself, went before the karmic board and pleaded with them to allow the Violet Flames use to remain, giving the individuals of earth another opportunity to use it properly. The karmic board finally agreed, but put the karma of the violet flame and its use or misuse into the hands of St. Germaine. Now it is not that the other flames were not available to use any longer, it was just that only an initiate who had proven himself or herself trustworthy to use the flames for the good of the all, would be allowed to do so.

St Germaine then set out on his journey to find and personally train students in the proper uses of the Violet Flame. Then through the use of the Violet Flame they may also ascend their minds and bodies to use the other Holy flames of Light.

The violet flame and also the violet color are powerful cleansing, healing and integration tools. Those who call forward the violet flame in the name of St Germaine have found themselves immediately affected by its energy. Calling forth the energies of light properly seems to rarely be written or taught through texts. For this reason I am giving you these invocations to help you tap and use the Violet flames energy and also enlist the personal aid of the Ascended Master, St. Germaine.

State out loud:
“Holy powerful energies of Light and Love I call you forward into my space and ask that you align your energies within me that we may become one. I call to the power of light within that I am and I call to all my teachers and spirit guides of light. I call to the Holy of Holies and the Sacred Angels that protect and guard the trust of the Divine. I call to my unconscious mind and to my soul self. I call to my spirit essence and all my memories and ask that the synapses in my brain realign itself so the unconscious, subconscious, and conscious mind work as one.”

“I call to the Sacred and Holy Violet flame of St. Germaine and ask for its assistance in the transmutation of self that I need daily and Thank St. Germaine for this tool of light he brings.”

“I call to the Emerald and Ruby Rays of light and ask that they imbue me with their energy and strength. And I call to the oversoul and ask that my causal body help me re-create my misaligned realities.”

Now sit quietly and allow yourself to visualize yourself surrounded by the Violet light and flame of transformation. Feel the energy of the light as it transmutes all the energies within you. In front of you create a blueprint of yourself and put all the changes you are wanting to experience into the blueprint. Make the changes you want and need about how you feel and think about yourself. Next make the changes in your mind and feel its parts merging and working together. See your soul and spirit integrate within this blueprint and add all the love and goodness need to feel whole.

Next merge with this new you and the new energies it encompasses. Feel those energies and changes taking place within every fiber of your being. Become the new you and allow yourself to feel the healing changes as they take place. Be with these energies for a few moments.

Next experience the influx of light from the Ruby and Emerald rays. Allow yourself to feel the regenerative and loving assistance take place. See yourself being inside of temple filled with all this light. Become a radiant beam of light, expand yourself out into every different direction imaginable and return to the physical body, wholly totally and completely renewed and transformed.

Use this exercise daily until you feel that all the changes you are creating have taken hold and are the manifested being that you now are.

Another Prayer and invocation to the Holy Violet Light of St Germaine:
State: “Mighty Ascended Master Holy St. Germaine I call to you now and ask that I be charged with the Holy Violet Light and Flame of Transformation. I surrender to the Holy Light of Life within that I am and I attend to my soul and spirit light. I honor the great gift of light and awareness that I carry within me and ask that it more fully show itself to me. I pray to know the inner mysteries of soul and spirit self and I open to the love and abundance of my innocence and purity.”

Holy St Gemaine teacher of earthly students, bring your flame dear and hold me near. Help me to clear all that blocks my vision and help me to open myself to the inner secrets and mysteries that I hold dear.

St Germaine teacher of light and healer. I ask your special blessing and dispensation here, now and forever.