Brotherhood of Light Channeling

The Brotherhoods of Light

Channeled by: Athene Raefiel, (2005)

As we speak to you enmass today, we first wish to congratulate you all on the major work you have been doing within yourselves to release the old baggage. With the massive energy shifts the Lightworkers have brought in for the Ascension of the Earth since 1986, many of you have found life to be unbearable a great deal of the time. We the brotherhoods of Light, honor and respect the position you all are within, in a world where you and your gifts are rarely seen and appreciated. It is your great talents that will restore the soul of Earth and the beings upon her to their benevolent places in the heavens through the transcension and ascension processes.

We know of the struggles you endure and the sacrifices you have made to follow your soul path, and we assure you it will not be for naught. So many of you have been pleading with your guides and teachers to assist you financially in your walk of life. We will say to you that the whole structure of moneys and exchange have been in the hands of the few worldwide who see it as their duty to rule the world in a manner they too believe is best. Because of the delusions that religions and governments have established, so many believe that theirs is the way and that there is only one right way. This will soon change, as those of light and power are beginning to move into places of greater and greater influence. You all will feel somewhat of a crunch financially for a few months to come but nothing like it has been for the past.

Let us speak now of fourth and fifth dimensional reality. Although some of you have surpassed these realities, there are many others of you currently working within them. Fourth dimension represents unconditional and pure love, while fifth is cause and effect, also known as creation. First, Second and third, deal with survival in an environment of form. Since you are all in human bodies then you must deal with the rules of form you call survival. Survival is difficult for you because the world governmental structure has deemed that workers have jobs and attain moneys based on their education and strengths as judged by a standard that sensitives do not adhere well to. Sensitives are able to sense and feel all the energies surrounding them and can identify what is safe or unsafe to their well being. Sensitives often learn differently than others. They are often project-based learners and also learn experiencially. There is no structure set up in the first, second, or third dimension of form that supports such beings.

The world structure often labels sensitives as being mentally and emotionally unstable, rather than acknowledging their gifts, love and premonitions as valuable. Basically beings of form are afraid of what they themselves do not understand and so find a hole to hide it in. Similar to wild animals they will fight to protect that which they believe belongs to them and that which they believe to be truth.

Light beings understand that you can own nothing tangible and that they may use whatever they wish to live comfortably. Due to these differing thought and belief process, lightworkers and sensitives find it difficult to get money. As a being becomes enlightened to the fact that they are more than blood and body they discover that they are also mind soul and spirit. This awakening for those such as yourselves sheds light on your life and situation that aligns you to listen to your inner voice and heart rather than the conditioning of those around you. This is what opens you up to your fourth dimensional awareness. Now in the heart of things you begin to resist what you have taught was truth and search for yourself. You realize that you had shut your own heart down long ago due to the grief, struggles and pain you have been exposed to your entire life. You enter a new dimension of thought and feeling, often withdrawing from the outside world to begin exploring the inner self. Suddenly meditation becomes an important aspect of your life and you realize that the patterns you have learned and accepted as self no longer serve you. You begin to shed the past by forgiving and letting go of unwanted beliefs and patterns. You begin to heal into the love. At this juncture there is a wonderful feeling that pervades you, as you understand that what you saw, felt and believed your entire life, was real and right to begin with. This is juncture the earth and mass consciousness of mankind has entered into recently.

Fourth dimension is very powerful because it connects the spiritual dimensions to the dimensions of form. This is where faith, hope and trust are restored. Although many of you have reached this juncture you will find it a continual process of clearing out your conditioning and hearts to stay in the unconditional loving heart. This juncture is also where you do your service for the love of the universe and self. Once you have moved from the fourth to the fifth you will find that you can create through thought and release of thought. When you are able to dwell in these different dimensional frequencies you are able to use them consciously and for your own intent. Too often the emotion of guilt holds our lightworkers back. They feel selfish when asking and creating for self. They feel that from their learning of unconditional love in the fourth dimension that they were designed to work only to help others. Once again this remnant of your conditioning must go. You are always helping others if you have found your unconditional loving self, now take care of yourself. Since you as lightworkers are creating the new realities that the structure will hinge upon when you have gone, think carefully about what should and could be a better way for a monetary structure to work. Be aware of your thoughts and definitely be aware that all that you say and do shall be recorded into your own book of life. You, yourself will hear and see it all again when you return to the other side.

