Sorry for being MIA for the past few days. We had an unexpected 22 month old baby staying with us,what a blast! To watch them play, laugh and communicate in their own ways.

We danced, we sang, we read books, we changed diapers. We laughed, we played and even watched shows together. Boy am I tired, I’m just a grandma.

2005 Vision of the World Future

By: Athene Raefiel, (2005)

All people will be taught from a young age to respect all life and themselves. They will learn that all life and each individual is special. People will be encouraged to discover and develop their own natural abilities and talents as well as integrating these into the whole of their life.
A new educational system will be set up both for children and adults. Young children will be advanced learners. At early stages in life they will be taught to speak in different languages, they will be taught ecology, science, psychology and emotional understanding. Project and experientially based teaching will be the most prominent medium for teachers. Children will be taught that are productive and useful to themselves, their community and world around them.

Adolescents when reaching the age of puberty will begin being productive in the community by working and learning through apprenticeship and cooperation. The population will belong to one another and none will be left outside. Adolescents will learn to plant and grow as well as care for the land and the animals. They will work together as teams but there will be no competitions to win. Each will learn to test themselves and understand their limitations and abilities. At approximately age 17 or 18, adolescents will return to the classroom for what is desired as their further learning and more advanced education. By this time this individual will be seeking unknown knowledge and awareness in specific areas. The family and individuals will make decisions as to what areas of studies will be taken to promote the well-being of the future community we call “The World”.

Technology and industry will be used to advance the resources of the planet and to do away with waste. All technologies will be shared and used to advance the planet and its peoples as a whole.

Adults will attend meeting and classes to learn to teach and educate themselves, their families and others. Emotions will be addressed as an intricate part of society and daily life. Sensitivity to energy will be commonplace and explored to the greatest levels achievable.

People will become harmonious and free to think and share without the need to hide. Shame, guilt, suffering and sadness will be addressed in a manner that allows those feelings to move through and not hinder the joy of the moment. Money will be used as a world exchange for sharing and helping not profiting. Hunger will no longer exist, as all will find ready supply waiting along with work, education, support and encouragement.

Personal life will not be based on ownership but on the well-being of community. Sharing, communication, gratitude and understanding will be the true values of societies.

Humankind will not only learn to live in harmony with the surrounding environment but how to help preserve and protect it.

There will be no need for jails or criminals as prevention, education, and compassionate understanding along with plenty of resources, will prevent such things. Prevention, behavioral programs of knowledge and awareness will replace the justice system.

Prejudice will no longer exist. We will base our awareness and understanding of others on a system of unconditional love that allows differing viewpoints to be positive tools in reaching common goals and alliances.

Status will be based on integrity, honesty, compassion and caring as well as knowledge as intelligence.

All peoples will be born with the same ability and means for food and housing. There will be no hunger or homelessness.

The Earth will be seen and known to home to all that live upon her, therefore technology and science will continually be used to keep the environment healthy and balanced.

Medicine will return more to the natural sciences of herbs and prevention. All foods grown and eaten will be organic. Surgeons will find new methods of healing the interior body parts and peoples will learn to regenerate their own bodies, staying detoxed and feeding, body, mind, soul and spirit in balance.

There will be no wars. Instead there will be respect for all life in all of its forms.

There will be one world language- that of compassion and cooperation. Rather than the current government systems there will be community councils who will share and integrate with other community councils for the betterment and well being of the peoples and planet as a whole.

Religion will become spirituality; the natural awareness of life itself with its great mysteries will be an individual journey learned through ones life experience and connection to the spirit they find in life. Dogma and doctrine will cease to exist as an end all, be all, and will become a historical study. Education will be ever ongoing in all people’s lives that wish to make it so. Possibilities will be limitless.

Self-control will become a way of life.

There will be no need for people to isolate and insulate themselves out of fear and pain, as all will know that they are safe and secure in their environment and self.

The tides of planet Earth will change and the harmony produced by humankind will change the harmony of Mother Earth to balance and contentment.

Humans will realize that we are actually all alike, as much as we are all different, and that those likeness’ and differences are what make us individual. Individuality will no longer inflict fear or bias.

Rather than being amazed by others we will become inspired by them and amazed at ourselves.

There will be a common respect for all life in all its forms.

I call this my Vision of the World in the Future yet it is very much my everyday reality. I call this Heaven on Earth, not because it sounds so Shangri La but because I know it to be true. My vision is one held by many, for us this shall come to fruition and manifestation. What is your vision?

Bio: Athene Raefiel is a Writer, a Spiritual Teacher, Telepath, Visionary and Clairvoyant.
She works individually as well as with groups of people of all walks of life. She has several Meditation CD’s that she has produced as well a self-help book called, “Getting to The Heart: A journey of Soul Transformation and Spiritual Enlightenment”. She is honored to work with the Archangels and Councils of Light to promote well being in the world.


