Activating Your Energy Bodies

Activating Your Energy Bodies

By Athene Raefiel
I call to the Holy Power of Light Within that I am.
I call to the Ascension Flame of the Holiest and Highest intent.

I call to the Archangels and their Legions of Light.

Mighty Golden Archangel Gabriel bring your legions and surround our planet now with your effluvia of great love and intention

Mighty Protector Archangel Michael bring your legions of the angels of the flaming swords and surround our planet now

Mighty Beloved Archangel Raphael of the Emerald Flame Surround our loving lightworkers and children of the Divine with your healing and transformational energies

Mighty Archangel Uriel of the Flaming Hair who sits at the right hand of God, bring your understanding light and awareness to assist the movement of balance of the earth’s energies and her peoples.

Divine Ascended Masters and Oversoul, know now that I choose to assist the planet and her lightworkers in their quest to feed the starving, house the homeless and heal the addicted.

I do so by blending my Inner Light with the Inner Light of all other beings and formations containing such Light, and choose to transmute all Universal Energies to serve the Highest Divine cause of the moment.

I ask at this moment that all my energetic bodies be activated and awakened and re-aligned to the purest energy sources available and that I be connected to the Twelve power Points of Earth as well as The Crystal Gridlines

I ask that the synaptic nerve endings be reconnected in my brain that allow the unconscious, subconscious and conscious mind to work as one

I ask that the synaptic nerve endings that govern the Kundalini in my being, be re-aligned to accept the changes needed to activate and re-structure all of my Chakra Centers to vibrate with my Spirit Essence and the Spirit Essence of The Divine Light Within

And I ask to reverse all degenerate processes within my body and mind to regeneration of nerves, cells, and atoms.

I choose to complete and follow my soul and spirit path.

Beloved I am, Beloved I Am Beloved I am