Channeling of Archangel Raphael

Ask the Angels

Channeled through Athene Raefiel 2009

My dearest Raphael, I ask these questions on behalf of all who need your insight and love.

When President Barack Obama won the election in November 2008, I felt a major shift in consciousness happen, not just that day but all through the process of his inauguration. I know that when many minds and beings focus their energies together it can bring about such a shift but I also felt it created shelter for other shifts to occur that were hidden. I believe some of those shifts came from the realms of light and others from the realms of darkness. Could you please clarify this for me?

Beloved children of the light, I am Lord Raphael, Archangel of Transformation and Transition of souls from one dimension to another. I can be found within the Emerald Flame of Light as well as in the Emerald Tablets. I have been a friend and companion to those of you in the third, fourth and fifth dimension for hundreds of thousands of years and am often mistaken for either Lord Gabriel or Lord Michael. Though I use our very formal names today it is so you will always understand where we preside in the heavenly life that surrounds you. The title Lord simply represents an arena or dominion over which one is a steward. My arena of work, shall we say, has to do with the souls of humans and others of the third, fourth and fifth dimensional consciousness. Domain does not represent ownership as it does on earth but areas of consciousness to which we as factions of the Light are assigned to assist, guide and guard, according to the light or Emanation of the “One True Light”. As we are all emanations of the “one”, we are all stewards of the “True Light” and as human life you are stewards of your domain or Earth Planet.

Within the Earth’s planet of consciousness reside two different polarities of energetic and magnetic frequencies. Often referred to as the light and dark forces. The magnetic forces are what maintain the Earth’s placement in the hemisphere of light and dark about which we shall speak today. Since both energies, positive and negative as well as light and dark are contained within and emanated from “The One True Light” It is simply the knowledge and usage of such energies that make them good or bad. This being said, humankind as the creators of reality has so chosen to emanate the reality of evil as a way to control the minds and hearts of others.

This may have been done consciously and with malicious intent or it may also have included innocence and naivete, which are divine qualities and therefore protected by the Grace of the Everlasting Light of One.

You see the transition of souls from one dimension to another is relatively easy for humankind, as all it requires is conscious choice. This does not mean that they will attend to their designated stewardships but that they often are brainwashed and taught many non- loving half-truths that they believe to be reality. Through such energy of belief they created chaos, hatred, anger and a desire to be “all that is”. They mock their own true essence of life and put themselves above the Law of Grace, or so they think.

They wish for conformity, control, power and structure all based upon a dictatorship of one or a few who hold others hostage through these ploys. If they can convince others that this way of being and thinking will bring them security and stability then they have their armies and mind warriors devise ways to destroy other human beings who disagree with this structure.

Remember the story of the fight between the Angels of Heaven and how some angels were dissatisfied simply having a stewardship that was assigned them? What if indeed it were not actually angels that were fighting but a few diverse consciousness’ that wished to experience other dimensional frequencies that required a “Fall From Grace” into the lower frequencies of form and need. Choosing themselves to the “all” they played the roles of being teachers and knowers of wisdom who became dictators and leaders of half-truths that led followers to believe in religions. Each religion claiming to know the one true will of God, rather than “The One True Light” or Emanation from which all has come.

Teaching such half- truths has caused the dissension of your species and many others to decline within the third, fourth and fifth plane of consciousness due to the insecurities that each has genetically carried through thousands of lifetimes trying to survive their elements and environments.

Now we enter the time that has been heralded to end the rule of such power and remove the veil from all eyes wishing to remember and understand what their roles as stewards are about. Yes, this is indeed the time of the war between the light and dark forces, prophesied long ago. This is a war for the salvation of the soul.

For in what literature and in what households has the purpose and usage of the soul been taught and discussed? Where are the lessons on Transcendence and Ascension through each layer and step of evolution and when and where has it been explained to the individual throughout life that they are the same as The Eternal Essence from whence they emanated?

Soul was created as a vehicle for Divine Evolution as well as a record keeper for each person to utilize and to re-remember and teach themselves, about themselves, as the evolutionary process of energy and consciousness that they are.

The energies that have reaped the most hatred and benefit from the pain and suffering of Earth species, are using every skill and tool they currently have to hold onto the world power structure, the greatest tools being money and fear. They know that when a human is put to the test as to whether he save his soul or his survival of self and family, that inevitably survival will overtake consciousness and need for food and shelter will become primary. This brings humankind back to its animal nature of protecting its young and its cave.

Your new sitting and Governing President has brought a Light of Hope and Cooperation to a world fueled by tension, torture and hatred. He is a beacon of light that chose to shine brightly, even in the face of the darkest hour one could choose such a position in life. He does not believe in failure only mistakes and he also does not give up, these qualities make him a target for many that wish to see him fail. So many of you are holding an energy of light with him and discovering that the forces that have controlled the world are stronger and more powerful that you knew. Before his inauguration the power mongrels were hidden but now have come out in full force and are pillaging a raping your world’s economy and hope.

Many days you each feel as if you are alone and abandoned by your own true beliefs that have sustained you for years. The very same laws upon which you have manifested and created abundance for self now being espoused by those who simply wish to create wealth for themselves. Fear is everywhere but in your heart. You must at this time realize that each of you is the heart of “The One True Light” the never fails. What is occurring in the storm surrounding you must take place for true change to take precedence. You are each a child of the Light and therefore you are challenging some of your greatest genetic memories ever. Though this is trying and painful it is a cleansing that you have waited and worked for through many, many incarnations.

Remember always that the truth shall set you free no matter how ugly or brutal it may appear to be.

Stand in your truth, stand in your power and remember this is but one rung of the ladder you have been climbing for a very long time. Though you have encountered a storm it is simply for the renewal and re-birthing of so many who want to remember how to return home and find love and understanding.