Love and Light

We have been under tremendous pressure to make our money work for us. Though they say the economy is good I believe that is not happening for the lower middle class nor the poor.

The daily cost of living is very high and no matter what there are always added bills that are unexpected. It is hard to center pray and meditate under such circumstances for many.

Kindness and understanding are not simply words but also actions. Hope must be real and not simply a commodity. No matter what the planetary energies we must stay strong in our awareness and light. Being kind to self and others is important to keep our world from crashing down around us.

Time is something we must take and make if we are to have any balance at all.

The rate of suicides in school children is unacceptable and we must focus more on them as the future hope in living.

Depression is at a high rate and it is not about medicine but root causes and changes in our programming.

Taking 5 to 10 minutes a day to send love and light out to the world should not be a problem, but important to each and everyone of us.

Third Eye

When we choose to open our third eye and establish the connection between the conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind; sacred geometries flow throughout our brain like wheels of attachment providing its operation. To look at and concentrate on geometric patterns is using the keys that unlock secret passageways into the brain.

At each chakra center in the body is a gland. The brain contains both the pituitary and pineal glands. Unlocking the connection of flow through our glandular structure is how we open up and explore our chakra bodies and their energy fields. The energy emanated through these centers is called the Auric Field. In the Eastern Teachings of flow; activation of the chakra centers and kundilini, are necessary to access, change, and use this powerful life force that we each emanate.

Color and sound play an important role in this activation as color and sound can merge to emanate feeling centers of light.

Putting a certain color of light bulb in a lamp and using this one color with a well-chosen music CD of perhaps nature sounds, activates the mind in ways that we never imagined. Letting ourselves feel color and light as well as feel musical rhythm can help us reach altered states of consciousness quite easily.

The third eye is the easiest chakra to open and can be done with feeling, sound and concentration. When the third opens, it opens into the brain, not out of the brain. When activated it automatically sets off a natural energetic operation that establishes itself through all your other chakra centers.

Using Mandalas with geometries drawn within them is a fantastic concentration tool for opening the third eye; just as sitting in a field of one color at a time is very useful in feeling the color and identifying how you too are that color.

Since you are energy, so is all surrounding life energy. It is through the vibrations of energy that we identify how we connect and feel about ourselves and life.

Everyone experiences the vibrations of energy around them but few acknowledge its value. Most simply shrug it off. These vibrations and frequencies are the language of physical, emotional, mental, etheric, and astral, as well as soul and spirit essence. The more attuned we become to them, the more information they reveal and the better equipped we are to experience life as living instead of simple existence.

This sensitivity is within everyone and everything, awakening self to this fact is a tremendous activation that changes perspective as well as perception. Try it, you might just like it.

Physical beings

As physical beings it is necessary to have a balance in life between both the Conditional and Unconditional Love within for true awareness and understanding to take place. The Divine element that you are thrives on the Unconditional love to be the I Am; the physical being thrives on the conditional love of needing to be needed. When we feel needed we glow with delight and bathe in accomplishment. When we accept ourselves unconditionally we begin to accept our flaws as the perfections we are healing into.

You will find that all things in the Universe are paradox. Knowing this will help you discern truth and discover that there is really no right or wrong, in each and every moment all is a matter of perception.

Through this awareness you will begin to understand self and forgive others. Most importantly you will release the need to judge.  Through this realization you will grow and develop on all levels of self.

Finding and sustaining peace in life is attainable only through hard work and dedication to truth and love.

Third Eye

There are many beings spiritually awakening on the planet at this time. As one awakens and chooses to follow their spiritual path and open to the Universe, they can find themselves besieged with obstacles and hardship. This occurs because of unresolved issues in present and past incarnations. Spiritual development—the soul’s journey —can only be attained and understood by developing ones spirit consciousness.

Spirit consciousness is not the ability to speak with spirits but to understand how we ourselves are spirits. Opening the third eye is a major step in our spiritual development.

The third eye is the chakra center of clairvoyance and clairaudience in the auric field. When the third eye center becomes activated, we experience what is called inner dimensional seeing and hearing. With the activation of this chakra comes visions and new body sensations. Using the third eye can greatly enhance your intuitive nature but cannot, by itself, heal your life. The other six major energy centers in your auric field must be activated and developed as well.

The most important of these major centers is the heart chakra. A chakra center is a spiraling vortex, or wheel of light, located in every auric field of energy. All living things are surrounded with an auric field. This field is the life-giving force for all evolutionary processes.

