2005 Predictions


Written and Channeled by: Athene Raefiel, (2004)

Dear Lightworkers as we move towards the great cycle of 2012 we have much work to do together. We the Galactic Brotherhoods and Councils of Light will find more and more of you wishing to be spokespersons for us. We commend your desires to do so.

In addition, we’ll be wanting the messages we bring to be distributed in every area and arena possible. This next eight years will bring unprecedented changes in the personal lives of those on their path as well world politics and compassion based organizations. Because there is no way to turn back time many species of plant and animal will continue to become extinct just as the Glaciers will continue to melt raising not only shoreline waters but global temperatures as well. These things will be apparent. What will not be apparent is the underlying change that is affecting the consciousness of mother earth and her beings.

Indeed there has been an unseen battle being played out upon your planet, in the third and fourth dimensional frequencies for eons of time. This next eight-year period has been prophesied to be the completion of that battle.

The battle began between those who wished to serve the Divine Mandate of light as their process of evolution and ascension and those who wished to control the energies of life to use for their own purposes of control and greed. This is the age-old battle between the dark and the light. What you do not know is that Earth and her inhabitants was where this battleground was chosen, much like a coliseum, to finish the war.

The period ahead is primary for each and every soul upon your planet, including that of plant, animal, and mineral. Since both the light and dark are primary energies needed to balance the whole, the key to resolution of this war is balance. Actually the light and dark are not against one another at all but the forces that use them are.

The darkness is the ignorance and innocence that pervades your planet, the light is the awareness of these things adding Divine consciousness to the equation.

In the times upcoming, it is mandatory that you help as many beings possible to find their own awareness and God Consciousness. The times ahead will be tumultuous with great upheavals as the energies of light and dark clash in ways not seen since the times of Atlantis. Truly it is not the energy of light and dark that are warring, but the workers of light and dark who control and use them. You will be tested by the trying times ahead, and you will find that the more you surrender to the truth and light of God within that you are, the easier the experiences in your life will flow.

Lightworkers will find the challenges to be more about those around them than with themselves. Lightworkers will often feel helpless to help their loved ones who have chosen to not grow and stay stuck in the so-called norm of life.

The Indigo children will be finding their true and spiritual identities during this next eight year span and will be rising up, populating and unifying a new type of revolution.

Countries such as India, Africa, and China will suffer the most devastation with health problems, food shortages, natural disasters, and overpopulation.

The warring third world countries will regain their own individual sovereign powers during 2005 and 2006, and will not be healed or turned around, to see democracy flourish until the year 2020.

As commodities are in large demand and short resource for most industrialized nations, food, gas, and natural resources will continue to soar. More and more eating disorders will surface due to past incarnation cellular memories, and insanity will spread like plague. Your very foundation on truth will be questioned by you many times, as you watch the manifestation of the creators in this past century, and the legacy they have left to surface.

Now as bad as all this looks and sounds there will be another reality that will be surfacing during this era as well. This will be the era of love and co-operation that will begin its implantation after the changes of 2012.

Since there are many different beings from many different planetary systems currently, sharing the Earth Plane it is only natural that some new ones will be entering as others will be going home. We are sure all of you are aware of the reptilian races and their allies that have taken power over human minds in the past.

In the coming years their spells and powers will become diminished, as the new energies being ushered in by the Ashtar Command, The Delta Command, their allies, and the Councils of Light work together.

The greatest detriment to the current population of entities upon your planet Mother Earth has been, the lack of awareness of energy and its operation. Since humans believe themselves to be solid mass, as they do everything else surrounding them, they open themselves to receive the disturbing energies used by the opposing forces to brainwash them. They are sublimated daily into thinking and believing that the Universe has rationale.

During the next ten-year cycle, it will once again become apparent to the beings upon the earth that they are capable of creating miracles through the use of the energy that they themselves produce. They will discover that by uniting energy, they can change the momentum and direction that life takes. They will discover how to heal and change all things through the use and awareness of energy, and how to use that power to change the evolution of not just the beings of your planet but the planet itself.

This is not a new discovery for those of you who have had, and been using this awareness, but it will be a discovery for the mass consciousness of your planet. The veil of forgetfulness will be lifted and all those who had forgotten themselves to be souls will remember about themselves as energy.

Time will change, and will no longer serve to imprison, but to gauge instead the changes necessary to assist the whole of life. Humans will discover their true heritage, and understand the eternal self has had many incarnations, in many worlds, even the heavenly ones. This form of transition will begin to align the energies of light and dark, bringing them into balance. Although you will not see the full effects of this till 2020 you must take heart in the fact that it was you, the harbringers that manifested it.

Looking to the realties of the outside world as your own will only bring you disappointment and disillusionment. Seeking to hold the vision of balance and harmony will adjust the scales.

Although politics speaks of freedom and democracy, these things can only truly exist when understood and experienced by the masses. One must have attained such leaning and experience within the self before they can share and live such a reality.

The rights to be and become are each individual birthright. This birthright has been stifled and imprisoned over time, leading the masses to believe that they have no such power or right. This condition must and shall be changed before the quest you signed up for can be completed.

It is time for the Country known as The United States to change its policies and workings with other countries. It is time for all countries and peoples to work together to stop starvation and disease. It is time for humans to realize that all upon the earth is borrowed for the time they visit there, nothing can be owned. It is time for people to become empowered and understand that they are worthy to be loved, and worthy to love.

It is time for humankind to realize that they are gods, and to allow their spirit to re-enter their life. Although change takes time; there will always be those who are against sharing the wealth, still you will see a great change take place in the monetary systems of the world in 2005 and 2006.

More people with Billions of Dollars will seek to help to change the world with their hope and compassion for all.

As for the natural disasters, they will continue as long as the disaster known as the energy of humans, plant and animal exists. When the group known as humans finds balance within the energies then shall earth, plant and animal find theirs.

To all of you who have chosen to remember your awareness of soul and spirit, we salute you and your efforts over the past few centuries. Indeed you have brought to fruition what could only have been dreamed of a few years ago.

Be of Light, All will be Well.
The Councils of Light

Athene Raefiel is a Teacher of Mysticism and Enlightenment. She is honored to be a messenger for the Archangels, Mikael, Raphael, Gabriel, and Uriel as well as the Ascended Masters, St Germain, Lord Maitreya, Morya El,Lord Kuthumi and most recently Master Teacher Djwhal Kuhl. She works with the Councils of Light as well as the Galactic Brotherhoods.