Opening The Gates of Heaven, New Channeling

By: Athene Raefiel, (2005)


We know it has been a time of great transition for you and Mother Earth recently and are here to hearten the journey with a heralding of good news. Due to the polarities shifting and the massive changes that are occurring in the core of the Earth, there are many more star gates opening this year and next. We refer to these stargates as the gateways of heaven. We do so, as even those of you who see them as planetary alignments understand that there are dimensional shifts in the frequencies when such events occur. These inner-dimensional shifts are synchronized between the light anchors, crystalline gridlines, high power points of Earth, as well as the many heavenly spirits that assist Earth and her inhabitants. Due to the great energies now at inter-play with one another in your Earth dimension and also in the many heavens surrounding your solar system, we find that the Divine Plan set into play during the fall of Atlantis is now unfolding to correct and re-stabilize you solar systems’ frequencies allowing them to once again synchronize with the original intent of Earth and its habitation.

There has always been a destiny for Mother Earth. Her inhabitants being from many star systems and unrelated galaxies have had energetic power over Earth and her inhabitants since the fall of Atlantis. The recent, current, and future shifts, taking place in this new millennium, will bring a balance back to Earth and her inhabitants that has been gone for hundreds of thousands of years. This balance will also associate itself with your current star system and galaxy, as well as with other star systems and galaxies it exchanged energies with, previous to Atlantis.

We tell you this as many of you have been asking us when the senseless killing, rage, anger and poverty, are all going to end. Since we can only tell you that the shifts already made have put things into alignment for the transference and transmigration of souls, we cannot give you an exact human timeline. We can share with you though, that there are those among you who have now completed their part of the agreed to contract with us their heavenly brothers, to move the energies of the planet back to this original course.

All of you know, that all things imminently return to their origins to begin anew. This you can see in your own individual cycles of life as you find yourselves dealing with the same issues and patterns within self that you thought you had overcome and healed. The patterns of mankind, planet Earth, her species and the heavens are also subject to the same cycles.

The Brotherhoods of Light that have been assisting the soul groups who have been around since before the fall of Atlantis are made up of many Star Brothers and Sisters as well as Divine Spirits.

One need not be out of body to be a spirit, and one need not think they can become Divine simply through becoming a spirit. There is a spirit that dwells within each and every soul. All are collective as well as individual. Many of you have discovered this truth in your current incarnation. All spirit is connected, even though all spirit does not serve nor honor the same energies. Divine energy is different from that of the human spirit and will continue to be so until humans understand how to associate their spirit with the Divine Light.

We speak with you today, for many soul contracts are currently being fulfilled and many of you are questioning your service and roles within the Universe and Divine Hierarchy. We say to you be patient, although you may not yet understand the implications of what we are telling you in the immediate now, by this time next year all will be very clear and apparent to all of the souls completing their original contracts and missions.

Some of you feel lost and confused by the fact that you have worked so hard and long to accomplish what you have known to be your mission. Many of you believe you still need to be attached to us and your long ago agreed to missions. Unto you we say, there is a time for all things to conclude and begin anew and now is that time. The cyclic process and magnetic poles of Earth are shifting once again. The gates of heavenly energy are once again streaming freely into the core of the Earth and all other levels of life as well. Though the appearance of daily life may seem agitated and unfamiliar, it is only what is on the outside that creates such an appearance. Be not deceived by what you see on the outside and continue to trust only that which you know through your meditations and your Higher Sprit Essence.

The fact that we are not currently calling upon you to perform the same duties as before is that you have succeeded in anchoring the main power points of Earth and her crystalline grids to their original forms. This anchoring may appear to be bring catastrophic results in climactic change and the environment, yet ultimately the shifts will bring Earth’s polarity back to a new anagram from which she and her inhabitants can renew and start again.

Let yourselves celebrate this new beginning as a creation made from the highest principle of love and honor. Though you may feel that you are still tying up loose ends in your personal lives, know that this is also true within the collective. There will always be work to be done within the self, just there will always be freedom of spirit to experience and evolve within. No longer does spiritual evolution need to be a chore or a job. Now your spiritual evolution should be flowing and filled with joy. You are Divine Flow just as we are Divine Flow. This interception and exchange of magnetic energy, for the first time in a hundred thousand years, allow for Earth and her sister planets to once again flow freely with the Divine. Be proud, as it is due to the diligence and perseverance of those who have had multiple incarnations on your planet and with a renewed spirit that has brought this great feat about.

Remember always, that time is your friend, and although you may age and die in this incarnation, what you have attained for the many who will live in the future, is an eternal life of youth and energy that can be lived simultaneously within several dimensions of self and light all at once.

Yes we honor you and the massive work you had set upon yourselves to do. Though many of you see karma as a punishment of some kind, it is truly simply a commitment made to ones own soul and the soul of the collective.

Search within yourselves for the answers to your own questions. Be at peace with whom you are and choose to create that which you desire because of your own inner knowing. Be not afraid to play and enjoy your life. Caress and hold each moment from this day forward as precious. We neither ask nor need anything from you in this moment other than you understand that we are in and with you always. We are one within all and all within the one.

May your life be blessed with the Light of the Divine Spirit you yourself have found and may you all learn to be kind to yourselves. To battle oneself is a waste of precious time and energy. It is to create worry and uncertainty. Be certain of this one thing always, and that is that we love you.

We send you our gratitude and hope for all your trials and congratulate you on an awesome job well done.

The Divine Councils of Light

There are:

Seven Planes of Existence

Seven Heavens Beyond

Seven Strains of Man

Seven Levels of Consciousness

Seven Root Races

Seven Solar Systems

These are the areas of learning and education that every individual on their spiritual path need to learn about in order to ascend the physical in this lifetime.

Bio: Athene Raefiel is a teacher of Mysticism and Enlightenment. She is honored to channel messages from the Divine Hierarchy to bring to the beings of light honoring their path.

She is a clairvoyant who helps people change their existing patterns and move to clearer levels of understanding and consciousness. She has meditational CD’s Available for guiding you on inner journeys to meet your Spirit Guides and Angels of Light.