We believe that individuals should be able to use their natural abilities and talents to work for them and have a comfortable life. We believe that all beings have talents and abilities that can be developed and utilized for the good of the whole. We believe that although the earth’s peoples have come from many different star colonies, that with soul and spirit, a connection can be made. We believe that there is much more going on within all the dimensional awareness presently than even we know about.

Like parents we have given birth and life to many things within creation, yet you like children are unique and gods yourselves. As we continue to look at fifth dimensional awareness, we can tell you that fifth is where you will find us to communicate and work with easily. Imagine everyone reaching this state of awareness and you will be doing your assigned work.

What of the lizard people, drones and clones you may ask? Do we imagine this for them as well? We will tell you this. Soul was created as a means of spiritual attainment for the worlds of form. It was created for all worlds of form, not just your planet. Therefore access to soul can be obtained by any and all that choose. Soul in and of itself is not a means to spiritual attainment. Soul can used, it can be divided and it can contain many things within it not of light. Therefore following ones souls path means that they may encounter many things along the way that they disagree with and feel threatened by. For this reason we speak with you about the unconditional love that can be found within the soul which can guide and protect you on your journey.

There are many seemingly soulless beings around you at all times. Ghoul and goblin like as well as the lizards. These beings have such fractured souls that they indeed cannot be trusted to be of light. They choose to fracture and destroy soul as a means of transformation and ascension. They will of course fail. They neither have the resources or the power to do so, yet they continually antagonize humankind to show that there is no Divine Light in existence. They try to destroy hope and faith in the All, and wish to destroy all teachings that lead to true enlightenment, as well as the lightworkers themselves. This has gone on for centuries of your time. The Light is getting stronger and they are weakening. When the reality of fourth dimensional consciousness pervades the planet and the masses, their reign will end. The more of you that reach fifth dimensional awareness and use your creative abilities to create new realities the less power they will hold.

Fourth and fifth dimensional consciousness puts you above the primal part of soul and into the Light, love and awareness of your divinity. This allows you to reconnect and remember how you are spirit. This experience does not necessarily make you holy, but it does indeed change your perspective on who you are and how you will live your life. If you find that you cannot overcome yourself and change what you do not like, then you will continue that work until complete. Completeness will be found in stages, so don’t beat yourself up each time you discover you have more work upon self to do.

We will now address the sixth and seventh dimensional consciousness. Many of you were born with the ability to see into other dimensional fields of energy. This occurs in the sixth dimension. When you have developed this sense perception you will be able to vision as well. Many think that seeing into different dimensions is having vision and that we can agree with to a point. True visioning is when a person is able to call upon their inner sense to see the vision and is open to receiving and interpreting the visions, that are part of their learning and teaching.

Visioning at this state of spiritual awareness is different from just being psychic. Everyone is born with psychic abilities and these begin in the second dimension of the emotional body. Once developed into the sixth dimension there are no longer fears of the future. The awareness and understanding that all is in Divine Order and so are you, is the completion. Once one has attained sixth dimensional awareness, these beings no longer struggle with the outside world to be fed or clothed, they have reached a pinnacle in their development where they simply know something is and it is. They are no longer opposed to living an earthly life and begin enjoying the moment, living it fully. They do not fear the process of change and letting go as they have discovered it is the way. They fully understand themselves as they are and accept their shortcomings with grace and dignity. They love all beings and all life but only associate with it on their terms. They are extremely compassionate and sob for the pain of others regularly. They do not pity but understand and assist through allowing and moving vast amounts of energy.

At this stage in ones development, these individuals are often even misunderstood by their peers because they trust so fully in their truth and have moved beyond judgment. Judgment and guilt are the biggest issues lightworkers are still working with.

