Children of the Light, From the Divine Mother

Children of The Light

By Athene Raefiel

Channeling of “The Divine Mother”

I come to you today to soothe your sorrows and sadness of the events that are befalling each of you as well as your mother Earth.

I am the Divine Mother of all Life and have been known and called upon by many names. Some call me Sophia, some Quan Yin, others Mother Mary; some Binah and many refer to me as Tara and The Goddess.

I am she who was here before the Earth was formed and I am the energy that assists all Ascended Teachers and Angels of Light as they do their work with you in the multidimensional journey you call life. It is to me that they bring your prayers and wishes to lie them at my feet for the understanding and compassion necessary to assist you all. May you each always know that you can pray to me directly by simply acknowledging me to be “The Divine Mother of us all”.

I share here with you today that each and every one of you was born to be a child of love and light. You came from the ethers of love and shall someday return thereto. Your calling to return home has been strong of late as you feel the frequencies shifting into new dimensional tones of energy that bring back memories of a far away place that you feel is home.

Your souls have moved to new variances within the frequencies that have caused some disorientation as you begin to assimilate and adjust to them. This process is instilling fear in many and I wish to assuage those fears. So I am here to bring you the love and comfort you need to allow each of you to feel connected to not only your higher purpose in life but also your dreams and inspiration. It is through your dreams and inspiration that beauty and goodness is created. It is through each of you that the love I bring is dispersed among the many. Your life is not over but just beginning anew.

So much talk of the fifth dimensional frequency now being accessible to all upon the Earth. I say this frequency has always been available and only now are so many realizing they have the potential to use this energy to create new realities while discovering greater balance and love. Truly the changes that must be heralded are about the true recognition and advancement of love.

Loving oneself, as the Holy Spirit of life that they are, and represent, is all that is required to advance this one true awakening and cause. To love oneself you must be willing to transform, transmute and change energies as well as beliefs that deny this truth. Long has the program been in place for souls upon the Earth to believe themselves unworthy of this one birthright. That of self love and love of spirit. To love your neighbor, as yourself, is to be able to love yourself as you do the Divine Light that you are. Without the motion of this love within there can be no sharing of truth other than to espouse what the tales of that past extol as such.

Since part of your life journey is to educate yourself and experience what you learn, then the other part is to decipher from that learning what is real and what is fiction. Since only spirit is known as the true self, then indeed it is primary that you identify and claim your self to be that. For those who think they can do this they often discover many barriers, as the human rational mind is little more than a tool to decipher what is learned and explain it to the human. The human rationale does not have the ability to engage in nor exchange energies with the soul or spirit. Only the intuitive feminine energy within can do this.

Though we do hear your prayers at all times most of them are the same. What Direction do I go? What is my purpose? Why is life so unfair? How can I make enough money to survive? How do I keep my faith and trust with all the loss and sadness I must endure?

I say unto you my children that without the true faith in the emanation of light and love that you are and originated from, you cannot connect with or feel the help by the many spirit beings assisting you. You must look beyond your rationale for the answers to your prayers because, the love and light within you are not contained by the rationale. You must go deep within yourself to the well of spiritual light and memory to reconnect with your own divine light and awareness so we can commune with you daily and assist you in your endeavors to overcome the challenges that your current existence holds.

You are the creator of your own destiny but you must realize that “your destiny” must also merge and align itself to your soul and spirit destiny. The soul is your eternal record and sensory information to all that exists. The path you find yourself upon in any incarnation always revolves around the soul journey, not the other way around. Though you have mass and are solid in form, still what you experience as real, is merely a reflection of all that has gone before. You are a product of many incarnations over eons of time. You are the center of each and every Universe if only you can connect and make the recollection. Your life, your journey is always about re-remembering. All that you learn during any incarnation is stored in your soul memory and remains there for you to access as a self-history. Learning to use this great tool, you begin to realize that the standards by which you have judged your life are no longer applicable. You begin to uncover the truth and the lies that led you to believe and act the way you do.

Sweeping changes individually are needed so that grand change can occur. One enlightened soul among ten thousand unenlightened beings still shines brightly within such unawareness and is a catalyst for all others seeking truth.

Some of you will hear this today and say “Okay Divine Mother, I hear you, but how do I go about making this result in my own life?”

I say unto you; first you must submit to the truth and the fact that you are energy inhabiting form. That the energy bodies you contain in you auric field is there for you to learn from and advance yourself spiritually as well as of mind and body. You must be willing to change all and any beliefs that say otherwise and keep affirming that you and all other life is energy and that you need your soul to help you to resolve the dilemmas you hold within that oppose this truth. You must deny that the physical is the whole of who you are in any way and begin to put out vibrations, sound and color that resonate with more Universal and Divine frequencies. This you can do with musical sounds such as flutes, harps and nature sounds as well. You must continually pray that your spirit show itself to you and you must surrender daily to your soul and spirit path as your primary focus and truth. You must shut out the noise of the outside world and tap the silence of contemplation and intuition. You must learn the difference between emotion, thought and intuition and you must realize that all energy is always communicating telepathically with itself.

You must place new thoughts into your mind to reprogram how you think about yourself, love and spirit and life. You must do this continually so that you can change the way you think as well as change how you believe. You can realize that your emotions have determined for way too long what you believe as truth and therefore you must diligently face and change how you feel emotionally.

You shall read and study material that feeds your soul, spirit and mind with information regarding how you are energy and spirit and you will fill yourself with affirmations that you are a child of love and light daily.

When you find yourself in a situation where you feel hopeless or helpless you will stop and ask your spirit to guide you though the darkness and then you will let yourself follow intuitively and not try to rationalize, you will forgive yourself and all others from your past. This will become an art.

You will become the piece of art in progress in your life that is always growing changing and becoming, and you will allow yourself to find the teachers upon the earth plane to help you learn as you develop.

You will use your determination and stubbornness to assist you in your goals and your focus and you will not give up. You will learn to heal by going within and you will learn to meditate to experience new levels of awareness and consciousness.

You will no longer make excuses for why you cannot do these things and you will change your thinking about time and money ruling your life and schedules. You will change your belief that you as one person cannot do it alone and you will begin to do what you know you must in order to find freedom and happiness.

I come here today to share this information as an answer to your prayers. You cannot continue to pray for same things continually from spirit and myself if you refuse to let us help.

You are the miracle in life that we created and you were created to perform miracles. We cannot make miracles happen for you if you are not willing to connect to the origin of you own spirit as the agent of such.

My love is always available to everyone and is never is held back by me. So many simply need to realize that they can have it to use at any time. The steps I have shared with you here today can help you realize this and access as much of the love and guidance available to you upon your quest for true realization and enlightenment.

We in the higher realms of love do not judge nor care what kind of job you have, if you have fallen from grace, or even if you have broken some of the Universal laws. We are always ready to entertain an audience with you and help you overcome your own shortcomings. Being a human is a journey of trial and error and this is how you learn. We have no needs or expectations of you other than those you place upon yourself.

I do rarely give audience to those of you in form in this manner as few within your dimension have asked or are able to telepathically commune and interpret what I generate into words.

Your channel today specifically asked me to share my love with you as she believes you all need to re-connect with me, your true mother.

There is no greater love than that of a mother and mine is always there for you. As a special gift I will allow you each a dream or a vision of me in the near future so you may touch me personally.

Be blessed my children and remember that to be holy only means to be a better human.