2011 Kuthumi on Cause and Effect

Lord Kuthumi on Cause and Effect

By: Athene raefiel

Each of you is made up of many different levels of energetic light and vibrations. In order to understand and participate within all levels of self and consciousness you must allow yourself to be free of physical thought
If you do not control it, physical thought will dictate who you are and how you see yourself and others. The rational mind is a great asset to all humans when it is used for the right purposes instead of allowing it to use you. To move beyond the rational mind you must be willing to trust that you are not the rational mind. This requires letting go of the need to be in control and allowing yourself to intuit what you are experiencing.

Do you let your mind tell you how you feel? Do you let your emotions determine how you think? To do this is merely being human, yet to observe how you operate in many places at once is beyond the scope of both the mind and the emotions. To move beyond the experience of simple humanness and experience the allness of everything is exhilarating. In this way you expand your awareness and consciousness to take in the breadth and depth of the entire Universe, Cosmos and Divine.

Essence cannot be seen only experienced. Essence and energy are what all things are made up of. When one sits in the essence of energy, they have moved from the world of form to the world of formlessness. This is now moving from the Astral Plane to the Causal and Celestial.

Much has been spoken of and shared with you about the “New Earth” and the fifth Dimensional awareness. Fifth dimension is the Causal Plane; this is where true cause and effect take place as well as an understanding of the term karma. The Causal Plane is the Plane of manifestation. Until you have understood and balanced the awareness of your heart centered service you will not enter the Causal plane. It is a natural progression and one that is recorded and documented throughout the Akashi planes.

The natural progression of conscious human beings is to move through and develop their consciousness though all levels of their Chakra Centers; by doing so they expand their beingness to take in all that surrounds them. This opens them to their empathic nature as well as their spiritual and compassionate nature. It allows you to be naturally who you are.

Contemplation, prayers, invocations and meditation are the disciplines necessary to attain full awareness of self as being God within. Accomplishing this allows you to see into all levels of consciousness and learn to interpret what is being spoken of through the Wind, the Fire, the Water and the Earth as well as through the ages and dimensions of all life. This communing allows you to understand why you are here and what life means on various levels.

This particular span of Earth time is the end of a 25,000 year cycle. Every 25,000 years a new cycle begins as the Earth shifts to achieve a new level of connection and understanding of the Cosmos herself. This is the amount of time that a full revolution takes place in Earth years.

Now as you each stand on this particular precipice of timing you discover it ever easier to tune into the frequencies of the Higher Realms of Consciousness as well as the Physical and Astral. Because all things of form are born from Chaos, what you see around you is a major labor of the Earth as she births into the next state of being.

Many of you have either heard of or seen the Parallel Universe’ as they have come into play this revolution. The so called “New Earth” is simply another dimension of the Earth we call home now. Yes to subscribe to the notion that you will experience the “New Earth” as your home soon is definitely an option that will be discovered by some but not all. Just as when one dies they go to a new dimension to continue their journey so it is with the older souls this lifetime who have created the “New Earth” as a better place to live.

Within the Parallel Universe the “New Earth” has been created and developed during this past 25,000 year cycle. Those who participated in this creation did so through conscious effort and conscious awareness over the course of many lifetimes. The journey of awareness is not an overnight process but can take eons of time.

This particular 20th and 21st century have brought great acceleration of awareness and consciousness to a much greater number and scale, than any other cycles have since before the time of Mu and Atlantis. Your heritage is to remember where you originated from and where you are going. So many teachings help you to remember that the many lifetimes, be they in body or spirit, are recorded in the collective unconscious and accessible to all that find the path of Enlightenment. It is in your origin that you find your destiny.

Though it is true that all paths lead to the “One” it is also true that the Law of Karma must be understood for true expansion into the unseen realms. What is the Law of Karma and what does it mean to the layman of today? The Law of Karma is the Divine law from which all other laws were developed. Karma is the Causal Plane and the Law of Cause and Effect. Until Karma is experienced, lived and understood, one cannot ascend to greater attainment. Much of what your planet and its peoples are currently experiencing is this Law of Karma. Your scientific community calls this a natural law and states that every material effect must have an adequate cause that existed before the effect.

Cause and effect are now often referred to in Metaphysics as manifestation. To manifest anything there needs to be a cause and effect. All things surrounding you in life and the world were manifested. Just as you each manifest your own reality, so do all others. As these realities merge they too have cause and effect and the cycle just simply continues.

Realities are created out of beliefs. What you believe is what is real for you. To change your beliefs’ is to change your reality. When a segment or unit of peoples come together and espouse the same belief’s this creates a powerful energy that then manifests itself in some form. This is often done in Governments and Religions. This energy affects the consciousness of all others holding those same beliefs as truth. Living those truths is how one discovers the underlying principle upon which those particular truths are based. This in turn leads the masses to believe that their truth is the only relevant truth. This in turn causes war and chaos to ensue and the cycle continues.

When a group or single individual decides to break ranks and discover their own inner truth based on the teachings of unseen worlds, it creates a rift in the flow of the others. This rift often becomes an earthquake that can create a tsunami causing a variety of reactions that puts a new chain of events into play. This is how cycles within cycles evolve.

To see the bigger picture you must be able to overcome your need to be in charge. The bigger picture allows you to understand yourself in a manner of being the whole. This in turn allows you to see and participate within the whole with some clarity and awareness. This creates awe and inspiration for new projects and growth spurts. This is how an idea is formed and then put into play. To activate the idea requires trust of the unknown and courage. This is also known as growth.

There are energies upon energies, truths upon truths, vibrations upon vibrations surrounding and interplaying with you daily. To think otherwise is to be unaware. Life is the dance of these myriads of moving energies and vibrations. How you choose to do the dance of life is how you discover yourself and your purpose. You are the sum total of what you believe, if you don’t like what you believe as truth then change it. Be the rift in the flow that needs to create a new way of thinking and being.