Letting Go

Letting go does not mean to push away or suppress. True letting go is a process of integration and healing. Letting go can be a misleading statement because it gives the impression of separation. By integrating a situation that involves you, another person, or a circumstance in life, means to come to terms with it. We can only come to terms with something when we understand it. When we understand the purpose of our life experiences, we are able to accept them; thereby releasing our emotional attachment. Learning to embrace our issues in this way allows us to take them within ourselves and integrate them. Once our emotions are understood and integrated our judgments about ourselves and others begin to dissolve. Where there is clarity and understanding, problems cannot germinate. What we see on the outside of ourselves is a reflection of what is happening on the inside. Interacting with others is always a way of interacting with oneself. When interaction brings up feelings within us that we do not like, we should search inside to see why this is occurring. We should view others in our lives as our mirrors. Many people create emotional isolation by distancing themselves from others. Using the outside as a reflection of the inside, finding ourselves isolated and disoriented shows us how we are feeling on the inside.

Understanding that the only real problem in your life is you, allows you to realize the truth of who you are. Only through thorough self-examination can emotions and feelings be healed. This is true problem solving.

Being Present

When we participate in our own life we begin to understand how to be present and in the moment. Being present we discover that all life is one and connected, we now experience ourselves as being all life. Here in this present moment we learn to perceive a different more potent understanding of the “all” within that we are. Here we understand the oneness of past, present and future. In this oneness we discover the keys to true enlightenment and the journey that lies ahead.

If we stay stuck in the massive energetic shifts surrounding us and the world, we participate in the destruction of the planet and her peoples. We must move beyond these energetic frequencies if we are to survive and help others ascend the planes of matter. Doing so is how we become the creator thereby creating a more sustainable reality for those who come behind.

We cannot save the world from itself so we must free ourselves of the conditions we have accepted as truth and move on. The earth changes now taking place were foretold to us many years ago in the hopes that we would heed the words and change direction to avoid them. The many chose to stay stuck in the dark realities that lead to the consumption of humankind and its planet Earth, also called materialism. Due to this fact the many reign the greatest powers over the Earth and its species. We are now seeing what comes from remaining in the lower consciousness.

I am human being doing the dance of life as best I can under the restrictions of the reigning powers. I cannot change the world but I can change myself. My studies have taught me that if enough were of the true desire to change, they could also change the many. That change would be for the betterment of this planet and all of her inhabitants. It is a tall order, I know; yet only through our awareness and understanding can we rescue the few from the many.

Planet Earth is now in the process of change that cannot be turned back. In order to help her help herself we must have the means and opportunity to do so. If we do not have the experience of doing it our self how can we do it for others? We cannot! Therefore we must be the way showers not the status quo.


I call this a mirror time as everything seems to be a reflection of times gone by. Individually we will see reflections of ourselves in all those around us. We will see into similar dimensions where we have come from as to where we are now. We will be working on overcoming our judgements of others as we realize they are experiencing the very same things we have already surpassed.

We will realize that we have many parts of self and we will see how fragmented and integrated we are, or are not. This will allow us to understand what steps we are taking to move forward and what baggage we still carry needing to be integrated.

We will experience loss of time, as our immediate thoughts will be whisked away as quickly as they came. It will be hard to stay focused in the mundane day to day life and our feelings and thoughts will and can change radically from one minute to the next. A sense of needing to be grounded will be prevalent, yet finding what to ground to within or without will be elusive.

I believe we call this feeling scattered. The more parts of self that still remain unintegrated will have you feeling all over the place while questioning your very knowingness in life. Believe it or not this is an extremely powerful time of self-healing and prayer work.


Ever wonder what happens to all the animals during these fires and flooding? Here in Colorado after the fires are out we now have flooding; while fires rage all over the place in the west and deep flooding occurs in the East it will force so many people to rethink their lives while starting over. In wars it is the same and so many displaced people are just hanging out hoping to find shelter and food.

Some say it is god who is doing this but indeed it is mankind. The lack of compassion and understanding in the world amazes me. People are filled with fear and hate; a sense of hopelessness and helplessness to create any kind of safety and goodness in life, yet when others are in safety they fail to recognize the massive devastation and destruction going on all around them. The creed of sorry we have and you don’t keeps so much in check for those afraid of loss and devastation that everyone and everything is in a kind of paralyzation just trying to keep heads above water.

I do my prayers and invocations daily and have for over 30 years. I meditate daily and understand it takes many on the same page to bring about needed changes. As long as hostility rules the world of men we will never find harmony nor peace.

I am saddened by the state of affairs the world is in and I fear for my grandchildren growing up in such a hostile environment. I hurt for mother earth and her nature of plants and animals. I try to be happy but find that the sadness pervades the peoples and animals of this planet. Please pray to the God, Goddess, All that Is, for the wisdom and strength necessary to produce love and compassion.

“I call to the power of Light and Goodness to enfold this planet and her families in safety and abundance. I pray for the consciousness of mankind to shift to understanding and diplomacy. I surround myself and all of mankind with the loving light of the Divine today and everyday.”