Channeling of Archangel Michael

Channeling of Archangel Michael Through Athene Raefiel, Question to Archangel Michael(2009).

It seems that the intensity of energies has truly heightened over the past several years and that for those of us in body it is straining our physical care and flow of abundance in ways we did not expect. Can you please tell us why this is the case.

Lord Michael:

Dearest ones, as you each know this lifetime was to be but a transitional one at best for all. So many of you have been with us assisting the planet and one another incarnation after incarnation since the fall of man. Though I use this term, “fall of man” to describe a time when those in human form were separated from their own Divine Self and Memory of Source, you should also realize that there were many reasons that this occurred. The main one being, that since the Earth herself had been colonized by many galactic races during the time of Atlantis, not all beings wished to participate in the loving plan of the Divine Light of Source.

Since all races needed to co-habitate and find, through the use of their own will, what their destiny was to be about, The Divine Emissaries of Source found it best to allow those in human form to choose what they wanted and needed as a lasting reality. Reincarnation as well as soul was developed by the higher Realms thereby allowing for multiple incarnations into the human experience where each unique individual could determine for themselves what is true and what is not.

So often you have heard it said that all you see in form is illusion, only that which is formless is real. Yet the illusions humans create reflect the dysfunction that they themselves as a collective have either chosen or allowed. The Earth and the Planetary Systems, the Heavenly Star Systems, Colors, Energies and Sound are all a refection of Divine Light. The distortion of such beauty comes from the hands, minds and hearts of Human Beings and their counterparts.

Soul is the matrix through which all life ultimately passes as it experiences its journey of exploration and evolution. We too explore and move through the Matrix of Soul, simply in different dimensional frequencies than most of you. In actuality it is fair to say that all life is now contained within soul, though not necessarily within its matrix.

As the energies have accelerated not only have more and more beings come to an awareness that they are Divine Light but so have many beings come to a reality that they hate the Divine Light. This is of course known as the Yin and the Yang of life in form. Planet Earth’s Nature is all about destruction and renewal, death and rebirth. The cycles that you as individuals, and a collective, have been going through simply reflect all that you have created over the past twenty years and are now seeing in form. This is the manifestation of a variety of things put into play by a variety of peoples, their consciousness, fears and actions. It only appears to be happening more quickly now as you have access to media in the form of the World Wide Web and can see that so much is manifesting all at once.

What you are seeing is a storm that has been brewing off of the horizon for many years now and has finally made landfall. How you find your balance within this storm will determine the outcome for yourselves personally as well as collectively.

I do not say this lightly, as I know that it has been foretold of the parallel universe and planetary system, and those of like and heightened consciousness moving into such a reality of dimensional frequency by the year 2012. This is but a short time ahead and you will be tested hard by the forces of life and others that surround you as this time approaches.

Because so many of you have walked this path for so long; you will battle within yourselves whether or not to believe that all the work you have done to elevate yourself in consciousness and manifestation really means anything. Especially if all the work you have done to support yourselves and your families financially appears to be falling apart. To you I would say simplify to return to the days when trust and inner security brought you through the hardest of times in your past. Do not feel that you have failed yourself or anyone else and know that we will continue to help you re-build the nest to care for yourself and young.

Daily Affirmations:

I Know and Trust that all will be well

I Know and Trust In the Universal Principles of Life

I Know and Trust in the Divine Light of Goodness Within me

I Know and Trust in the Guidance of Divine Light of Love

Question to Archangel Michael:

Many people have recently been asking why they cannot see, hear of feel spirit in as clear manner as they desire even though they have gone to Spiritual Classes, Workshops and Conferences for years.

Archangel Michael:

Dearest Athene,

Before you even understood what you were doing you began studying and disciplining yourself to Meditate and work with your Chakra Centers. You clearly made learning everything you could about spirit your main focus in life. Those were very hard times for you, yet you taught others how to Visualize, Travel into the Astral, Do Invocations and Decrees all as you were battling the forces of darkness in your life. Such dedication to unseen power and truth were definitely an amazing feat for someone who had gone through the many horrors life that you had.

A person must truly be dedicated to wanting to discover who they themselves are as soul and spirit as well as confronting all that lies within them. There is truly more in Heaven and Earth than one can ever imagine, therefore using the imagination to find beauty and love within oneself is a truly amazing journey.

Love is still what must be discovered within as well as without to understand Source and its Light. For indeed Source is Love and each spirit an emanation thereof. Love is Truth, Truth is Beauty, Beauty awe and hope and so on. There is a big difference between believing in Truth, Experiencing Truth and becoming Truth.

For many people trusting what they cannot see, hear, feel or touch with their outer senses seems impossible. No matter how hard they try; they remain trapped by the rational mind, its beliefs and the five outer senses.

To go within and discover how to fly and let go of the rational mind is an art that takes time and practice. It naturally helps to have good teachers helping you attain new and better tools to progress as well. Experiencing even ones own spirit requires that the rational mind either be still or moved beyond. This is a discipline few chose to conquer as it can take many years to do so. Some gifts are easier to imagine than they are to acquire. Self-discipline is required for one to overcome their own rational mind and move into interdimensional frequencies or altered states of consciousness.

Of course self-hypnosis is an excellent tool to practice with as are Guided Meditations and Chakra Alignments. Sound and Color are also very useful as they vibrate with the subtle bodies.

Invocations and prayers can help tremendously to create the perfect energies where spirit can feel and dwell with you in love. When you invite spirit in, it is practical and wise to produce a complimentary energy for them to subsist in with you. Anchoring Light will help you to produce such a state.
Many Blessings of goodness and Light,

Archangel Michael


Anchoring the Light Heavenly Father, Divine Mother, I call you forth and ask that you anchor your light in and around me, so what is needed for my highest and best good take place.
I call to the power of light that I am.

I call to the Angels and spirit teachers of light.

I call to my spirit essence.

I call to the, I am that I am.

I call to all those of light that assist, guide, guard and protect me in my journey of life and ask that they align their energies within me.

I ask that the Light surround me with its love, strength and empowerment and assist me daily.

I am that I am, I am that I am, I am that I am. Aum, Aum, Aum.

I am, I am, I am, A child of love and light.

I am, I am, I am, special in my own right.

I am, I am, I am, the power of love and light.

Holy mighty teachers of love and light, bring your energy, bring your light, Fill my heart with your wisdom and might, strengthen my energy and help me understand and assimilate my own light. I am, I am, I am, The power of love and light.

I am, I am, I am , A wonder of spirits light.

I am, I am, I am, Created of Love and Light.