2010 Channeling of Lord Sananda

Lord Sanada 2010

Blessings Beautiful Beings of Light and Love,

This past decade has been challenging not just for the humankind but also for Nature, Her Plants, Minerals, Animals and the Entire Ecosystem of the Earth. Though for humans the challenges have been about health, wealth and the well being of those they love, Earth’s Challenges have been about the continuing shifting of the Poles and the wobble of the Blue planet upon her Axis. The acceleration of these processes has also had a great effect upon the Root Chakra of Humans, continually finding themselves to be very uncomfortable in their surroundings.

Emotions are the ruling faction that accelerates the devastation, disease, sadness and influence of conflicting thoughts. Stability and peace are hard to establish emotionally for as the Earth changes its energy so does the individual energy of each life involved change.

It is a time that so many of you must simply move through the movements of life and try to find the robot within yourself to maintain the necessary elements of work, money and family. Indeed it also a time of learning to live moment to moment and taking each moment as it comes, living it fully and with grace.

In such challenging energies it is often hard to find the individual time and energy necessary to meditate and contemplate the meaning of the higher self and the new order of flow that has taken hold. You have all been warned to not let the fear guide you as you learn to go deeper within your consciousness and connect with the powerful light and love that resides in each and every one of you.

We as your friends, family and Guides ask that you include us in your daily life, no matter how briefly. Stating something as simply as: “I call to and acknowledge the power of light within myself and honor the Divine light within,” twice a day will help you to feel the inner strength and love that we hold for you and with you.

This has been a time of deep memory for all of you and the past is definitely the key to the present and the future. Study not just your life memories but also the history of humankind and find the answers to what radical changes you yourself and others need to make. Do not underestimate knowledge and always have reverence for true awareness and understanding, as these things will bring the clarity and peace you seek.

So many pray but too few spend time honoring the truth and light that keeps the world alive. Earth, Air Fire and Water are the elements that make up all things in your planes and dimensions of life. You and every other living thing on Earth are made up of and contain these four elements. To express often that “I am Earth, I am Air, I am Fire and I Am Water,” brings forth energies of acknowledgment that helps you stay in touch with what these four elements mean and how you can assist them in the current transition of the Blue Planet Earth.

Losing faith in the truth is not an option. Becoming angry at the source of all life will not change anything, as the source of all life has no needs, wants desires or agendas. Source is beyond human comprehension because humankind cannot realize having no needs, wants or agendas. We want God (Source) to step in and bring the intervention necessary to make the world divine and loving. Being born and created to have the same abilities as source, it is you that must step in and change the world and its thinking and behaviors.

For those of you who believe in the angels we ask that you call upon Lord Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel. For those of you who believe in the Ascended. Masters we ask that you call upon St. Germaine, Jesus the Christ, Lord Sananda, Mother Mary, Lord Astar and any others you know of. For those who believe in the Greek and Egyptian Gods and Goddess’ we ask that call Lady Athene, Lady Cybelle, Father Zeus and Poseidon and whomever else you choose; Lady Isis, Lord Ra, Lord Thoth, Nemesis and Tahuti and Lord Ra.

For those who believe that they go directly to source and do not need the aid of the Sources “Symphony of Angels” and Other Great Light Beings; we suggest you call upon the Councils of Light to receive your insight and awareness as the Council will interpret the information needed directly to and through your Higher and Soul self..

And for those of you who do not know what you believe in we suggest you begin learning to believe in your own Higher Self and “True Essence of Source” that makes you eternal. (Soul) Also learning and seeking out Native American Teachings as well as those of all types of Indian Nations will be quite revealing on many levels of self.

It is the Eternal Essence of life through which each of you will find purpose and your calling. For what purpose could there possibly be in life if there is no conception of the whole of eternity? To base your life on the traditional basics of life is important, as it teaches you to work and obtain what is necessary to care productively for yourself and families. Yet your family is so much more of an extension when you truly connect to your own Eternal knowingness.

Yes at this time many and even most of you are facing the most troublesome and conflicting times you ever have. Material possessions are becoming a burden, as is the daily routine of paying the bills. Change is upon all of you and for many of you it is health and caring for the whole self.

You have studied and been taught that you possess the power to heal yourself as well as manifest all the money you need or want. Discovering the frequencies by which you attain such things without giving up your integrity and beliefs is a challenge.

What you believe becomes your reality on some level or plane of existence even if you do not bring it forward this particular lifetime. What you create and believe will be experienced at some time in your eternal life. Know as you create that you most certainly wish to experience your creations even if it several lifetimes ahead. Be careful not to create a need to continue your cycle of human life if indeed you wish to transcend and move to other non-human incarnations.

You each are truly a powerful source of energy, conserve when needed and share what helps the greater good of Source.

Blessings and Love,

Lord Sananda and Friends