Ascended Master Djwhal Khul Channeling

Message from The Ascended Master Djwhal Khul

through: Athene Raefiel, (2005)

Greetings to all my friends and companions who are currently enjoying the physical experience of themselves as lightworkers during this awesome period of change upon planet Earth. Though the changes have been numerous and life-altering, change always helps the movement to higher planes of consciousness. So many of you have been in tremendous upheaval within yourselves and working hard to find a balance that brings any moments of peace to your current situations.

What you are experiencing and sensing is a momentous challenge to all that inhabit physical bodies at this time. With the massive amount of Solar Flare activity currently present, along with Global temperature change, polarity changes and unpredictable natural forces all peoples base of structure and stability is changing. Even the warring factors of your planet are beginning to wonder why they are killing one another.

The mind of humans is an unpredictable tool that is often misused and misunderstood by the many.

There has to be massive change to raise consciousness currently and though beings of light would have preferred it to be inner, rather than outer change, the mass consciousness could be mobilized in no other way.

Some of you have been asking us if there is truly a Hierarchy of Light Beings at all. Many of you have been feeling abandoned by the Divine Light of goodness and love that we all cherish. Others of you know that you have completed your original contracts with the oversoul and wish to know what your mission or quest should now be about. Due to the chaotic energetic changes taking place clarity and foresight are slow in taking form.

I suggest you get into the present moment and learn to let go of needs and attachments that take you off course. I suggest you do a sacred ceremony and relate to the divine and yourself, by acknowledging just what you are sure you have completed, and what you are still wanting to accomplish on a personal as well as Divine level.

For the more enlightened beings this process is old hat, yet still becomes a most valuable asset in their anchoring of light and connection to spirit. Anchoring light on a daily basis is what lightworkers do. This is the service we request of all who believe and trust the goodness and love are to become a way of life in your dimension of thinking and being.

Anchoring light on a daily basis is simple. One simply needs to call to the energies of light and Love, to the Higher self and Spirit essence of The Divine Light as well as invoke the energies and help of the Ascended ones of Light, The Councils of Light and the Angels of Light. One needs to remember the wellspring of love and peace that resides within them, then use it to release the current torments they believe to be so invasive. Often lightworkers honor the four elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water, of which all things upon your plane of existence are made and exist within. To acknowledge that, You are Earth, You are Air, You are Fire, You are Water, is to acknowledge that you are connected to all other life. It is to acknowledge that you know yourself to be physical, emotional, spirit and thought. It is to acknowledge that you are the creator.

Realizing your own individual part as a creator is mandatory to your soul and spirit purpose this incarnation. Taking on this role and exposing all the parts of self that deny this truth is a massive undertaking. Your physical left brain and logic always seem to be at war with your Divine mind and Divine truth. Your need to survive sends you all into a tunnel of despair that only you can control and understand through your daily exercises and spiritual disciplines.

There can only be balance and harmony within the individual. One individual or ten cannot by themselves emanate enough balance and harmony for the vibration to take hold on a grand scale. You are the emanations needed to bring balance to the many now in great sorrow and sadness upon your planet. Though we have told you this many times before, it seems that still it is the few who hold and anchor the light on a daily basis. It is still the few who regard their soul and spirit destiny as primary in their immediate present situations. And though we greatly honor and love those that do, they need followers and helpers to get the job done.

Spiritual evolution should not be taken for granted in your plane of existence. Spiritual evolution for humans is wrought with many tasks of perseverance and overcoming. Your survival experiences of many past lives have taught you the need to be safe, warm and comfortable as a person. Survival has been turned into the tool by which humankind is destroying itself. Divine Light and Love has not done this, but is done by those among you who have chosen to use survival as a tool to control and manipulate the mass consciousness. When a human being is hungry, or in pain, it is due to the lack of resources surrounding them in their environment. Planet Earth has plenty of resources for all humankind to be fulfilled. Yet there are a chosen few that control the vast amount of wealth and resources needed by most humans. This is what the creation of the current financial system has created. Wealth is based on finance not spiritual evolution.

So many of you are seeking to find a balance between the two and asking us is this really a possibility when such control of greed and power exist? We say unto you, just as there is evolution so is there de-evolution. To concern oneself with the whole of physical existence is currently beyond your reach; to concern yourself with individual spiritual evolution is within your reach.

You yourselves have found yourselves moving backwards instead of forward. Things you have promised yourself you would never think of nor do again you find yourselves doing at times. To evolve simply to de-evolve seems like a wheel that simply continues to turn with no hope or purpose of moving ahead.

Yes it is important to eat, clothe, and shelter oneself and family, yet it is equally important to evolve spiritually. Though the current energies and those of this entire year of 2005 have been greatly challenging to your inner core belief systems, remember always that it is the greatest challenges that bring the greatest breakthroughs in consciousness.

You are each a multifaceted individual with the potential to explore all dimensions of existence and divine beauty to behold. Using the tools that your brothers and sisters of light have discovered and teach you are necessary for the deep states of consciousness you wish to reach as well as the reprogramming of self you currently need.

Those who have worked with transcendence, transformation, transition and transmigration are among you always. Many have already ascended the need for a physical body but stay the course simply to assist those seeking and searching for spiritual evolution. For them the hope is to see the day when spiritual evolution is the balancing factor that brings common sense to the foreground in world communication, compromise, and working compassion.

Let intelligence not be underrated by any. Intelligence is the key force in the Universe as it is in the Divine and in the Earth plane as well. All life has the potential to expand its intelligence through its evolutionary trials and experiences. Intelligence is based in learning and growing. One can only learn and grow if one chooses to discover what they do not know. Too often humans quit growing and learning. Too often they settle for what is comfortable and choose to de-evolve. They grow weary of the challenges that life and evolution hold and give up.

Spiritual evolution is unending. There is always more and more intelligence to explore and more awareness to assimilate. There is always untold joy and mysteries to discover and Metaphysics to guide you. It is time to research the ancient teachings if Plato, Hermes, and Theosophy. These teachings have brought many to their spiritual heights and future direction in life.

Seek and you shall find, tell your soul and spirit daily that you are listening and opening to them. Create a permanent relationship with them and know that your soul is your record keeper and your spirit your true self. Continue your daily journey in knowingness that the illusion surrounding you are created and devised to keep the many in ignorance of the spirit and their own evolution. Know that religion is not necessarily spirituality and may indeed not even teach of the individual spirit.

Pray that you will find the answers you need within the depths of your own inner and true spirit self and align yourself to the truth that nothing or no one outside of you can know the truth for you. Seek always the inner truth of the Divine Light that you yourself carry and transcend your need to fear everything you have no control of. Love is the key factor in your evolution both spiritual and physical. Love is the energy needed most by your planet, yourselves, and others on the planet. Discover what love is both conditional and unconditional and become the being of love you once were. Make love the mainstay of life and learn to set boundaries to protect that love.

We are the Love of the Oversoul and I am the Master Djwhal Khul.

Bio. Athene Raefiel is a Teacher of Mysticism and Enlightenment. She is a Clairvoyant, a Visionary, an Author and Transformative Healer. She is honored to be a messenger of Light for The Councils of Light, Ascended Masters, and Archangels.