Brotherhood of Light Channeling (2007)


through: Athene Raefiel

We come together as the brotherhood of light to bring our wonderful lightworkers a message of great importance. As each of you has felt from the experience of the past few years there has been great acceleration in your evolutionary growth. The expansion of consciousness that each of you have experienced has been due to the influx of energy that you as a collective have produced for the Planet her Species and One Another. Anchoring and holding the Loving Light of Source has been no small feat in the massive decay others would have you believe is reality.

Survival has still been a struggle for a great many of you as well those in less fortunate places of your Earth Realm. Yet you have made the time to Pray, Anchor light, do Sacred Ceremonies and hold a positive platform of prosperity, light and love for others and the Universe. You are currently being rewarded for those selfless actions. We also wish to share our appreciation for all the learning of loving self that has also been engaged in during this cycle. To love self unconditionally is key to loving others and source.

These new and expanded energies of awareness, love and perception are going to spread like wildfire to regions and places within your planets’ realm as well as that of other star systems. Since all things are ultimately connected, what you see and perceive is the only individual reality there can be. But perception is belief, and when people can change their beliefs they also change their perceptions. This only happens when there is enough of one energy to offset another. This is what the new balance will produce that was brought in October and November of 2006.

Since more and more of you are recognizing yourselves to be soul and spirit beings there is less and less friction stopping us from directly communicating with you. So unrealistic has your daily life and world become that more and more are moving to the realms of meditation and the occult to seek for answers and guidance. This improves our ability to help many that are seeking to reawaken and rekindle the light of life that dwells within them.

You, the teachers and the students, inspire us to greater heights with your strength and perseverance; we know it not easy to live the lessons of the third dimensional reality. You bring inspiration to others as well, with your smile, kindness and aura’s of loving light. Just as you feel we have given you our love, so now you are giving to yourself as well as others.

Many of you have begun to open up to your soul consciousness and remember who you were in other incarnations. Many of you are leaving behind the old beliefs that you live and die in the physical plane only once. Many of you are remembering incarnations of when you were spirit and consciousness but no physical body. Many of the teachers are becoming so telepathic that it almost scares them. This is how we communicate with the souls and beings of your earth plane. It is through telepathy.

Can you imagine a world where everyone could communicate with everyone else simply using telepathy? That is the world that we live within. For human beings it is a fearful place to be because they fear someone will know their secrets. But here, where we dwell, there is no need for secrets. Secrets are a personal space and even telepaths’ have no need to discover what may be sacred and hallowed to another.

What are people afraid of? It is simply being seen for who they are. Yet discovering who you are is the greatest and most expansive gift you can give to yourself. Still we see that too many human beings choose to hide behind their religious beliefs and sublimated past. It is unfair in a way that so many awakened beings are burdened by the likes of others that may never really see the true light of life within that they are. But that is an individual choice and not for either you or us to judge.

Though a new balance had been struck within the eternal symbol of the Yin and the Yang there are many beings inhabiting your Earth that come from a variety of star systems. Everyone does not belong to the same soul group and many are little more than drones currently. There was a time when certain star beings created reflections of themselves, but much like a shell with simply a computer to guide itself, these reflections are creations that do not have the ability yet to contain soul, as you know it. All things created have the ability to develop soul, if they have not yet been introduced to such, they are lax to pursue such a venture. Some call themselves atheists others are simply acting out whatever programs they were designed and created to use. If this seems unbelievable simply go outdoors and walk around with the masses of individuals you find in your shopping malls or sports events. In America and other countries sports fans worship sports as you worship soul and light.

Though the ancient teachings advocate that all have the ability to evolve spiritually, it is well known that personal choice is how that occurs. If one finds no reality of such a thing within them then they will not do so. This may seem wrong or sad to those that do, but indeed there is more in heaven and earth than many will ever understand.

Spend your time connecting with others of like mind and awareness. Know that all who need your help and attention will be drawn to you through your resonation of energy. You are energy just as we are. If someone does not believe in energy then they are not aware of themselves as soul.

We are soul energy, you are soul energy, and the Divine Light of life is Soul energy and more. Though many of you have reached heights you never even imagined possible, we are here today to tell you there is still ever so much more expansion and awareness to attain. Now that the Scales have tipped you will find Divine Attainment so much more readily available. It will be as if you just keep getting bumped up the ladder.