Those that have reached the sixth dimensional phase of their development and are continually integrating with the others, live their life in various trance states and fail to comprehend why everyone doesn’t want to live that way. They have transcended their human nature to the point of being aware of themselves as the Divine Light that they are. They have found inner security and peace within and are aware that they deserve to live the Light and be fulfilled in the world of form. This is called bringing Heaven on Earth. These are our Teachers and Avatars in the Earth plane.

Now having integrated the fifth dimension of manifestation, they understand that money is not manna from heaven and that money is ruled by the elective governments and religions that hold the greatest sway. They understand that honesty, honor and integrity are not a way of life for most, and they use their newfound awareness to help teach and heal the rifts within the Earth herself. Even though, we have for the purposes of this teaching, divided these dimensions to be seen as individual from one another, they are not. What makes them individual, is a person’s conscious awareness and participation within them. A person’s perception is their reality, and if one does not perceive unconditional love, the power to create and have vision of dimensional consciousness, then these things do not consciously exist for them. Does this mean they are not exposed to them? It means they have either chosen to stay in ignorance of them, of they have not yet chosen the opportunity to become aware. Those in ignorance are participating unknowingly within their own ability to create, and usually create chaos. They do so because they have learned to believe in chaos and know no other way. This is why the Lightworkers are so very, very, important. Once a light is shed in a dark room everything can be seen for the first time. Once individuals have seen that the love the dwells within is the salvation they were searching for, they will be much less chaotic and begin to find harmony and balance much more appealing.

Now to the seventh level of dimensional consciousness. Here lies the seat of God consciousness. Here one has discovered that they no longer need a body of form at all. They discover the answers to all their whys in life. They discover their God nature without their physical nature as an interruption. They choose at this juncture whether or not to be embodied. They commune and work with the collective whole of the Brotherhoods of Light at all times. When a being has reached and understands themselves at this level of consciousness there is total bliss. Rarely does one choose to stay embodied, and instead moves to the next dimensional portals that await. Some known as Ascended Masters do remain embodied and assist as teachers upon whatever plane of existence they may be within, or another. Even embodied they may still work to attain even greater levels of consciousness through their journey of light. Some return to their angelic state while still others return to different dimensions to be with their own families of light. All become part of a Brotherhood of Light that helps guide creation in some manner.

Once reached, the seventh level of consciousness no longer needs us to describe it, for it is understood and lived without the need of conscious thought. You are all Lightworkers. You are the vessels being used to bring forth the Light of Goodness and Love upon your planet. We cannot pay you in dollars for the work that you do, but we can assist you in paying yourselves.

We are a Hierarchy of love and knowledge that has but one purpose and that is to serve the greater whole of Love. We know that the material hierarchies of government and religions are not currently based on this system but are working towards it. The more loving sensitives that are allowed to remember their true selves the sooner this will take effect.

Even though many of you have reached great feats and levels of awareness in your consciousness you still have the same mission. Until unconditional love is lived and promoted as a way of life, there will not be true understanding and acceptance among the mass consciousness.

Comments by Athene Raefiel:
I would like to ad that as you become aware and develop at these different stages of awareness, enlightenment, and consciousness that a vast array of hidden gifts within begin emerging. You discover that you and everything else is energy and that you move energy through you. Many decide to develop their healing and counseling abilities as well as their psychic abilities. Others use their new found awareness and abilities to enhance their already chosen professions in life, while still others find profound callings they never before thought about.

Awareness is not like learning with the left brain. Awareness is learning with the whole self and the whole of the brain. There can be no true awareness without sensitivity. We become aware by developing our sense perception. We must use our sense perception and common sense to survive in the world that surrounds our current existence.

These two things are what we need to balance within ourselves, in order to live life in a fulfilled manner. Miracles and magic happen everyday. You are a miracle, therefore can create miracles. What appears to be a miracle for some is just common sense to another. We must study the world around us just as we study our inner world if we are to use its resources for our survival. Knowledge is sacred and valuable.