Children of the Light, From the Brotherhood of Light

Blessed Children and Keepers of the Light (2008)

Channeled through Athene Raefiel

We come to you today to share our perception with you of the years ahead as you approach a new way of being and becoming. For many of you this particular incarnation is a compelling story of many levels and layers of life and consciousness itself. You have lived many lives in one life and yet you are still creating the new life you have believed in and desired to design. You are indeed mulit-faceted and have shown yourself first hand how amazing each of you are.
Since time only exists in the realms of time we will address what the next four years of earth time hold metaphysically. Energy is moving so quickly now in your dimensional planes of form that you often wonder if you are on a merry- go- round that continues to spin faster and faster. This energetic movement is due to the diligence of those that have held, anchored and utilized the light forces of pure loving energy to assist mother earth as well as evolution itself.

Unfortunately, as you can see, many beings upon your planet failed to heed the emergence of light and still hold strongly to the belief that they control the destiny of Planet Earth and her species. This unfortunate reality has taken a massive toll on the Planet as a whole as the money god gets a makeover.

2009 will be a year of truly noble souls signaling the world that the changes needed for the better can be met and brought about by unity in goodness and well being. Though the two biggest problems the world faces will be monetary and faith based truths, still there is always a light that emerges in the minds and hearts of those who truly seek to open and change for the better of all.The war for dominance of the souls of mankind is not yet over and though there are many who seek to know truth and justice for all, the is still a majority of power mongrels who seek to remain wealthy and in charge. 2009 will be the year that determines how this will play out. As we have said before, time is irrelevant to us but to you it is a whole of this incarnation, thereby needing your attention to detail in ways you have put aside because of survival needs.

The details are of course to seed the planet and her peoples with as much love and joy as you possibly can and to keep yourselves learning, growing, evolving and developing, physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally. So many of you are empaths and you find it hard to detach from the fear and sadness that pervade, yet it is imperative that you do so as you are the seeders of this lifetime. The Crystalline children are being born and you will see them coming into full memory of the capacity to develop at the young ripe ages of two to nine years of age. They have chosen to not drink from the fountain of forgetfulness and to become fully enlightened and empowered as quickly as possible this turn of the wheel. The Indigo children are still suffering and struggling to find their placement in a world of disturbance and disarray but this will all be changing over the next few years. It will be as if a miracle has occurred and suddenly they find themselves and their purpose in life leading them to fruition.

Interestingly the computer has allowed for the connection of so many like minded beings that the youngest of your kind will find new ways of developing their own gifts and knowledge so as to bring forth the ideas needed to create a new planet if necessary.Though you are always living in at least two dimensions consciously you will soon realize that you are living in many more with great frequency. Your desire will truly be to live in all the dimensions freely and unhindered by life around you, yet you will be compelled to continue to help others who are seeking and needing hope. Many of the Galactic Brothers are and will be returning in 2009 for the duration of the great transformation occurring now through 2020. Many of you will discover your heritage through your space families and you will also meet with an array of different etheric beings now sharing the same planes of existence as you.Life after death will become known as life between lives and much of what has been called mystique will become common knowledge. As you have heard before all beings are truly in tune with their intuitive nature, most just need to realize and develop it.

There will be a new transmigration of souls occurring over the next four years and you will discover that the experience known as walking in and walking out will become almost common. It is important to realize that such things happen to the masses when it is time for the mentality and purity of beingness to occur on a grand scale. The souls that will emerge during this great period along with the Crystalline children will indeed be older and wiser beings of great love and expression of compassion for the whole of life. They will not be known as avatars but will indeed be evolved within the greater scope of unconditional love and awareness than what has been the norm for many millenniums now. This is not the awakening; for the awakening has already occurred on many planes of existence; this is the result of the awakening and heralds a new era of enlightenment and love on planet earth.

Some say the new Earth has already emerged and this is what is being seeded right now. We see all life as a movement and music of symphony with many instruments put into play that bring about a variety of harmony and frequency that creates new and inspirational environments.

We could speak of the doom and gloom that pervades your planet currently but it not necessary for it is in currently only in the 3D and advertised everywhere there is media upon your planet.

Fear paralyzes light and truth. Fear is a tool of choice; a weapon if you like, used to manipulate the mass consciousness into believing there is no hope for salvation. The time for salvation is over and it is now the time for re-creation. As the shifts continue and the energy magnifies there are only so many magnetic powers that can be utilized to recreate a planet and species capable of living a life of freedom and love.

When the spirit is broken the human remains fragmented. This fragmentation takes over the life structure and soon chaos is in charge. This is what has been happening to humans for a very long period of your Earth time. Yes it is indeed a time of major integration upon your planet and the species called humans that shall not only survive but the lead the world to place of Grace and Love.

What is it that you seek and how shall it occur within all the turmoil that surrounds you daily? That is what we have just explained, if you do not understand what was said, go back and re-read and study our words and thoughts, for commune with you telepathically.

2009 through 2012 will herald major adjustments on a global scale. The teachings of one God versus another must go. There can only be one source of light and love, there can only be one God. This is the source of energy from whence all other energy emanates and flows. Until all realize this to be true there will be battles and wars over truth. Source of all light and life is what each of you are as energetic beings. When the body dies the energetic self moves on into a different dimensional frequency but does not die. Death only exists for a time not forever. Only life exists forever.

Fear is the only thing left that is holding the disease, ugliness, hatred and animosity in place. Fear is a natural aspect of each and every human but was designed to help not hinder in the progression of evolution and growth. Face your fears and they dissipate. Feed your fears and they dominate. You are in charge of how you participate with fear.

We are the Brotherhoods of Light that work in unity to assist all of our sisters and brethren within difficult and differing dimensions. Though we have been misinterpreted and misunderstood in the past we realize that the individual concept of truth is always developing and evolving, we would ask each of you to accept this realization as well. We know that each of you is working hard to attract within the laws of attraction and we would advise you to look at cause and effect as well as karma and cycles to gauge your success. Too often you leave important factors out when deciding how and if you have success.

Intelligence, wisdom, love and truth are developed and when cared for properly produce long-standing security. They are the garden each of you has been tending to and from which each of you shall reap a wonderful blissful crop of abundance and wealth.

The time ahead is indeed a time of newness and new metaphysical tools will be emerging as well as expansive awareness and information on the universal, cosmic and heavenly chakra systems. Numbers, dreams, tarot, clairvoyance, mysticism; all will be receiving an infusion of newness and energy in the next few years of your time and you will find the simplicity of spiritual development almost miraculously easy.

Take nothing for granted and realize that the lies that have been perpetuated of truth will begin to fall away not only from the eyes of the illuminated but also of those souls that have blinded by what has been perpetuated as truth so that they can be freed to see expansion of self and life as well.So many will chose to leave during the soon to come transmigration of souls that you may wonder what happened to people you thought you knew well or thought would never before change.

On a planetary scale you will see sides taken by countries that want access to whatever any other country has and this will cause a world division for about three more years. This standoff will finally end around 2012, when a world consensus will arrive and most all world-governing bodies will welcome the concession to work as allies.

Great changes will be occurring over the next four to ten years. Changes that should bring a reign of love and goodness rather than terror to the many peoples of your planet. Be grateful that you are such a majestic part of this great play that has been orchestrated by you light beings and those of us in spirit you have been with and worked with for the past many millenniums.

We send our love and goodness and offer our guidance always.

The Brotherhood and Councils of Light