The more evolved and adept you become the more old beliefs and stigmatism’s you will need to realize so you can accept the new initiations and energies now available. As you walk between worlds and offer your enlightenment to others you will find you develop your gifts of perception in new and awesome ways.

Many of you will have visions while others will learn to interpret the intuitive information they are attuned to. Much clearer channels of information are being made available as we speak. It is a great time to be a soul being on the Earth Plane. You should each pay attention to your bodies, as it is imperative that you raise the physical, emotional and mental bodies to receive and adapt to the new and incoming vibrations on a daily basis.

You can do this be speaking with your body, feeding it the proper foods, giving it the proper rest and acknowledging its needs to stay strong and alert. With so many powerful energies moving into your plane of existence over this year of 2007, you could be easily become overwhelmed if you do not take the time to heed this advice. Meditate and commune with spirit daily. Do not make excuses for not doing so. We can only help you with your new alignments when you are in the proper space of energy for us to do so.

Quit praying for others and ask us for the strength and wisdom you need to face the individual challenges that you face and also have us present when you are helping others. Do not have false piety. We do not need to be adored. Instead we wish to be acknowledged as we acknowledge you.

Call upon the twelve power points of light, the twelve power points of the earth the twelve power points of the universe. Call upon your chakra centers and wheels of vortex energy that assist one another in your dimensional frequencies and open yourself to your higher self daily. Remember you are the spirit that we are communing with. Your spirit is always clear, loving and smart. You live in a world filled with pitfalls and others who despise you for being aware and happy. Be aware of who you are and trust others to be who they are, not who you are. Trust can be a double-edged sword. Many believe that we teach you to trust unconditionally and this is true, but you can only act on unconditional trust when the other is open and also willing to give back.

You did not come into this life to be martyrs and always servants of the light. You came to find your true and authentic selves as the spirit essence that you are and then to show by example how that operates. Doing this is how you bring heaven on earth, not by subjecting yourselves to the hardships of others and taking them on as your own. Remember where you came from, who you are, and where you are going. Remember that you will not all be going to the same places, anymore than all of you coming from the same places.

True there is but one source of Divine Light that resonates for all of you but that does not mean it is appropriate for you decide it is the same for everyone. This is not about religion but about spirit and its journey of light. What humankind has created humankind will abide by. What you create through the Divine Light of life within that you are, is the reality you now need to live. There is no time like the present to be present in your truth. Honor the light within that you are and you are automatically honoring all other life. This is the only current task you have.

We do not let ourselves be used as doormats and we would appreciate it if you would do the same. Being christ-like is to stand in your power and develop and learn the Divine truth that you remember as your own personal design. Neither God, the light or us asks you to go to war or die for your beliefs. Those times have passed away now and much more pristine and pure energy of light and love replaces the old sublimations. Be passionate about what you believe but be more passionate about the truth of light within that you wear and live everyday.

You may visualize yourself erasing all the fears and patterns that have held you back in the past. To shed old beliefs and realities to make room for new ones. We believe in you, so we now we ask you to believe in yourselves. The time is now, and you each chose this lifetime because you knew it could be so. What you have awaited has finally come to fruition. Time to move beyond the illusions and doubts that you have held onto for so many incarnations past. It is time to be free and remember.

We are many is the different realms of existence and consciousness do not be afraid to call upon any and all of us. There is the angelic realm, The Ascended Masters, The Councils of Light, The Galactic Councils and Brotherhoods, The Gods and Goddesses and Devas and Principalities of Light. We all are here to assist and aid you in your journey of light.

We send you are most heartfelt blessings of love and joy. Be abundant and live your spirit truth in your physical body.

We bid thee Depart,

The Brotherhood of Light

I am, I am, I am a child of Love and Light
I am, I am, I am, special in my own right
I am, I am, I am, kept in God’s own sight.
Mighty beings of light and love hear my prayer
Bring your energy wisdom and love and assist me here.
Higher self dear connect me daily with my soul and spirit guides
Hold me in your aura of light and connect my head and heart to yours.
I am, I am, I am, a child of Love and Light,
I am, I am, I am, protected by the Light
I am, I am, I am, connected within all cycles of light.