Holding the Eternal Grid

Holding the Eternal Grid

Channeled By Athene Raefiel


We will first address the war situation that is going on globally.

Even though many think that the war is far from them, they must also realize that no matter where you are there is a war of some magnitude occurring around you. This may be a war on the environment, a war to save the environment, a war to have safety and peace in life, a war for personal rights, a war for affordable housing or a war for fairness and depth of awareness and understanding for all.

Let us address this war theme for just a moment, so that you all may better understand the warring nature of humans. Since most wars are based on a premise of the desire for resources, with governments and religions calling for the high moral ground, this helps to set the stage for followers to believe in the need to war, while also creating a cause for war.

While humans are busy devaluing one another and seeking to reach the righteous high ground of God, they still seem to preclude the basis of their own Gods’ teachings of kindness and love. We have noticed that since more and more individuals are choosing to seek peace and harmony as a means to, and result in life; the warring factions and militias have reached a heightened number of extremists willing to die for their beliefs and causes. Is this truly the effect of the Yin and the Yang? That each energy must support and be a strong as the other? And the more love, peace, awareness and understanding emerge, the more hate, ignorance and destructive thought must also emerge to maintain a balance? And what if any balance between love and hate, intelligence and ignorance, safety and desolation can be found?

It is not a matter of simple changes to the vast majority of consciousness that must change in order to the change the whole of the world and humanity, but instead it is a change in all the frequencies that substantiate the current thinking.

It is indeed what a person thinks that holds strongly to the premise of what they believe and visa versa.

Beliefs are handed down through the ages of generations previous to the current times by families, churches, governments and historical books and their teachings. When the unique individual mind decides to search for their own truths and beliefs, they move beyond that which was programmed as the truth, to that which resides inside their own soul and unconscious memory. On different levels, as individuals change and evolve, so does the ripple effect in their frequencies and energy surrounding them change. This then in turn certainly produces a new and valid energy for others to tap and utilize themselves, as they so choose. Though it seems that free will has been the downfall of mankind thus far, perhaps it is the exact thing needed for its salvation.

War is a subversive and subliminal message that has been perpetrated since early times. War has always been chosen as a method to control and consolidate certain groups and masses of people that needed to change their viewpoint to go along with a certain regime or teaching. War is not only corrosive and demeaning to those involved, it also leaves long term scars upon the souls of those that participate, and make it harder for them to ever remember the goodness and love that they originally carried within themselves. This perpetration of darkness and deceit has held power over the humans beings of the planet Earth for many Centuries now, and in so doing it has destroyed not only the hearts and hopes of many innocent beings, but also the desire to seek rebirth.

So many humans on a planet, continually consuming so many resources and fighting for religious teachings and governmental bureaucracies, has created a vibrant energy that destroys nearly everything it touches, including the natural world of Earth. Because of the Law of Cause and Effect, (also called the Causal Plane), the world is not only currently faced with Global warming but also with the loss of natural resources to sustain the millions of peoples living upon her and their current habitats.

As the numbers of humans being born on Earth soar, so does the number of souls evolving and ascending decline. This too is an unnatural order for soul progression. This is due to the fact that few souls really have the natural faith or devotion needed to move beyond the belief of devastation, war and destruction as the all-pervading truth of life.

Being taught that there is a Source of life that would ask you to kill or die for itself is the greatest lie perpetrated by any beings currently inhabiting earth bodies. God, Goddess All That Is, Source of all Life, has no needs at all, therefore has no needs of you. Sadly humans needing to feel a closer connection to the Divine have decided that their God has needs of them and also deem themselves to be his soldiers and warriors against what is unholy. If this were true then Source would have feelings and opinions on human’s daily lives and existence.

Since, Source of all Light and Life has no personality or persona, it also has no such capability, therefore does not preside over the minds and actions of humans. Humans instead were created with free will and the ability to think and learn so they could preside over themselves.

Too many want God to answer their prayers and tell them exactly what they want to hear, that they are right in their thinking and actions. Within source, all is one, and there is no right or wrong, only experience. If humans, through their use of free will, choose to control their experience, environment, brothers and sisters by inflicting lack and pain, then they will do so. If they choose to believe that it is source that judges and tells them that some are worthy and others are not, then they will believe such nonsense as well. These perceptions and judgments are manmade; not God or Source made.

