Intuition, Centering and Spirits
by Athene Raefiel

Learning to know what is intuition, what is emotion, what is mind, what is soul, what is spirit, and how to discern between these things is as important as speaking directly with Spirit Guides and Angels. If we do not learn to redefine within ourselves what is real and what is imaginary, this all becomes very confusing.

Intuition is sensing things from an inner perspective as well as just “knowing it”. Learning to develop our intuition is powerful as Spirit Guides and Angels are energy beings and we can learn to communicate with them through the awareness of self as energy, through our intuition.

As we begin to listen to the “small voice within”, our intuition, we discover that it not like listening to the emotional body at all. Intuition can guide us daily when we allow it to, but its development is a progression that is honed after much practice.

Intuition is all about the mind and soul, emotions are all about the body.

The emotional body handles so much in our life that it often tends to take over. When we develop our intuition we must be aware that the emotions and intuition need to find balance with one another.

Many people believe that it is through the Antankarana, the bridge between the higher and lower bodies of consciousness, which we learn to communicate with spirit beings. The Antankarana is simply another word for intuition and both are the links of vibrating consciousness-substance uniting the various dimensions of awareness.

As we learn to pay attention to our inner senses and to discover how we and nature are one, we realize that as energy, there is no end to the exploration of consciousness and the etheric worlds of beings.

Of course there are also many tools that are available to help us along our path of discovery and the greatest one I have found is learning to go within while shutting the mundane everyday world out. Through the process of listening to the silence within ourselves we begin to realize that time stands still, and what we thought was time, does not really exist on the inner planes of reality the same as it does in 3D.

When we realize that all things can be known and experienced at the same time we realize that separation only exists in the human rationale. When we are within the center of our beingness we are also in the center of the Universe and all other life. I call this centering.

Centering is being able to find that peaceful place within self that allows you to tune everything outside out and takes you into a vast expanse of consciousness where everything dwells simultaneously. When you are able to center yourself you find yourself reaching new heights in awareness, intuition and understanding of self. When you have a greater understanding of self, you also have a greater understanding of other life and their forms as well.

When we talk about spirit guides and angels, we as humans often have a need for them to have form. We want to be able to see and hear them just as we do another human being. It is human nature, to be able to experience all things through the five outer senses. Spirit communicates with us in many different ways. Often we will experience them while we are centering and through the experience of osmosis we will receive information we may not even know we have. Since their communication can be all energy we may also have to learn to interpret what we are feeling while in communication with them. Spirit sometimes shows us visions, (or pictures) memories and or symbols. Some call these signs from spirit while others intuit what they feel and interpret it into words. Since is actually a part of us it can be difficult to hear and understand what spirit is helping us with because we want there to be a distinct difference between us and them. We want them to be above us, holier that we are, and also often on a pedestal of sorts.

When we actually meet with spirit we discover that they too are simply here to assist us in our journey of awakening to our own soul and spirit self, as well as assisting us with our growth and development. They are not here with us to heal our life or change our direction or challenges that we will face. This is often the greatest disappointment that lightworkers face when they learn to commune within spirit.

As spirit beings, having a physical experience, we learn that we are not in charge of anything but our own perception of things. If our perception of spirit has been that they are here to save us from ourselves then we must change and re-align our perception to allow them to assist us with our spiritual growth and development and stop needing them to be more human like.

Spirit does not come to us with a treasure chest of gold to heal our money woes nor can they tell us what is the right job to take or where to live. Though they speak with us and guide us, theirs is a spiritual experience and that is what they are helping us with. The greatest gift they bring us is that of their light and love. So unconditional and expansive are these things, that they bring life changing transformations to those willing to accept and utilize them. As we learn to live in the loving energy of light that we are, so does our outward life reflect this. This is how we attain the changes we want for ourselves through and with spirit.

Many of us have merged with spirit this incarnation; this allows us to be in communion with spirit at all times. This does not mean that spirit is continually speaking to us or through us. What it means is that we have discovered how we are spirit and that has allowed us to live within spirit. Spirit is always communing within itself.

Now I would like to clarify some things about spirits.

There are different levels of the astral world where many spirits dwell. What I call the lower astral is where we find what are commonly called demons and also where the dead often visit us to communicate with their loved ones. Sometimes those who have died become stuck in the lower astral and unable to cross in the higher part of astral known as the light. In order to bypass the lower astral and go to the upper astral and the light one must be able to confront their own inner demons also seen as ones fears.

Fear is a powerful energy in the lower astral as so many humans spend so much time in fear that they continually feed that energy helping it become more powerful. Since the astral plane is the easiest for us to access and use as humans, we must learn to master where we spend our time within it.

Those who see ghosts and demons, do so in the lower astral world. Those who see angels and spirit guides of light, do so in the upper light of the astral. Some of the Akashic records can be found in the astral as well as the many visions that people receive good or bad. Most people probably believe that the astral world is heaven and hell. Many who have had out of body experiences actually go into the astral plane. When a person dies and someone says they saw the soul leave the body, what they actually saw was the astral body leave. The soul is the sum total of all dimensions of consciousness attainable individually as well as collectively and the astral is simply one world of consciousness with many different levels.

So if you are wishing to commune with angels and spirit guides of light it is advised to anchor light daily. This is a simple process and can be done by simply using the same exercises and mantras regularly. You can use these prayers and exercises as many times a day as you wish. After all, if you are inviting spirit to come and be with you it is best to produce a familiar energy in which they can dwell. Anchoring light produces this energy and also helps you to keep your energy strong, clear and loving as well help your own environment.

You may use whatever you find soothing to you; I will share with you a combination prayer and invocation that I have used for years.

Heavenly Father, Divine mother, I call you forth and ask that anchor your light in and around me, so that I may discover and experience what I need for my highest and best good.

I call to the power of light that I am.

I call to the Angels of Light.

I call to my teachers and spirit guides of light.

I call to my spirit essence.

I call to the I am that I am.

I call to all those that assist, guide, guard and protect and ask that they align their energies within me. I ask that they surround me with their love, their strength, their wisdom and empowerment and assist me daily.

I call to all the energies of light and love that I am.

I am that I am, I am that I am, I am that I am.

Sit quietly now with your eyes closed and absorb this light and love within yourself. Use it to center daily.

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