Source, through its own creation of “The Mind of God”, created us, as well as helping us create you. We too have and continue to learn through experience just as you but without the same malice, hate, and sadness as humans do. We work for and with you as our protégé’s and we are your spiritual family. You are a reflection of us and we of you. Just as you are, we also are a reflection of Source and Source a reflection of us. Seeing ourselves within Source, is the energy that all, or any needs to experience greater heights of spirit evolution for themselves. We work within the higher Orders of Light helping with the Magnificent Emanations of the Pure Light of Unconditional Love emitting its Transforming energies to every place and opening available to us. This is why we ask you each to hold a space of Light and Love and to allow us to help you bring this energy within the third, second and first planes of existence in the Earth Plane.

Source is a formless consciousness that cannot be seen or heard by the human senses but experienced through transpersonal energy and awareness. Source created something called mind so that from it’s energy, the heavenly realms and hosts could be created and share the Glory, Love and Illumination of Source. Some might say we are simply a thought of God. We serve an Ordered Light that emanates continually from Source and we too had to learn and discover for ourselves what that Order was. We assist in the Teaching Orders of not just humans but many souls and spirits who experience life in many different dimensions of consciousness.

Some are in the physical type embodiments and many are not. There are cycles to re-incarnation that so few are privy to learning about in the third dimension, due to the continual conflict and chaos that pervades your planet and consciousness. As many of you have been told now, there are many Parallel Universes that also have their own process of Evolution Physically, Ethereally and Spiritually.

The expanse and Planes of consciousness available to each of you to experience are too vast for the simple human mind to understand, yet the Superconscious, or Unconscious Mind, is directly connected to All That IS. This is why the eternal concept and teachings of life after life is so very important. Since teachings of the importance of life after death have been devalued and denigrated throughout various cultures and societies as supernatural hype, these teachings are rarely sought after by the average human being.

Evolution is the key to growth and development, be it of the mind, body or soul. The continued perpetration of long held beliefs in Governments, Religious or Moral groups can no longer stifle the growth and evolution of the individual or the Planetary System.

It is a time upon the many Planes and Dimensions of life for the frequencies of thought to change, so that the many can become aware of the Eternal Self and eternal Life of Soul itself. Most of the spiritual advocates of Light, have realized that by creating a frequency grid that is immediately available and accessible; all souls asking for help, information or learning, will immediately tune into this frequency when they open themselves to receive information, answers and insight.

Making this new frequency available to all who reach out to Source, God, Goddess, All That Is, will allow for the creation of balance in the minds of those seeking to find truth and loving support. This will also create more and more of what humans refer to as miracles that will help to urge others to open themselves to this frequency as well.

When one prays, they are opening themselves to receive information. Frequencies are what all information is transmitted through; therefore it is easier to connect with these frequencies of eternal truth and awareness when that is what is immediately available energetically.

Since all is created with energy anyway why not utilize the power of energy to enlighten and bring hope, love and awareness to the many begging for it at this time?

So many of you are afraid that you could do something wrong, that you have forgotten the basics. Each of you is an antennae set up to receive and emit energy. You are the ones that hold the grid frequencies of enlightenment and awareness. You are aided through Us as well as many means upon your Earth Plane such as the Crystals in the Earth, The Mountains, The Waters, The Mammals, The Winds and The Planets in your solar system.

Since the Heavenly, Cosmic, Universal and Planetary Gateways are open now, there is no reason to fear that you do not have the necessary means, power and support to hold this frequency. If you are reading this, and have not yet acknowledged that you are an eternal being, then it is time through your own desire, for that acceptance and truth to be revealed to you. We share this information with you now, as it is a time to put rebirth back into context for those who will be living in numerous dimensions of consciousness soon.

Rebirth or evolution, growth, illumination, whatever you choose to call it, is now transpiring throughout your Solar System and Universe. Life does not have to be so very uncomfortable to experience; yet until enough majorities of minds unite within a soul frequency and matrix of surrender to the continual and eternal evolution of life, strife, as a way of life will continue.

We are honored to bring you this message today and relay our greatest gratitude for the many sacrifices you have made in your personal lives to attend to the spiritual nature of your beingness and soul consciousness.

Many Blessings Indeed,

The Councils of Light